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do a reply for each word document that I have attached don’t forget to number them


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Arts Review The Expulsion From Paradise And The Birth Of Venus
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Post #1
1. Artist: Masaccio

Title: The expulsion from paradise
Size: 84 3/10 x 35 2/5 inches
Location of the artwork: Santa Maria Del Carmine, Florence, Italy, 1427, Fresco.
2. A lot of people view this art work different from others. From my point of view, i see
this art work as of two naked men who are walking away from an angel who is trying to
tell them something they don’t really believe in or agree to. They seem very careless
and only care about their own opinions. The angel will prove the fact that this artwork
must be shown somewhere like paradise. Some may argue that the naked artworks are
disrespectful, but some will understand the reality behind naked artworks.
3. One of the best ways of understanding Masaccio’s contributions to Renaissance
painting is by comparing the Expulsion to Masolino’s fresco on the opposite wall in the
chapel showing the temptation of Adam and Eve. Masolino painted two expressionless
figures who appear to be suspended in air against a dark-colored
background. Masaccio’s fresco depicting Adam and Eve being expelled from the
Garden of Eden by an angel is located in the Brancacci Chapel inside the church of
Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence. The fresco is part of a larger cycle he painted for
part of the chapel, while another painter, Masolino, worked on another fresco on the
opposite wall of the chapel.The Expulsion shows the scene from the book of Genesis
after the Fall; after Adam and Eve have eaten from the fruit which God has forbidden
them to eat, they are cast out of the Garden of Eden and into the world where they are
forced to labor and suffer the consequences of their sin. It is a scene of remarkable
emotion, as Eve cries out and Adam cannot bear to show his face. The Expulsion is
next to another of Masaccio’s paintings in the chapel called the Tribute Money, in which
St. Peter plays a prominent role. By placing these two scenes next to one another,
Masaccio (or the theologian responsible for designing the program) seems to draw a
connection between the Fall of Man and subsequent salvation via the Catholic Church,
symbolized by St. Peter.
4. Context is the setting, a setting that contributes to the meaning of the subject of the
art. A painting of a tiger in the wild is different from a painting of a tiger in a zoo cage.
The setting, the context, tells a story that affects how you feel about the tiger. A
classical biblical scene painted with characters in modern dress provides a boatload of
context. Context includes any number of factors in and around the subject of the art that
influence the meaning of what the viewer sees. “In places like the American culture,
nudity is frowned upon and usually we associate it with pornography to watch for
pleasure or think of it as a sin. However, in some cultures around the world nudity is
seen as a normal conception to celebrate and acknowledge that the body image is
nothing to be ashamed of.”
Post #2
1. Artist: Sandro Botticelli
Title: The Birth of Venus
Location of the artwork: Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.
2. When “the birth of venus” is first view, the human eye is drawn to the nudity of the
beautiful women. In today’s world people don’t take the time to see why the women
is nude and why is she standing in a seashell? If this artwork was performed in the
21st century, this generation would consider the women a whore. The second thing
that they would see is the women on the right. In my opinion she might be her
mother who or other family member who is rushing to cover the women. Since this
painting is called the Birth of Venus, people would know that this girl had just been
born. The last figure i saw where the two angles, and we all know that nudity and
christianity don’t mix which is why they might mislead the women as a whore.
3. Sandro Botticelli was an Italian Renaissance artist from Florence who became
known for his paintings depicting religious and mythical themes. during Botticelli life
from 1445 to 1510, he painted “the birth of venus” in 1486 that now hangs in the
Uffizi gallery in Florence, Italy. Venus is the ancient Roman goddess of love. Her
birth is not your average birth story, Venus was formed out of the foam of the sea
and rode a seashell to land. She is now known for her stunning beauty and for
inspiring love and passion in humans that he captured in the painting. The birth of
Venus was rarely known in Renaissance art, but it was known in ancient Greek and
Roman art. As a matter of fact most of his artwork is based on roman and ancient
greek art.
4. As I have just proven to us all, the context of an artwork is more important than what
the artwork actually is. We wouldn’t have known that Venus resembles love and
beauty. I am going to compare this to a math test that didn’t go to class for. If you
didn’t learn the material then you will not pass the test. Finally we shouldn’t judge a
painting by something as as simple as nudity, in today’s world nudity is something
that we criticize a person by. The critics don’t realize that’s how artist in the old age
painted and showed their belief.

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