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Follow the instruction to write 4pages rough draftThe topic is about”Identify a cultural or social issue that interests you and which also concerns a disputed definition. Examples: Are skateboarder punks or athletes? Is spanking a form of child abuse? Is flag burning protected free speech? “All the work must be originalTurnitin report is required


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135.Follow the instruction to write 4pages rough draft
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Proposal Outline:
Background/Problem/Purpose (you do not need to use all three)

Introductory material

Identifies the problem the audience has—either from the RFP or (in an unsolicited proposal)
from research you’ve done about the type of business. Etc.

Outlines your company’s goals for fixing the issue

What is your deliverable (product or service)

How do you plan to address the problem

Be careful of giving too much information (after all, the goal is for them to hire you, not for you
to give them the information to do it themselves)
Schedule/Timeline (often in a chart form, can be part of the proposal/plan)

Key personnel/qualifications (who is the audience’s key contact with the company? What re
their qualifications?)

Often in a chart form (need to be able to convey a lot of information quickly).

Breaks down costs (but be careful about discussing your reasons for pricing, etc.)
Conclusion/Authorization Request

Highlights the advantages

Includes end date for the proposal
Call to action
Prices are not good forever
October 22, 2018
Mark Parker, NIKE CEO and Director
1 Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005
Dear Mr. Mark Parker,
The art of fashion and streetwear have become tremendously popular over the past decade and
some would agree that we are now at the peak of this art. With consumers closely paying
attention to product that is being released by various brands, I feel that it is important to be
relatable to the consumer and take advantage of this massive wave of popularity. Your brand is
renowned for its prestige, rich history, and innovative ways to remain relevant in not only the
athletic world, but also other lanes such as climate gear and luxury/lifestyle wear.
Our brand SHEEN is proposing a collaboration between our companies, to drive the sales, of
current product being demanded and marketed, upward.
“SHEEN” is a streetwear company focused on the ideals of authenticity and self-growth. We
release product that not only represent certain events that have happened in my life, but also
product that stresses the importance of functionality and quality. From being a small group of 4
selling screen-printed t-shirts out of an Arizona garage, to currently having a team of 200
working out of our three-chapter stores in Phoenix, Arizona, San Francisco, California, and
Brooklyn, New York, my team has grown tremendously since our launch in 2015.
I am also currently working on our much-anticipated Fall/Winter collection being released in all
our Chapter Stores as well as specific retailers around the country such as KITH, Aime Leon
Dore, and Undefeated, all successful streetwear brands that are relevant in this industry.
With your company NIKE being one, if not, the most universally known company in this world,
I am certain that you search for individuals and companies that can help improve your evergrowing amount of relevancy in different aspects of this unpredictable industry. From your most
recent Air-Force campaign that included high-influence individuals such as rapper Travis Scott
and Acronym’s Errolson Hugh, to the culture changing collaboration with Off-White’s Virgil
Abloh that redefined the streetwear aspect of your brand, your strategies and choice of
collaborations are genius.
As I feel my brand has gained tremendous recognition and support from successful
individuals/companies within the streetwear industry, I feel that it is time for SHEEN to execute
at an even higher caliber. I would like to propose a collaboration between my brand SHEEN and
your brand NIKE to maintain your momentum of product success and popularity.
With my company taking inspiration from important experiences in my life, I would like to
implement this method of design by creating a collection titled, “JOY”, inspired by a late cousin
of mine. Growing up in the 90s, the richest era of the Nike Air Max, Joy was the biggest Nike
fan, pridefully wearing your company’s product from head-to-toe. From her style that had a
perfect balance of subtle and flare, I am inspired to design a collection that includes pieces that
are simple in design, but include the same subtle, “punchy” details that were implemented in her
I plan to design various pieces of clothing inspired by the 90s Bay-Area style, a style my family
and I grew up with. From varsity jackets, windbreakers, sweaters, and sweatpants, I hope to not
only create product that is of the highest quality and comfort, but also pay homage to where my
family resides.
If given the opportunity, I would like to pair this clothing collection with iterations of the Air
Max 90, Air Max 95, and Air Max 98, all iconic and popular Air Max models that were
important in my cousin’s life. Inspiration behind the three models will be colorways representing
various stages of my cousin’s life, implementing details of the shoes she owned and loved.
I am approaching the design of this entire collection from the life aspect of strength and selfgrowth, which I feel is appropriate in our culture today. Persevering through the many motions
of the roller coaster we call life and being able to adapt to every dip and dive is something that
we as individuals need to practice through hard times. This event that occurred in my life, though
tragic, has taught me to be grateful for every minute I am on this Earth and to utilize my talents
for the better of not only myself, but those around me.
My bank of inspiration is filled with important stories and events that I choose to tell through
product, not through word. Though protecting your personal privacy is important, I also think it
is important to let the consumer take a walk in my shoes and feel what I am feeling, or have felt,
when creating product with personal stories. I love designing product that gives just the right
amount of information for the reader to feel a sense of pathos, as it gives them feelings to relate.
This collection and its inspiration will be a perfect representation of how my brand is able to turn
a simple memory into detailed product that speaks to the consumer. The amount of emotion and
passion I have for what I do is fueled by events that I feel have helped me grow as an individual.
Being grateful for every breath taken is one thing that has helped me progressed through the
stages of my life and is ultimately the message I want to spread to the world through our possible
collaboration. Make the most out of your time and execute with personality.
With Air Max Day being one of your company’s biggest campaigns, the release of this collection
will be perfect on March 26, 2019. The eyes of individuals within the cultures of sneakers,
fashion, and streetwear are focused on the Nike Air Max the entire month of March, as they are
restlessly waiting for your next Air Max Day campaign. Releasing the collection on the most
anticipated day of Nike’s company will be extremely beneficial for our companies in terms of
marketing, anticipation factor, and overall sales.
December 1, 2018 – General Meeting/Product Proposal
December 8, 2018 – Design Walkthrough and Consultation
January 3, 2018 – Product Marketing and Event Meeting
February 1, 2018 – Final Steps and Solidification
March 26, 2018 – Launch of Collection (Online and In-Store)/Air Max Day Event in San
Francisco, California
April 15, 2018 – Post-Event Meeting/Ways we can grow from recent event
Philip Deguzman – Founder and Creative Director of SHEEN
Lead of Design working with Design Team of Nike as well as main point of contact for
collaboration. Involved in every aspect of project and oversees final decisions.
Nicole Guerrero – Head of Event Planning
Main point of contact for Air Max Day Event planning and design. Also responsible for
contacting influencers across the nation to attend and promote the SHEEN/NIKE product.
Quentin Deguzman – Marketing/Design Consultant
Will be second-hand to Philip, working within the design aspect of the collection.
Responsible for all advertisements (Physical/Digital) and marketing work done for this
Marketing Team (Led by Darrell Collins)
Will work under Quentin and assist Nike Marketing Team with tasks needed to be
Production Cost

o Nike x SHEEN “JOY” Custom-Embroidered Varsity Jacket
 Black/White/Orange
o Nike x SHEEN “JOY” Windbreaker
 Black/Orange
 Black/Forest Green
 Black/Navy Blue
o Nike x SHEEN “JOY” Sweatshirts
 Black/White/Orange
 Forest Green/White/Gold
 Navy/Gold/White
o Nike x SHEEN “JOY” Hoodie
 Black/Orange
 Forest Green/White
 Navy Blue/Gold
o Nike x SHEEN “JOY” Sweat Pants
 Black
 Light Grey
 Dark Grey
o Nike Air Max 90
 Cream/White/Gold
o Nike Air Max 95
 White/Navy Blue/Gold
o Nike Air Max 98
 Black/Black/Black
Marketing Expense
Advertisement Expense
Events Expense
Estimated $110,500
Budget is subject to change due to unforeseen conditions. Budget has been calculated for
material, mold, and production costs to specific quality of material.
With SHEEN gaining a substantial amount of traction within its respective industry, I feel that
this collaboration will not only help my brand grow but will increase the ever-growing popularity
that your brand Nike has built since 1964. Giving individuals like myself the opportunity to tell
our stories through the biggest platform itself, being Nike, and always executing to the highest
degree is what I have always loved about your company. As a design creative with a business
background from schooling, I feel that this is an opportunity for your company to gain even more
relevancy in this ever-growing culture we are surrounded by. As a fan of this brand since the day
I can remember, this will not only be a dream of mine, but a dream of my friends and family,
past and present. I am extremely excited and look forward to hearing from you soon!
Thank you,
Philip Deguzman, Owner and Creative Director
(602) 910-7193
2919 E Valencia Dr
Phoenix, Arizona 85042

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