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after reading the Company Profile eth document. Please write an executive summary and conclusion, number 2 and 8 in the group project guidelines document attach


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BUS111 PNU Abdul Latif Jameel Group Company Summary
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Company Profile
Abdul Latif Jameel Group
Full Name:
Abdul Latif Jameel Group
Private Company
Background Information
It is the biggest company In Saudi Arabia, and it is related to Jameel company as it deals
firstly with cars sector as it is the exclusive agent for Toyota company. Its basic activity deals
with car sells then it extends its work to include : shopper credits, hardware and save parts for
Toyota vehicles. Its capital is approximately one and a half billion dollars.
It is established by Abdul -Latif Jameel in 1945. in 1955, it becomes a Toyota agent in
Saudi Arabia and afterward extended to incorporate a number of other nations, counting
Syria, Morocco, Egypt and Algeria, making it the biggest free Toyota merchant within the
world. Set up in 1980 as a parent company of the Gather, whereas the Territory of Monaco
was built up as a base camp for the administration of its remote speculations. Mohammed
Abdul Latif Jameel, the founder’s child, is the Chairman and CEO of the bunch.
Within the occasion of completing its leadership inside the Saudi auto advertise and its
solidness, the thought of expanding and spreading it came to realize the undiscovered areas
and exercises of the national capital, to be specific preparing and recovery areas and other
zones of helpful and social nature, Fundamentally as non-profit zones, but central to the
accomplishment of improvement forms and advance in their in general measurements. Here,
the thought of the show showed up to be clearer and more smooth than that of giving, by
solidifying the concept of the social part of capital, which is still to some degree unusual to
the inside financial act. Thus the thought of Abdul Latif Jameel programs for community
Saudi Arabia
Abdul Latif
Abdul Latif
Abdul Latif
Gameel trading
Company Ltd
Riyadh (
affiliated office)
Abdul Latif Jameel Motor
It is the agent of Toyota and Lexus traveler cars in Saudi Arabia and other markets over the
Center East, Europe and Asia, and the dissemination of Portage vehicles within the Middle
easterner Republic of Egypt.
Abdul Latif Jameel for machinery
It deals with commercial vehicles, overwhelming gear and fabric taking care of hardware. It
disperses Komatsu, Toyota, Raymond forklift trucks, Hino trucks, Futon-Luxa concrete gear,
and Texan generators in Saudi Arabia and North Africa markets.
Abdul Latif Jameel Finance
In both Saudi Arabia and affiliated offices in Turkey and the Arab Republic of Egypt
Abdul Latif Jameel Energy
The Department of Renewable Energy Services and Environmental Services
Abdul Latif Jameel Land
It is the real estate development department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics
The Consumer Products Division in Saudi Arabia
Abdul Latife Jameel advertising media
It comprises of the organization of the statement of Direntso (a joint wander with the
Japanese DENZO organization), the Saudi Arabia’s outside street promoting company, and
the designing and fabricating office which incorporates save parts and after-sales
administrations for vehicles.
We aim to provide new job opportunities, new markets. We’re moreover supporting
individuals who endeavor for the superior, to have way better – way better implies, way better
lives, and superior prospects.
Accomplishing persistent and maintainable development and maximizing stakeholder’s
We pride ourselves on being a dependable commerce and conduct our commerce operations
with keenness and trustworthiness. We are aware of all those we work with, from our
representatives to our accomplices and to the nearby communities that we work within
We are dedicated to continuous improvement and to consistently challenging ourselves to
exceed expectations. We are precise with our actions and passionate about the details that
make the difference. With this at the core of our business, we place a strong focus on
continuously improving our service to deliver an enhanced experience to everybody.
We see challenge as an opportunity and continuously hunt for modern thoughts to create a
distinction. We have held the visionary and decided viewpoint of our late author, Abdul Latif
Jameel, who was devoted to scrupulous development and the interest of positive alter. It is
this bequest which keeps our commerce moving forward nowadays, opening potential within
.the locale and endeavoring for excellence
We get it that businesses have a imperative part to play in supporting communities, giving
openings and empowering neighborhood financial development. We take this obligation
genuinely. That’s why one of our fundamental trade goals has continuously been to grant.
Legitimate: The company complies the rules set by the service of Commerce which are,
security measures (having airbags in each car) as well as labor, all staff work within the hour
restrain set by the service.
They have a well known brand name
Assortment of items + Lexus
Tall quality intermittent maintenance
Natural: Cars make a colossal commitment on worldwide worming by contaminating the
environment. (Half breed cars)
Absolute trust in customers is danger.
Some highlight are not unreservedly included.
Abdul Latif Jameel deals youths and charity works for the youth , so he established
25 youth programs in Saudi Arabia , also he supports the human resources at the company
and supplies the employees with their needs. The company has a leadership in the social work
and tries to develop its local community. He establishes ( Jameel community) to deal with
development in the following fields: Arts and culture – food and water security – job creation
–health and social – education and training- global poverty alleviation.
Competitors may take advantage of modern innovation or items that seem take over the
showcase and other competitors like Nissan The advertise is changing by powers that related
as well its claim locale ,like financial matters and stander of living Take advantage of the
modern innovation and create it on items with the unused technologies. The company has
progressed innovation in both off street and city street by having the most recent contraptions
within the current advertise.
It has more than 1000 employees who work at different sections at the company and its
branch. Abdul Latif Jameel has 342 employees and is ranked 7th among it’s top 10
competitors. The top 10 competitors average 442.
Annual grass Revenue
Abdul Latif Jameel Joined together Fund Company and Joined together Installment Deals
Company will surpass 5% of the company’s 2015 add up to deals, agreeing to AXA Agreeable
Insurance. On Thursday, the company reported marking an assertions with the two previously
mentioned companies through which AXA Protections in association with Al Rajah
Agreeable Protections Company will give engine protections scope for the two companies’
vehicles. The bargain is for one year period, beginning on 1 January, 2017. The company
anticipates the assertions to have positive money related affect on the 2017 come about,
agreeing to a bourse recording.
from the 1980s, the company has set out on different parts within the Saudi community
space pointed at giving instructive and preparing gifts to advance the restoration of Saudi
youth to meet the challenges postured by the national labor showcase. These programs have
continuously extended to include other categories within the compassionate and social areas,
to the display 25 programs as of now being executed by the company.
The company encompasses a number of social and charitable programs at the nearby and
Middle easterner levels, such as the Abdullatif Jameel Universal Anti-Theft Program, which
supervises a number of stores counting the Abdul Latif Jameel Worldwide AgainstDestitution at the Massachusetts Organized of Innovation, and the Abdul Latif Jameel-
Grameen Activity for the Middle easterner World with the Grameen Establishment of
Gravem (2010) he conducted a study about CSR theories and explained some examples in
some company. He explained Keith Davis theory about companies efforts to open input and
examination which social costs and benefits ought to be calculated into their commerce
choices. His thoughts too included that companies, which have the vital competencies, ought
to be included in social issues which companies ought to too illustrate their commitment to
social objectives such as financial equity, steadiness, and opportunity. According that ALJ
company provides some programs to help the society in employment sector, health sector,
education sector, and environment sector.
ALJCSP, is basically pointed at making a difference Saudis contribute to the Saudi
society and to assist a few Saudis to ended up able to win cash. Bab Rizq Jameel is the most
illustration of this: Bab Rizq Jameel is an broad program financed by ALJ Co. worked by
ALJCSP. Bab Rizq Jameel has, by February 2010, made work openings for more than
116.000 youthful Saudis. This program is centered on making work openings for youthful
Saudis, an imperative and particular kind of CSR within the nation. The nationalization of the
workforce, «Saudization», is one of the key goals within the SARCI-index, and has been
pointed out as greatly critical within the Saudi society by most of my witnesses amid my
hands on work. Bab Rizq Jameel appears to do a part for this saudization of the workforce.
health and social program center on the neighborhood and national levels of social
responsibility. Whether you’re in require of recovery, offer assistance from the SRCS, would
like to visit a family part in jail or are an vagrant, all of the programs pointed at making a
difference these kinds of individuals are pointed at helping Saudis within the Saudi society.
Too parts of the Part Model Program are pointed specifically at making business for Saudi
In environment sector, The company has over 10,000 workers, they trust that they will learn
approximately reusing at their working environment and take this domestic and teach
companions and family almost it, so this might have a major natural affect on the society.
ALJSCP has too marked assertions with a few of the community centers in Jeddah, which are
locally in charge of the environment.
It also has extended their trade to incorporate other nations within the Center East as well.
This has driven to opening of Bab Rizq Jameel workplaces in Syria and Egypt, conjointly in
Turkey, Morocco and Lebanon by late 2009. Their social duty is extending along side the
development of the company trade. As long as the company is profiting from a community,
Refaat Shaikh told me, the obligation to that community moreover takes after along.
The International programs moreover appear to some degree based on obligation towards the
Center East social orders, with an accentuation on the Saudi community. Numerous of the
programs are centered on either making a difference Center East communities, or advancing
Islamic innovations and craftsmanship exterior of the Center East. It ought to moreover be
specified that these programs too incorporates center on areas exterior the Center East,
something of which the J-PAL and the workplaces of this program in Boston, Chennai and
Paris are great cases. The exchange of information over borders is more often than not a great
thing, as is the exchange of information from the Western world to Middle easterner nations,
but she pointed out that this may too go the other way around.
Lastly, the CSR endeavors by ALJ Co. are in understanding with the administrative show
and thought of CSR. I propose this might have something to do with the significance of
keeping up a great relationship with the government for a company that’s basing their
commerce in bringing in. It is striking that numerous of the CSR endeavors by the company
are in near compliance with objectives of the government, and it isn’t unlikely to believe that
CSR endeavors just like the ones done at ALJ Co. will make a few conceivable issues with
distinctive specialists gotten to be simpler to solve. In any case, the purposeful of the
company may not be to urge a great notoriety or progress the relationship with the specialists;
it seem of course moreover be done absolutely since of great eagerly, or since of something in
Abdul Latif Jameel has always been keen to consolidate the concept of social responsibility
since its establishment
And ensured that its priorities were to provide employment opportunities and to find practical
programs to combat unemployment. These initiatives have been re-categorized according to
the following disciplines: – Employment opportunities, culture and art, education and training,
health and society, combating poverty and job creation. # 2 # One of the biggest problems
faced by many communities around the world (unemployment), so the initiative was
established “Bab Rizk Jameel”
Al Jazeerah Agencies has always focused on social responsibility programs as a different
vision through which it aims to achieve the objectives of these programs. For example, Al
Jazeerah Agencies Company sponsored the National Festival of Heritage and Culture
(Janadriya) during the past years. Sponsorship Within the company’s ongoing plans to support
national and cultural events in the Kingdom, and to contribute to preserving the values and
heritage of the Kingdom and to highlight its historical status in order to enhance national
belonging in future generations, The company has a number of different projects, such as
community awareness of injuries caused by car accidents in cooperation with the Saudi
Society for Disabled Children
Here is a simple comparison of the two companies in the exercise of social responsibility in
the field of marketing and operations:
Abdul Latif Jameel
Aljazirah ford
Markting :
Corporate Social Responsibility in Marketing Abdul
The social responsibility of Al Jazeera Agencies was
Latif Jameel Company has been interested in linking
focused on marketing through ideas aimed at
the marketing mix and the social responsibility
changing behavior using marketing techniques and
towards the community. Starting with the
methods. And cooperation with decision makers,
environmental safety of the product and not during
specialists and stakeholders through programs aimed
the stages of its life cycle, it is harmful to the
at bringing about social change and influencing social
environment or to the customers, through appropriate
behavior for the benefit of the target audience and
pricing to consumers and product development
society in general and not for the benefit of marketing
processes, Competencies and training to comply with
Operation :
the dimensions of community responsibility in all
Social responsibility has emerged in Al-Jazirah
their work.
Company for Agencies in the opertion Department
Operation :
Providing an appropriate working environment
Through the operation, Abdul Latif Jameel focused
on the safety of the manpower in the manufacturing
Continuous maintenance of machinery and
and operating sites. The design of the establishment
replacement of damaged ones
took into consideration the nature of the work and the
Surrounding the danger zone with barriers
procedures of occupational safety and health
Modification in the design of machines
To identify the risks of work by the administration
Follow storage and safety rules in handling and
continuously and explain this to the workers of
preventive measures taken
Provide suitable natural or industrial lighting
Ensure that individuals are not operated unless they
Prevention of heat and noise and so on
are able to perform the work properly and properly
Study the risks of constantly working and develop
Provide fire and explosion protection in the
solutions for it
workplace with training of workers in the method of
Corporate Social Responsibility
CSR could be a concept that includes to the brand and great will of the institution and the
partners that are related to it (Jamali, 2012). Whether, that institution may be a trade
institution or a non-profit one, the brand and great will things colossally to the center presence
and survival of the institution which where Corporate Social Duty truly come into play and
carries a significant role. For this reason, numerous ventures and teach around the world are
contributing heavily into CSR departments to guarantee their survival and advancement of
their brand and activities. The concept of CSR isn’t unused and novel and goes back to the
times of popular Greek rationalists like Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Marx, and numerous others.
The as it were unused thing that numerous educate are not still.
CSR technique stay more centered on charitable approach due to devout and social
variables of the nation. This has confined the organizations to stay center on social
measurement of the CSR angle instead of growing the scope of their ventures on financial and
environment dimension. The information collected moreover show that until as of late the
center of the CSR approaches of numerous neighborhood and universal enterprises stay
centered on social measurement. It is additionally revealed within the talk that Saudi colleges
don’t completely get it the concept of CSR, which has been credited as the main reason for the
center of their approaches on social measurement. The talk has moreover recognized that
companies has presently realized the need for growing the scope of their ventures to higher
instruction as to meet long-standing time social, financial and natural needs of the company
and have been initiating projects appropriately. ( Alharthy, 2016)
Stakeholders in Abdull Latif Jameel Motor
Customers employees Society
1- Customers
It declares giving 500 uncommonly adjusted vehicles ahead of ladies driving afterward this
year. The driving schools, which are affirmed by the Common Directorate of Activity, will
open within the coming weeks. Abdul Latif Jameel Engines will too give support, save parts
and specialized bolster to all vehicles as portion of the organization.
Saudi customers can enjoy additional confidence and confidence when buying a new Toyota
car after Abdullatif Jameel Automotive announced that it is providing free car insurance
.coverage in partnership with a Saudi insurance provider, Al Rajhi Takaful
Now, when customers purchase a vehicle through AML financing, they have free payment
Customers will be able to manage the payment of the credit agreement .protection
consistently and regularly even if their circumstances change, including injury, permanent
disability or involuntary loss of employment.
Establish customers services center to contact with customers , identify their needs, and
solve their problems.
Toyota Saudi Select versatile app outlined to empower clients to recognize the car they need,
find its details and investigate its in-depth highlights by means of their portable phone.
Dispatch of the versatile app shapes portion of Abdul Latif Jameel Motors’ more extensive
commitment to make strides and improve ‘guest’ encounters. Takes after the later actuation of
the unused J-SAP framework, outlined to make strides execution, productivity and and client
benefit. The app offers a unused and inventive shopping involvement that permits clients to
find the specs of Toyota vehicles and see them on a virtual car in 3D utilizing Expanded
Reality innovation. Clients are able to alter the color of the car, turn its lights and motor on or
off, and appear or cover up the car’s default environment. Furthermore, the client can see the
car’s insides from …
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