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Here is my Access to https://amu.apus.eduStudent ID: 5562183Password: Royals1964**Go to Lesson, test&Quizzes and Forum Tabs in Course.Class: Introduction to Chemistry with Lab.Part 1: You can add molecule/substanceWeek 1: Virtual Introductions and Molecule/Substance Choice SubmissionsAs online students, we construct knowledge in other ways than by simply completing readings and assignments. An important part of this process is communicating with fellow learners and learning from what they have to say. As such, this is the forum where we can learn a little bit about who we are and what we do. Your first assignment in this course is to write a short biography about yourself. This is a time to say our virtual hellos and to get to know each other.This week’s introduction forum will focus on the following objectives:Part 1:Build peer-to-peer relationships by introducing ourselves and sharing our backgrounds with one another.Articulate your learning goals and expectations for this class.Part 2:Choose the topic for your course project.Familiarize yourself with PowerPoint with Audio Narration, which you will be using for your final presentation.Upload a “mini-presentation” introducing the molecule of your choice and explaining why you chose this topic for the course project.NOTE: Your forum entry must contain both parts to be considered complete.Part 1: INTRODUCE YOURSELFTo make your posts, click on START A NEW CONVERSATION aboveState your name and Introduction in the title (Title: Jane Doe – Introduction – Molecule/Substance Choice).In Paragraph 1, include the following information:Introduction*Name*A picture (does not have to be a picture of yourself – click for link)*Your major and year in school*Your branch of service and rank (if military)*Your job title and a brief description of your job*Where you live*Your interests and hobbiesIn Paragraph 2, include the following information:Chemistry Background*Why you are taking this class*What you hope to learn from this class*Your experience with chemistry*Your future goals*Anything else you would like us to know about yourself*Is there anything specific you would like to learn about in this class?In Paragraph 3, include the following information:Plan if Computer “crashes” or is unusable*How you will access/print course materials*Communicate with the instructor and classmates*Meet the required due dates for assignmentsPART 2: UPLOAD A BRIEF PRESENTATION INTRODUCING YOUR COURSE PROJECT TOPIC (submitted as an attachment)The topic of the course project will be any molecule/substance found in the Chemistry World Podcasts: The molecule/substance will preferably be one that you have personal familiarity with.You must select a different molecule/substance than your classmates – so include the name of your molecule/substance in the title of your post.Familiarize yourself with the Course Project Guide.Create a narrated PowerPoint presentation (or other multimedia program as approved by your instructor) (2-3 slides) and upload it as a file attachment to your forum post. For instructions on how to create audio narration in PowerPoint, see the following link: Record a Slide Show With Narration.Your mini-presentation should include the following:Your name, date, class name, and my nameCommon name of the molecule/substance and the IUPAC name of the molecule/substance. For help writing an IUPAC name, check out the online version of The Blue Book: reason you chose this molecule/substance.One additional resource where this you found this molecule/substance in popular literature.Resources1. Chemistry World Podcasts: 2. Iupac Nomenclature Of Organic Chemistry: of the drawbacks to online learning is that you miss out on the interactions from your classmates. Therefore, please take this opportunity to interact with at least two of your classmates by responding to their entries. Feel free to ask questions about each other and your course projects as you will be spending the next eight weeks together sharing the experiences of this course. On that note, classroom community is a huge part of the learning experience so in addition to your initial posts and reply posts, be sure to follow your classmates’ posts for the remainder of the week, addressing any follow-up posts to your posts, and reply to any questions or requests for clarification. Similarly, be sure to read the follow-up posts to your own original posts and reply to any questions or requests for clarification from your classmates. The forums are a great way to build a classroom community, learn from one another, and connect with your peers, so be sure to check the forums regularly in order to keep the dialogue moving!To respond to your classmates’ posts:Click on the post you would like to reply to.Click the “Reply” button to the right.Type your message in the “Message” box, perform a spelling/grammar check, scroll down and hit the “Post Message” button.Before you get started, you may want to refer back to the Syllabus for details on how this Forums discussion assignment will be graded.To learn more about me, please see my personal introduction inside the Introductory Forum.I am looking forward to working and learning with all of you throughout the next eight weeks!Original posts should be a minimum of 250 words and reply posts 100-200 words. All posts should be readable and use scientific terminology properly.Initial Post Due: Sunday, by 11:55 p.m., ETResponses Due: Sunday, by 11:55 p.m., ETThe forum will be evaluated using these grading criteriaShould you choose to write your posts in MS Word first, opting to cut and paste into the Rich Text Editor (RTE) Box from Word, please review the attached document on RTE otherwise your post may end up containing an overwhelming and unnecessary amount of “HTML” coding. If you type directly into the RTE box, you will not run the chance of having this coding/clutter in your posts. Please retain this information for future Forums. Thank you!To post your original entry and upload your presentationYou must submit your presentation as a PowerPoint AND title your file as FirstnameLastname_SCIN131_Pres1.ppt (or pptx). Otherwise, you will not receive credit for your presentation. Click the topic title and then “Start a New Conversation”.Type your course project topic as the “Title,” and then type your entry into the space provided (the “Message” box).Click on the “Add Attachment” button at the bottom of the page. The new screen will prompt you to click the “Browse” button, so you can locate the PowerPoint document of your presentation on your computer.Find the file and double-click on it.Click “Continue”.Double check to ensure that your presentation was successfully uploaded as an attachment.When you are done, perform a spelling/grammar check and then scroll down and hit the “Post Message” button.NOTE: If you have trouble uploading your PPT file directly to the classroom as directed above (e.g., your file size may be too large), you can save your presentation to One Drive in Office 365 and upload the link here instead. Click HERE for instructions on uploading files and sharing links on One Drive. A student should complete activities early in the event of technology or personal problems since extensions will not be given save under extreme or extenuating circumstances

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