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EFT theory of change paper the paper is wrote you are correcting need changes ( meaning adding and taking out stuff ect.. Below are due dates follow them please!! you will be correcting changes and sending me the paper for teacher feedback and correcting whats needed until its perfect!!! so follow due dates or i will withdraw my question!!!1st draft due March 26th by 5 pm EST ( once she send her feed back ill give it to you to make changes and also give you another due date for those changes to be made so that we may send it to her again for feed back. ) SO IM TRYING TO GET HER TO REVIEW THE CHANGES AND GET MORE FEEDBACK BEFORE I TURN IN THE FINAL COPY SO YES THE FINAL DATE IS IN APRIL BUT I WANT HER TO OVER LOOK IT THATs WHY I NEED THE FIRST CORRECTION BY DATE ABOVE. Review the Capstone Theory of Change Paper instructions located in the Online MFT Program Handbook.Version 10 (Links to an external site.) THIS IS THE HAND BOOK FOLLOW WHAT IT SAYSFormat your paper according to APA guidelines. Below is helpful stuff to use and know about the client systemim using EFT to work with a couple that has been thinking about divorcing for a 2nd time i am only using eft only talk about eft they both cheat fight below the belt this is a unbroken cycle. they HAVE EMOTIONAL DISCONNECT THE WIFE IS MORE INTO THE PROCESS of therapy helping THE HUSBAND NOT SO MUCH. IF YOU NEED MORE INFO PLEASE ASK DO NOT MAKE SOMETHING UP the wife mother was married 3 times she thinks she is worse than her mother being this will be her 4th divorce. she seems to suffer from anxitey attachment she never speaks up and she takes blame because she does not want to upset n lose her husband. Review the Capstone Theory of Change Paper instructions located in the Online MFT Program Handbook and the Capstone Template use every title if one is missing add it and the informationIM FINE WITH 15 PAGES IF YOU GO OVER FINE JUST STOP AT 20 ( if you have to cut down or add more follow the page limits. no less than 15 no more than 20 BELOW IS SOME FEEDBACK FROM HER MAY HELP YOU WITH THE PAPER) I think that will help in explaining what you need to include in this paper. Here are a few comments to get you started though:
1) Use the exact headings from the Capstone template, including making the headings bold (this is correct APA format).
2) The Lit. Review section should cover research about systems theory in general and how systemic change occurs based on the literature.
3) The Theoretical Considerations section needs to focus in specifically on EFT and how change occurs in EFT.
4) I think your Spiritual section is off to a good start, but you need to include references. 5) The Integrated Theory section should weave together the three previous sections to come up with an overall integrated theory of how you believe change happens when you combine systems theory, EFT, and your spiritual beliefs.
6) The Description of the relational system section, as well as the entire Case Application should be specifically about the client case that you’re working with (maintaining confidentiality).( if you need info ask me do not make up anything about the couple!!! I think you could put some of what you have in this section in the Theoretical Considerations section instead.
7) APA references are not cited correctly. Make sure you review this in your APA manual or the OWL Purdue website.
BELOW IS THE PAPER I ALREADY WROTE and SUBMITTED AND the feed back is the 6 things above. THE FEEDBACK WILL HELP correct the needed things Theory of Change Draft RubricCriteriaRatingsPtsPaper thoroughly addresses each of the major sections of the Theory paper ( below also is feed back read it fix it and dont make the same mistake)view longer descriptionCommentsMissing Philosophical/Spiritual Beliefs about change section; You have a lot of info. about Systemic Change in Therapy, but I think you could make it more cohesive and clear (trim it down some probably); jUST FEED BACK TRY TO AVOID SAME MISTAKE The Theoretical Considerations for Change section confused me– I’m not sure why you included Structural and Strategic in this section and then later stated you were using EFT with your case. This section should summarize the theoretical foundations and assumptions of EFT only; ( only talk about EFT) I think your Integrated Theory of Change section will be better once you have the more/correct information in all three of the parts that should be integrated in this section (Systemic change/Model-EFT/Spiritual beliefs about change);Missing Case Application heading–this is where you should give a summary of your case, including presenting problem and contextual factors; ( iF YOU NEED INFO ASK ME ) YOU MAY NEED ME ON THIS SECTION !!!!Assessment, Intervention, and Termination sections should specifically state what you did with your case in line with the model, not general summary of EFT; ( ILL UPLOAD SOME VIDEOS SO YOU CAN KNOW WHAT I USED ( WILL HELP YOU WITH THE POWERPOINT IN THE NEXT QUESTION I POST ) Missing Ethical and Legal Considerations sections.CommentsHeadings are not following APA format for different levelsANYTHING YOU DONT KNOW DONT MAKE IT UP ASK ME ABOUT THE CASE AND ILL TELL YOU BECAUSE I AM PRESENTING THIS CASE FACTS NEED TO BE RIGHT. PLEASE ASK IF YOU ARE CONFUSED

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