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Please follow instructions in file activity 11 file act 10 should provide some of the information you need for this requestplease use the format of file activity 11 for this assignment. Just open the file itself, read instructions, provide the answer for each task under it Example:(2)Provide a reference for each of your 6 sources in proper APA format. Visit the APA guide at for clarification on APA style.[ANSWER]___________You don’t need to fulfill the 500 words or 2 papers task. All you need to do is the answering the 3 parts of the assignment.


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Activity 11 Legalization Of Marijuana Annotated Bibliography Paper
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Activity 11: Annotated Bibliography
Instructions: This assignment requires you to work more on finding, evaluating, and planning
how to use sources for your final paper.
(1) To complete this assignment, you will need to find at least 6 different sources that you
plan to use in your final paper. Academic articles, books, and primary documents are all
great sources. Newspapers and editorials can also be used, but be selective. Remember,
you should already have three sources from completing Activity 10 – use these again for
this activity if you are sticking with the same topic.
If you did NOT complete Activity 10, make sure to pick a topic from the list provided on
the Written Persuasive Appeal Instructions document in the Final Paper folder on
(2) Provide a reference for each of your 6 sources in proper APA format. Visit the APA
guide at for clarification on APA style.
(3) After each reference, you should provide a paragraph about the source that includes the
following information:
▪ A brief 1-2 sentence summary of the source’s purpose
▪ How you will use the source in your final paper to support your argument
▪ Whether the information from that source supports or contradicts other
information you have found on the topic
▪ Why the source is important to include in your final paper
This activity must be submitted to eCampus as either a text submission or an attached file no
later than 11:59pm.
Should Marijuana be legalized?
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Should Marijuana be legalized?
The topic on the legalization of marijuana is a heated subject with each side having its
viewpoint for its position. Pot is a drug from the cannabis plant that is used in many forms with
multiple people particularly youths. It has adverse effects on the human physical body, and
psychological well-being. Franz and Frishman (2016) indicate that marijuana causes several lifethreatening illnesses such as lung, and heart diseases to the users and secondhand smokers. As
for the psychological problems, pot is associated with mental issues. Examples of are psychosis,
bipolar illness, and suicidal thinking. Additionally abusing this drug causes behavior problems.
Morse and Flory (2015) proclaim that it impairs ones intellectual thinking and causes disorderly
behaviors, reckless actions, and disruptive behavior disorder. Nevertheless, some people support
the legalization of weed despite its effect because it is useful for recreation and medical
purposes. Marijuana should not be prohibited as it has negative impacts.
Body Paragraph One; Testimonial Evidence
Carroll (2018) agrees that pot should not be made legal it causes serious ailments. First
and foremost, it leads to lungs diseases. Carroll (2018) elaborates that researchers have found that
long-term use of weed impairs the proper function of the lung after carrying out systemic review.
The scientists likewise investigated that smoking marijuana cause’s heart problem as they
discovered it can trigger a heart attack an hour after abusing it. In addition to heart conditions, if
a pregnant mother smokes this drug, he/she develops pregnancy complication. Also, most of the
women give birth to underweight children. They are too likely to deliver prematurely, and their
babies admitted in the intensive care unit. Carroll (2018) adds that “The most recent meta-analysis
found that there’s a significant connection between heavy marijuana use and a diagnosis of
psychosis, specifically schizophrenia.” The use of pose also exposes secondhand smokers to
health problems including children. Kaplan (2018) illustrates that researchers state that the
exposure to the pot smoke enters the body within minutes and affect the blood vessels
Body Paragraph Two: Statistical Evidence
Volker and Weiss (2014) similarly support that weed is harmful. They illuminate that
weed use results in brain problems. It causes the loss in short-memory as one cannot gain and
maintaining critical information. Also, the brain function of coordinating motor is affected;
therefore one has a problem controlling his/her motor. Nevertheless, other people claim that
minimal uses can be beneficial as it used as medicine to reduce pain with the cancer patients and
such an amount will have no implication. However, this is not the case because as soon as one
starts using, he/she is likely to be addicted and consequently, bring damage. According to Volker
and Weiss (2014), 9% of the new smokers of the drug are destined to be addicts, and the rate
increase with teenagers as the risk of addition is 50%.
Body Paragraph Three: Example Evidence
Raber and Kaplan (2015) assert that cannabis has a negative implication on the human
body. The authors experiment and discuss the relationship between dabbing and concentration of
marijuana. They conducted two experiments, one testing absorption of cannabis where 57
concentrated and nine water-based samples were utilized. The outcome revealed a high level of
the main comment of marijuana in both items. The second experiment studied the dabbing and
the transference of pot in the lungs system where dabbing was identified to convey concentrated
cannabis in the lungs. This proves that marijuana causes lung diseases as cannabis’s THC is
transferred in the lung system.
Marijuana should not be prohibited as the adverse effects of pot on the human body and
behaviors are severe compared to the benefits. They cause chronic illnesses such as heart and
lung diseases. Marijuana use similarly results in a mental problem like psychosis. These are
issues that have been proven with researchers and most scientists concur. As for the behavior
effects, it causes disruptive disorder where one cannot control their motor condition. This has as
well been scientifically tested where a survey was carried out. The detrimental effect of this
drug urges each and everyone to join in the fight to bun weed to address these issues.
Carroll. A (2018, May 17) It’s Time for a New Discussion of Marijuana’s Risks. Retrieved
Franz, C. A., & Frishman, W. H. (2016). Marijuana use and cardiovascular disease. Cardiology
in the review, 24(4), 158-162.
Kaplan. M. (2018, May 22). All the ways Marijuana can damage your health. Retrieved from:, M. C., Benson, K., & Flory, K. (2015). Disruptive Behavior Disorders and Marijuana
Use: The Role of Depressive Symptoms. Substance abuse: research and treatment, 9,
Raber, J. C., Elzinga, S., & Kaplan, C. (2015). Understanding dabs: contamination concerns of
cannabis concentrates and cannabinoid transfer during the act of dabbing. The Journal of
toxicological sciences, 40(6), 797-803.
Volkow, N. D., Baler, R. D., Compton, W. M., & Weiss, S. R. (2014). Adverse health effects of
marijuana use. New England Journal of Medicine, 370(23), 2219-2227.

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