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I need a 25 page paper based on my research proposal. I have included my research proposal w/ bibliography. Notes: From what I’m reading, China has begun revising its Belt and Road Initiative (also known as “One Belt, One Road”) in the past 3-6 months. This is primarily in response to charges of encouraging corruption and increasing debt loads in several recipient countries. Sri Lanka in south Asia and Ecuador in Latin America have been covered in longer articles in the New York Times in the past six months. I will leave to you any success stories or scandals for the Chinese in Africa. Check more recent publications (not peer reviewed) in Business Sources Complete for other supportive articles connected to what China is doing or has done recently in Africa.There are suggestion saying Africa is where the best emerging market opportunities are these days globally. (On the other hand, the latest issue of the Economist has a lead article on “slowbalisation” which suggests that (1) globalization is slowing and that (2) both Latin America and Africa lack a regional center in any industry for where globalization seems to be shifting its focus, from either purely national plays or totally global plays in production and supply chain management, for instance. The Economist article was much more positive on emerging market opportunities in east, southeast and south Asia).So from what I’m reading, China is shifting its focus in foreign direct investment (FDI) and perhaps in terms of what it is funding, where, and how. This may affect its moves in Africa. One of the Financial Times articles I’ve sent the links to you suggests that Africa is just one more playing field for the US and Chinese tech companies to pursue their ownbusiness (primarily market?) expansions. So you might consider discussing HOW Chinese marketing, production and FDI is changing recently versus previous efforts in Africa. Then you can do the breakdown by country.One limitation in how you propose doing this paper is that the data you turn up on how China is investing in Africa will reflect the OLD Belt and Road strategies. As I mentioned, the current media seems to indicating that China is changing up their strategies, just in the last three months, based on critiques of their earlier efforts. So, one modest suggestion I might make is to make your thesis for the paper about HOW, WHERE and/or WHY China is changing up their efforts in Africa today versus, say, the last five years. A similar approach might be taken on which industries in Africa are being affected. The tech industries are players there, as are telecom, natural resources and agriculture, not to mention construction and infrastructure. Feel free to focus in just one or two industries, if that makes sense. Alternately, do a big picture study to see what China is doing overall, that is, in all industries in Africa.

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Husneya Hassen
Research Proposal: China Invests in Africa
Independent Study
Thesis Statement
For almost the past seven years, there has been an ongoing partnership between China and
Africa. In September 2018, there was the seventh yearly forum which was attended by delegates
from China and Africa regarding cooperation between China and Africa. There has been a steady
increase in the investments by China in Africa. Thus, partnership warrants Africa to be among
China’s greatest friends in the universal market environment. China’s investment in Africa stops
growth from African countries stabilizing their own economy and social growth.
First, I will analyze the Chinese investment model it has been using for the past couple of years.
Then, I will go into the factors which caused/influenced relations between the Chinese
government and some of the African countries.
First, I will look into the number of African countries benefiting from China. I will then
describe how the data of the achievements of African countries as a result of China’s aid.
From the African countries benefiting from Chinese investments will be described
including their population, demographic data and socio-economic information.
Second, I will investigate the countries population, demographic data and socio-economic
information without Chinese investment and funding. Also, the different level of
economies and diverse opportunities for other developments. Lastly, the biases that are
related to the investments.
Third, I’ll discuss the kind of results that would confirm my thesis. I will explain the
effects and differences of the investment/partnership. As well as, the involvement of
China will be described from the African perspective to determine the effect of the
Fourth, I will go into ethics. I would like to analyze ethical approach where the African
country population is assured of protection from any potential abuses along with effect on
the existing investments that they enjoy. I will look into the steps needed to be taken to
ensure there is informed consent from those member countries that enjoy Chinese
Fifth, the significance of the research. I would like to discuss of the significant
contribution of this proposed research as opposed to earlier studies will be put forth. In
addition, the benefit of this research will be discussed.
In general, the relations between China and Africa will be discussed in addition to the serious
questions and positive manner in which intellectuals have questioned the same. The point of
view of African leaders as well as the authoritarian leaders on the effect of the investments by
China will be discussed. The reasons for China choosing to invest in Africa will be summarized.
The importance of the research will be discussed to warrant the study to take place. Lastly, the
benefits of the research, as opposed to earlier ones, will be highlighted to precisely to set the
significance and weight that it carries hence it is highly valuable.
Chen, Wenjie, David Dollar, and Heiwai Tang. “Why is China investing in Africa? Evidence
from the firm level.” The World Bank Economic Review 32, no. 3 (2016): 610-632.
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Geda, Alemayehu, and Atenafu G. Meskel. “Impact of China-Africa Investment Relations: Case
Study of Ethiopia.” (2010).

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