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As assessed in Week 3, a SWOT analysis can provide a variety of complex applications to the world of business strategic planning. From this examination, there are further revelations in connecting a SWOT analysis to stakeholder communication and engagement. With a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s existing relationship with stakeholders, strategic planning can facilitate effective decision making to benefit all involved parties.To prepare for this Discussion, review the strategy practice case you analyzed in the Week 3 Discussion, “Getting the Most Out of a SWOT Analysis,” and the Mapping Stakeholder Influence figure provided on page 262 of Dyer, Godfrey, Jensen, and Bryce (2016). Be sure to also review the video “Effecting Change Through Active Engagement With Stakeholders,” provided in the week’s Required Media. Consider how you can leverage communication strategies to motivate the different stakeholder groups to engage in strategic change within an organization.By Day 3Post an analysis of the role of stakeholder engagement in strategic planning. Your analysis should include the following:A brief description of your chosen case, including context such as industry and stakeholder groupsAn analysis of one stakeholder group that you feel is more valuable in engaging toward the strategic plan. Be sure to answer the following with supportive examples:How does this stakeholder group impact the business?What motivates this stakeholder group to engage with the organization, and why is this motivation valuable for strategic planning?A detailed explanation of communication strategies that could engage this group of stakeholders effectively. Provide a rationale and supportive examples of how these strategies will engage and motivate change with the chosen stakeholder group.Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and at least one additional scholarly source.

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Environmental Influences
Week 3 SWOT
The paper is on SWOT of a chosen case that is Dell Inc. Dell Inc. is put into consideration
for SWOT analysis (Addams & Allred, 2013). The discoveries from the SWOT analysis are
used for the sake of offering relevant background information with the inferences to enhance
Dell’s strategic plan. In the preface, the possible advantages of applying SWOT analysis for
the organizational improvements and background of the company are comprehensively
offered (Dyer, et al. 2016). The results are provided in a designed form. In the U.S
operational domain, the implications to Dell and scope of strategic, operational improvements
are presented.
A SWOT analysis is a clear model that enable Dell to analyze its strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to establish a marketing strategy foundation (Addams
& Allred, 2013). It puts into considerations what the company cannot and can do as well as
any possible unfavorable and favorable conditions associated with the services or products of
the organization. Despite the immense values SWOT analysis delivers, it is misleadingly
simple. It is often seen as a significant step associated with planning. The systems combine
information from the analysis of the environment and divide it into two constituents: external
issues (threats and opportunities) and internal issues (weaknesses and strengths) (Dyer, et al.
2016). This analyses level allow Dell to determine if there are obstacles which must be
stunned before the desired results can be realized because of the threats or weaknesses or
there are factors available which will help in the accomplishments of particular goals because
of existing opportunities and strengths.
Key performance indicators can be used with Dell Company to gain a competitive
advantage (Addams & Allred, 2013). The measurements of key performance indicators
utilize financial statics to indicate how well the business is operating and performing.
Looking at the metrics and key performance indicators would tell the manager and significant
stakeholders the bigger story about the company. Measuring key performance for the
business helps the managers to comprehend its performance and operation from top to
bottom. Financial Key Performance Indicators originates from the financial statements such
as balance sheet, cash flow statements, and profit and loss account in our accounting systems.
Non-financial KPIs originate from information and data outside our accounting systems like
our CRM systems and websites. KPIs are essential tools to assist us in measuring our
business performance. However, we need to use the key performance indicators more
sensibly rather than just taking them at face value (Dyer, et al. 2016). Useful indicators of key
performance can be classified into the following different groups that would affect the
performance of Dell.
In the marketplace of today, innovation practice is not just about the creation of new
products or services (Addams & Allred, 2013). Innovation is all about the discovery of totally
new markets which meet the needs of the untapped customers. The use of online, internet and
digital marketing through the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube would
enable Dell to increase its scale rapidity in the years ahead by selecting and implementing the
correct digital marketing strategy that brings the company ahead of its competitors. As a
result of digital marketing as a driving force behind innovation, the company would be able
to control quality and costs (Dyer, et al. 2016). This would help the organization to improve
its efficiency and growth in gaining competitive advantage and acquiring larger market share.
Digital marketing through social media platforms would enable the business to reach out to
most of its clients who can access the company page. This innovation enables the company to
respond to the feedback of its clients at an appropriate time and therefore meet the
expectations of their customers. Social media sites can enable the firm to initiate a
conversation with its customers and therefore the management of the company get
understands the expectations of their clients. The company would offer services that meet
such expectations that lead to customer satisfaction and the creation of customer loyalty
(Dyer, et al. 2016). Moreover, installing mobile payment via smartphones would offer Dell
with the ultimate convenience to customers by helping them to avoid carrying bulky cash.
Addams, L., & Allred, A. T. (2013). The first step in proactively managing students’ careers:
Teaching self-SWOT analysis. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 17(4),
Dyer, J. H., Godfrey, P., Jensen, R., & Bryce, D. (2016). Strategic management: Concepts
and tools for creating real world strategy.Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

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