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Spend 3 minutes responding to each question:What was the strongest part of WP3? What did you do well on and why?What was the weakest part of WP3? Where do you think you struggled and why?If you had to give yourself a grade on WP3, what would it be and why? In terms of process (going from prewrite to final draft), what strategies worked best for you as a writer?What are your goals for the next writing project? In terms of your writing, what do you want to work on?

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Running head: PROPOSAL
University Affiliation
Dear Mr…..
All over the world, there is an emerging trend where individuals are continuously striving
to connect with their roots. There is also an increase in a tendency among people to sample other
cultures and have an experience outside their own culture. Dressing being an integral part of the
culture is one of the many ways of sampling different cultures from different parts of the world.
As people are willing to pay a handsome amount to purchase cultural apparel our company sees a
lot of potential in this venture. However, we need partnerships with market leaders in the apparel
industry, and your company is the undisputed titan on matters apparel. The culture design line,
therefore, proposes a mutually advantageous collaboration that will enable your company to have
a slice of the cultural wear market.
Culture is a brand that opens specializes in designer cultural clothes. My passion for
apparel art and design contributed to the development of the culture brand name. The passion
for art coupled with the fact that I enjoy traveling and have traveled a lot has left me with a
wealth of fabulous designs that catch the customers attention. I’m also a very creative person,
and I believe that creativity, passion and the exposure I possess will take my line the next big
We are currently planning to use online marketing to increase accessibility and
affordability and increase customer satisfaction.
The proposal
Nike is a company that has managed to position itself at a very advantageous position in
the sportswear segment. However, the market is very dynamic and from time to time your
company partners with like-minded organizations to come up with win-win arrangements. Such
partnerships bring on new ideas to the company while at the same time expanding the company
portfolio (Lader, 1996). It is such arrangements that keep Nike and all other market leaders ahead
of the game enabling them to come out as victors in terms of revenue and market share. In recent
times Nike has shown its willingness to expand its market by collaboration with the All White
brand. That collaboration has expanded the companies reach and will for sure be a launching pad
for future ventures in the streetwear segment.
What the Culture line presents is untapped potential and a market segment that lacks
many international players. I want to partner with Nike to create designs that appeal to people of
different nationalities across the world. The designs that I will bring onboard are in the very least
revolutionary. The very nature of the products I design is timeless as it borrows from styles that
have been around for centuries. Some of the designs have even been around for millennia.
The other beauty spot of this idea is that the products we design will go hand in hand with
other Nike products raging from shoes to hoodies. I strongly believe in experimentation. For
instance, it would be interesting to see an outfit that mixes Air Max 98 with west African
apparel. Also because of the wealth of colors available in Cultural attire, it would also be great
and interesting mix-up colors an come up with a Nike culture line.
Since my line draws inspiration from different parts of the world including the emerging
markets of the world. It will mean that the emerging dominant middle class will own this
clothing line which will result in expanded markets. It would be especially useful as the
companies are competing to get a market share due to the evidence by most market studies in
recent times. The recurring finding is that as the companies that will be able to establish their
presence in these emerging markets will reap big rewards in the present and the future as well.
Our huge reliance on online marketing which significantly lowers the cost of distribution
will effectively lower the costs of distribution and enable us to market our products at a lower
price. As such, it will effectively increase sales volumes while maintaining our profit margins at
the same time. The overall profitability will thus increase as a result of the integration.
Finally, my designs will also directly influence the public image of Nike. Nike will also
benefit from a positive and favorable public image as people from all corners of the world will
view Nike as preserving the unique identities and culture of different people across the globe
(Sorger & Udale, 2017).
The month of March is unique as it is the month within which Air Max day which is the
biggest of Nike’s campaigns happens ( Nike,2019). All eyes are therefore on Nike for the entire
month, placing it in a unique position of heightened relevance. I, therefore, intend to have the
products in the market by March 25, 2019. Due to the need to capitalize on this special attention
strict deadlines and targets will have to be met. The schedule leading up to the launch will be as
10th December 2018
Product proposal meeting
12th December 2018
Project team first meeting
15th December 2018
Design consultations.
5th January 2019
20th January 2019
24th February 2019
7th March 2019
25th March 2019
2 may 2019
Meeting promotion and marketing teams.
Kicking off the advertisement campaign on
social media and on online platforms.
Final meeting of the project team.
Prelaunch conference with the sales team and
the launch committee.
Launching the product
Postlaunch conference
Mr. Jean Marie- Founder and designer. Head of design Research and team leader of the product
Ms. Anne Winters- Head of Sakes and marketing and chief coordinator of the launching
Ms. Diana Loxley- Head of Corporate Communications team leader Advertisement and public
relations committee.
Dr. Sam Powell- Legal advisor to the team and Corporate Compliance Officer.
African cultural wear + Nike air 98
Nike culture outdoor
Nike Culture Legionnaire
Nike Highlander
Nike Air Tuareg
Advertisement costs
Marketing costs
Committee costs
Total Budget
The above estimates could change due to the presence of unforeseen circumstances or
inflationary tendencies.
I feel that the fusion of Nike and Culture is a concept that presents good fortune for both
companies. It is a revolutionary idea that will affect how people think and act by providing
unparalleled value for money. At the same time, it will cover a niche in the emerging markets
that will give a future foothold for both companies against their competitors. It is thus a unique
and rare chance that should be taken.
Lader, P. (1996). Small Business Grant Proposals. Science, 274(5290), 1065a-1069. doi:
(2019). Retrieved from
Sorger, R., & Udale, J. (2017). The Fundamentals of Fashion Design. London, UK: Bloomsbury
Visual Arts.

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