Select Page of Maladies – WikipediaInterpreter of Maladies is a book collection of nine short stories by American author of Indian Origin Jhumpa Lahiri published in 1999. It won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award in the year 2000 and has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. It was also chosen as The New Yorker’s Best Debut of the Year and is on Oprah Winfrey’s Top Ten Book List.en.wikipedia.orgGo through the summary of the short stories on the link above, it will help you.When writing the paperstrictly NO SECONDARY SOURCES. So please use information only from the book strictlyMake sure you go over the instructions carefully and let me know which short story you will do I have attached a picture of the book below please make sure that you find it online. This assignment is about this book no other book should be used Ensure no plagiarism and no grammar errorsprovide top notch work


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Winter 2019
Literary Analysis Assignment Guidelines
Due Dates:
First DraftFinal Draft-
Thursday February 14 (bring one hard copy to class for peer review)
Tuesday February 26 (see submission details below)
Assignment Goals:

To increase skills in argumentation by making a claim about the work and
support your claim with evidence from the text as well as reasoning and analysis.
To heighten your sense of observation and enhance your critical reading skills
To learn to carefully examine a work of literature or an aspect of a work of
To learn to persuade the readers that your analysis and interpretation of the work
are valid, reasonable, and logical.
Assignment: Literary Interpretation of a Short Story
You will write a 2 page standard literary analysis that explains your interpretation of a
short story or more short stories from Jhumpa Lahiri’s short story collection, Interpreter
of Maladies. Your task is to argue for what you think it means.
Specifically, this assignment asks that you analyse a theme or issue explored in the text
(as a whole or specific to the short story you choose), and show how Lahiri suggests that
theme through a key element (or elements) in the story.
When you analyze a story, you try to find a meaning for the story. You make a claim
about the story’s meaning, and provide evidence from the story itself to support your
analysis. You look for a reasonable way of understanding the story.
You are not permitted to use secondary sources for this assignment. I am interested in
your own critical thinking and writing. Your in-text references and your Works Cited page
will simply reflect the fiction piece you are analyzing in this comparative paper. You are
expected to follow MLA 8th edition guidelines for in-text citations and works cited page.
Please submit your final draft in hard copy form to me directly in class or to my essay
dropbox (2nd floor SJ1) by 4:30pm on the due date. Late penalties will apply after that
Running head: REPORT WRITING
The Relaxing Event Plan Report for Jane’s Campaign Team
Student’s Name
The Relaxing Event Plan Report for Jane’s Campaign Team
Compiled by Javier
The event was organized by Javier on behalf of Jane. The report contains information regarding
two alternatives either taking them to play golf and later to the club to have drinks or taking them
to the spa. The two options are relaxing and have mental and health benefits. Golfing is slightly
costly compared to the spa but creates the best platform for interaction making it the best option
for our report.
The purpose of organizing this event was to create time for the members to relax after launching
the campaign successfully. The event is organized for a group of ten people. In the upcoming
relaxing event, staff members are given the opportunity to do something as a group.
a) Golfing and clubbing
Golfing is one of the most popular sports in the world, and though it is associated with the rich,
golfing can be a mentally stimulating challenge and with its pleasant surroundings. Golf can be
played by people across all ages and abilities. It can be played as a leisurely pastime or can be
organized as a competitive experience. Also, it helps in team building and can be a good
platform to meet new people and interact while socializing and competing.
Golfing and clubbing can be a good combination for leisure. After spending time with friends
playing golf one would want to have food and grab a drink while listening to good music and
chatting about the experiences of a past game.
1) The average cost for golfing ranges between $200 to $500 per head and for the ten
members of her team Jane will spend between $2000 to $5000 for the golfing experience.
2) The members can be organized in groups of two, three or four people to make it
entertaining and more inclusive.
3) There are trainers for the beginners at an extra cost of $10.
4) In the club, members can choose from the services of a bar and a restaurant at their
disposal to eat and drink the varieties offered.
b) Spa.
A spa offers the most relaxing environment, and with your phone off there’s an exquisite serenity
and total bliss away from stressful daily activity. It creates an opportunity to interact with
friends. A spa has innumerable health benefits and is recommended by doctors. For instance, it
helps in detoxification, anti-aging among others.
1) Spending a day at the spa costs between $130 to $200 in the relaxing and luxurious
2) There are gender and age reservations in the spa with men and women being served in
different areas and limits being placed for underage children.
3) Experience in the spa even for a day is invaluable assuring an array of health benefits to
Evidently, the cost implications for golfing and clubbing are higher compared to those for
spending a day in the spa. However, golfing creates a more interactive platform where members
can interact, exchange ideas and challenge each other. More so, it creates teamwork and enables
participants to cooperate and partner during the experience. Coupled with clubbing, it can create
a platform to interact, socialize, evaluate team activities and plan for the post-launch campaign.
In this regard, golfing and clubbing would be more beneficial to the upcoming campaign since it
is entirely inclusive for all members.
Golfing and clubbing would be the best option for the leisure event since it is not age or gender
biased and brings all people with different abilities together. It creates a platform for members to
participate and contribute to the team building activity while challenging them to be creative and
innovative to generate ideas that would be helpful to the campaign.

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