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Interview Assignment: Connecting Local to Global-Objectiveo Analyze how diversity affects interactions with major societal institutions (such as health care, criminal justice, education, employment, voting, military) from contemporary and/or historical perspectives.o Recognize that global issues and systems are experienced differently at local scales by identifying local problems via fieldwork and course readings and applying them to larger global concerns.-Assignment In a well-organized and well-written essay of three-to-four pages (5 pages max; full 3 pages minimum), you will address the question of diversity within your fieldwork institution from Essay 1. ( The field work in the previous assignment was “Roman Catholic Church“) Full “Essay 1” is attached. Please read carefully.This assignment will ask you to do a semi-structured interview with a participant about diversity at your field institution and relate your question to broader global issues. Make sure you address feedback on your writing in from previous essays as you write your assignment.Your essay should cover the following points: Address a diversity-based problem or issue based on prior participant observation at your institution (field setting). What social problem or issue did you observe that might be an issue at your field site? You should use your prior observations, course readings, discussions, and current events to develop and supporta strong thesis statement about the problem of diversity at your field institution. Semi-structured interview. These allow you to get in-depth information from a particular person based upon existing data, such as your results from participant observation. You will develop a list of 7-10 questions to ask your participant about the problem you identified. You must take notes during your interview, transcribe them into a Word document, and turn them in along with your essay. Your transcript should not be part of the essay.Analysis. You should re-read your interview and identify themes that are related to your social issue. How do your participant’s responses relate to the problem that you identified?Connecting local to global.What is the relationship between the problem you identified in your work and larger global concerns? Use topics from class discussion, materials from the textbook and course readings to help you connect your local results to global trends and conditions.As with the first assignment, the assignment should be turned in as a Microsoft Word document in 12-pt. font with 1” margins. It MUST be submitted both in class and online through Canvas. -EvaluationYou will be graded out of 50 total points, according to the following rubric:0-10 points: A strong thesis statement of the problem, with appropriate evidence to support it0-10 points: Transcript of semi-structured interview 0-10 points: In-depth analysis of the themes from the interview and how they relate to your problem0-10 points: Relationship between your local problem and larger global issues0-5 points: Appropriate use of citationso0-5 points: Appropriately addresses feedback from previous writing assignment

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Participant Observation Assignment
Shihab Al-Adawi
E.J. Ford
February 12, 2019
Al-Adawi 1
Al-Adawi 2
Participant Observation Assignment
Part 2: Field Report
I attended a Roman Catholic Church mass service on 7th February 2019 at Tampa,
Florida. The name of the church is Sacred Heart Catholic Church: 509 N Florida Ave, Tampa,
FL 33602, United States. The service was presided over by Bishop Jonathan Griffin and
attendance was amazing. I decided to attend this service after friend had recommended me to go
there. I have also wanted to know the unique nature of Roman Catholic Church thus this was the
ideal moment for me to fulfill my goal. There were all categories of people, young, middle aged
and senior citizens. The service was attended by Black Americans, Latinos, followers of Asian
Origin and the Whites. Majority of people were dressed in decent attire and mode of
communication was completely professional. Congregants embraced use of specific terms that
are known to be associated with the Roman Catholic Christians. At the main entrance, people
bowed before entering the church and on most occasions, I could notice the church reciting the
Holy Trinity while standing.
Use of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques was highly evident. For
example, the, members of the choir sang hymns that were accompanied by throwing of hands in
the air. I do believe that this was meant to make other members to remain alert. Members of the
choir were led by the choir master who only signaled them to start singing at a specific time.
They were dressed in white uniform and I could notice how unique they were from other church
members. The service took one hour fifteen minutes and yes, Roman Catholic Church is unique
on its own not only in the United States of America but other regions of the world. The service
was attended by people of all social and economic classes. I noticed some entering the compound
Al-Adawi 3
on feet while others came while driving heavy and expensive cars. At the time they entered the
church, all people sat on the same seats that were preserved for each and every church member.
At the time the service was going on, I realized some unique form of church pattern. The nave
was the main part of the church occupied by many congregants. This was a huge part where all
members of various social and economic classes sat attentively as the Bishop was conducting the
sermon. The church had also aisles that run along the sides of the nave. A person I was speaking
to during the observation informed me that any Roman Catholic Church has a transept making
the entire church look like a cross with a symbol of Jesus Christ. There was also a chancel that
led all way to the altar. The altar is the sacred place and this is where people are not allowed to
be arrested at this place. Members of the Church sat facing the altar from where the Bishop
conducted the sermon. The altar is located at the east end of the church. At the entrance of the
church, I noticed a stoup of holy water. According to the article “A study of the Roman Catholic
tradition” by Mahoney, this is based on the tradition of the Roman Basilicas who had a fountain
of washing at the entrance of the church. This is the place where church members are baptized
and it acts a symbol of welcoming all people into the church.
At the front of the nave, I noticed a pulpit from where the Bishop conducted the service
to the church members. The lectern was where the Bible readings were conducted. Members of
the choir sat at the chancel. The church building had walls from which the congregation could
see through. These are some of the key patterns that I was able to notice at the time I attended the
sermon and indeed I do appreciate the fact that I learnt the importance of religion in individual
Al-Adawi 4
My First Impressions
After thorough evaluation of the Roam Catholic Church patterns, I am convinced that
Catholicism is a religion that set of unique set of values. They are people who do believe that
Jesus Christ is the son of God and this is well reflected in the manner in which the cross is
displayed at the altar. This is the belief that is shared with other Christians. Catholics do believe
that the Bible is the inspired and divine book that has no error and reveals the word of God to
human kind. I also think that Baptism is known to the rite of passage of becoming a Christian
and is also necessary for salvation. Baptism can occur by water, blood or even desire. The church
patterns do indicate that God’s Ten Commandments do provide moral lessons and also basis for
ethical standards for all people. I am convinced that Catholics do have a belief in the existence of
the Holy Trinity. They know that God; the Supreme Being is made of the following: God the
Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I am also motivated to think that according to
Catholicism, humans are born while already sinful. The only way of evading this sin is through
baptism and that grace is the only free and unmerited gift from God to humankind.
The patterns do show that Roman Catholic Church consider life and dignity of each and
every human being. This is the reason as to no one is secluded from attending the church sermon.
It is true that Catholic Church emphasizes on the value of call to family, community and
participation in major events. I could notice this from the manner in which the Bishop was
emphasizing on how a family is the central institution that ought to be supported and
strengthened at all cost. According to the religion, human dignity and health community can be
achieved if and only protection of the fundamental God given rights is a reality.
Al-Adawi 5
My Reflection on Diversity of the People at Roman Catholic Church
Roman Catholic Church embraces and values all people from all walks of life. I do think
that all of individuals are equal since we are created in the image and likeness of God. This is
reason as to why Black Americans, Latinos, Hispanics and other ethnic individuals are able to
share one sitting and listen to the Word of God. Catholic Church does not seclude other people
from society provided one accepts Jesus Christ as his/her personal savior. After undergoing
baptism, all people are equal before the eyes of God our Lord. Diversity is highly valued at the
Roman Catholic Church and any form of discrimination is rebuked in the strongest terms
Transcript of participant observation notes
a. I will attend a Roman Catholic Church (Sacred Heart Catholic Church: 509 N Florida
Ave, Tampa, FL 33602, United States) sermon on 7th February 2019 at Tampa, Florida.
b. I observed unique features and values of the Church:
1. use of verbal and non-verbal communication.
2. diversified congregants.
c. I noticed unique church patterns such as:
1. the Chancel.
2. the altar.
3. pulpit and the lectern.
d. My first impressions were as follows:
1. belief of Jesus Christ being the son of God
2. the Bible being inspired and divine book that has no error
3. the importance of Baptism and the essential nature of the God’s Ten Commandments.
Al-Adawi 6
e. There were personal reflections on diversity of the people at Roman Catholic Church
(such as unique values).
f. three questions that will help me to understand some missing information in order to
understand the location and events that I had observed.
1. Why do priests, Bishops and other church Roman Catholic Church leaders dress in
unique attire unlike the congregants?
2. Why is that congregants are not allowed to step at the altar?
3. Why that Roman Catholic Church is most popular as compared to other churches and yet
Catholics do share same core values with other churches?
Al-Adawi 7
Mahoney, J. (1987). The making of moral theology: A study of the Roman Catholic tradition.

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