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You will need some criminal justice experience to answer the questions. If you do, this should be a breeze.These are two seperate essays!Each must be at least 5 pages long (Cover pages/works cited don’t count)No plagiarizing


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“Wilding” is the term for mobs of violent young people taking over upscale neighborhoods and
wreaking havoc, looting, mugging, and attacking innocent people just for the fun of it. A “good”
neighborhood is no guarantee of safety anymore in Shetcago. The breakdown of civil order, in
other words, is well underway in the Windy City. Bit by bit, civilization is slipping away in
If you want to know how bad things have gotten there, the major media outlets are no help. The
last thing they want is for people to stay away from The High Bucks Mile – the stretch of Indiana
Avenue just north of the Shetcago River – full of glittering shopping, towering condo buildings
and hotels, and the iconic Clock Tower that is Shetcago’s rival to Fifth Avenue around Trump
The arrival of 90-plus-degree weather over the Memorial Day weekend unleashed the urban
youth. Below list the “highlights” of emergency radio traffic, and it is a horrifying compilation
of chaos unleashed. For example, an hour and half or so of Saturday night:
8:22PM – “Mayhem,” says the downtown police dispatcher, taking a few brief seconds to
summarize what she and Shetcago cops are dealing with.
8:26PM – Lakeview: Officers call for backup. Fifteen to 20 people are beating up a boy who
tried to prevent them from stealing a bike at the Avenue Tech High School Memorial Day
8:39PM – 70 or 80 teens coming off the Shetcago Red Line. “Tell Clock Tower to close their
doors; otherwise, they gotta let ’em in.”
8:42PM – Fights behind the historic Clock Tower. Crowd: 200 people, per dispatcher.
8:45PM – “Clock Tower is closed. There’s one door open so people can exit.”
8:46PM – Cop: “Got a large fight on Pearson just east of Indiana.” “Have Clock Tower lock their
doors.” “They are, they are.”
8:55PM – Rush & Shetcago Avenue: A group ran into Nordstrom Rack, saying someone has a
gun outside. Issue appears to be fireworks set off near the historic Clock Tower. Also: More cars
needed outside the location for a fight.
8:56PM –Thousand Year Park: “Caller says a Hispanic male has a baseball bat in his pants.”
9:11PM – Sergeant: “We have a Cubs game letting out. Send teams down to the platform at
Shetcago and State to make sure order is being kept” as the arriving Cubs fans mix with teens
waiting to leave via the same station.
9:21PM – Big fight outside the Park Hyatt, says an officer.
9:39PM – “We need everybody we have to try to get rid of these people” at Shetcago and State.
“Push ’em to the Red Line.” “Maintain the perimeter, do not let anyone out.” At least four arrests
for resisting police.
10:05PM – “Hundreds” running wild in the streets near Roosevelt Red Line station. The train
from Shetcago and State – which was supposed to run express to 47th Street – stopped at
Roosevelt by mistake, an officer says.
Many many reports of CPD merely “escorting” the ne’er-do-wells to the Red Line out of
downtown – that’s some deterrent.
A young man, whose family wishes to remain anonymous, is in the intensive care unit at
Southwestern Memorial Hospital six days after a Saturday evening incident.
A police officer went to the hospital this week and spent several hours talking to the parents. He
also talked at length to the girlfriend who described the harrowing attack in detail.
After spending the day at Maple Street Beach, the girlfriend claims she and her boyfriend were
walking back to their car at around 6 p.m. in the vicinity of the 900 block of North Lake Shore
Drive when they were surrounded by “20-to-25 offenders who gathered around them,” Hopkins
“She described a completely unprovoked attack with no warning. Her and her boyfriend were
enjoying the day on the beach. They were walking back to their car minding their own business
and, with no warning at all, they were surrounded by this large group and they did absolutely
nothing to provoke it,” Hopkins said.
“They started a confrontation, and, at some point, the victim was struck in the head and fell to
the ground.”
The victim’s father had called the alderman’s office to correct him when he heard Hopkins
quoted as saying there had fortunately, been no serious injuries in the latest in a series of flash
mob incidents apparently orchestrated on social media.
“Witnesses who saw the attack called 911. Paramedics responded and transported the victim.
The parents then called 911 to report what had happened, and they had been told that police
would meet them at Southwestern Hospital,” Hopkins said.
About an hour after the suburban man suffered the head injury, a flash mob of teenagers jumped
on cars, harassed and intimidated shoppers on Indiana Avenue. One of those teenagers was
arrested for throwing liquid on a police officer.
On Friday, Hopkins demanded a surge in police manpower — and better coordination between
law enforcement, the STA, retailers and private security – to nip the annual summer wilding
problem in the bud and protect “the economic engine” of Shetcago.
“It’s the focal point for downtown tourism, which provides a lot of revenue. If we lose that, it has
a ripple effect throughout the entire city. Our tax revenue will go down, which limits our ability
to pay for all of the services that everyone in Shetcago relies on,” Hopkins said.
As a result of the above, the numbers of shoppers along the High Bucks Mile has declined
significantly. Several high dollar and exclusive retailers are threatening to pull out of Shetcago
and bring their high tax dollars with them. This would be a crushing blow to a very fragile tax
base that supports the city, county and state. It would be difficult if not impossible to replace
these stores.
The police department is so understaffed, it cannot provide enough officers to cover all of the
stores on Indiana avenue. When arrests have been made, the vast majority of the arrestees have
been juveniles who were released to a caregiver.
Couple this with the trending movement of criminal justice reform which sees delinquents as just
acting out in a stage of their life, believing that to take no action against them would be better
than arresting them and creating a criminal record which would follow them through life.
Because of this, the States Attorney is very reluctant to charge all but the most serious offenses,
and then more often than not, reducing the offense to a minor crime. Several police officers have
been hurt, receiving broken bones. Even though the youths who caused their injury have been
identified and arrested, the States Attorney refuses to prosecute them.
To compound the matter further, the youths taking part in these “wildings” are almost
exclusively African American and juveniles. Any arrests would appear to be a “crack down” just
affecting one racial segment of the population.
You are the Superintendent of the Shetcago Police Department. Your police officers believe that
you are not supporting them and because of this, are making few if any arrests for any offenses.
They believe that should there be any complaint against them, no matter how false or trivial, they
will be sacrificed for political expediency.
The business community sees this lack of law enforcement as a green light for anyone so
inclined to steal, commit assault and do whatever they want to do with no possibility of
punishment. They also see the police refusing to take any pro-active position on the rapidly
growing crime. They directly blame you for not protecting them and their property.
Community activists see the police as negative force that only responds when they can arrest,
harass or intimidate an African American. In the black neighborhoods, the police have lost
respect and are frequently the victims of assault, battery and unfounded claims of unequal
treatment. You as head of the police department are seen to blame.
Until now, you enjoyed being the head of the police department. You wish to remain in your
position but feel that you are being attacked from all sides. What can you do to rectify this
Department Policy
You are the new Chief of Police of the City of Brokendreams. Your predecessor, Laurie
Looser, was fired last month after being the Chief for three years. Under the reign of
Chief Looser, Brokendreams saw a dramatic increase in crime across the board. While
the rest of the state saw a reduction in violent crimes an average of 7%, Brokendreams
violent crimes rose 22%. At the same time, violent crime clearance and arrests
plummeted by 56% in your city.
Three years ago, Looser took over the helm after her predecessor, Chief Malady
oversaw a police department that had a reduction in crime, increase of arrest and
violent crime clearances. The city also had to pay out over $20 million in judgements
after six different police pursuits ended in crashes that injured people. The last chase
involved a car that refused to stop when ordered to do so. The driver, Frankie Felon,
drove off at a high rate of speed. He then collided with another car and hit a light pole.
When he struck the pole, his two-year-old daughter, Hadnochance Felon, who was
riding in the car with him and not in a child car seat, was ejected out the window and
died. Frankie was found to be in possession of an illegal gun. The baby’s Momma sued
and received $10 Million from the city.
When Laurie Looser became chief, she instituted a no police chase policy for any
reason. Any officer getting into a chase would be fired. Because of this, the police
chased no one. They were not sued and the city lost no money in judgements.
Word got out in the thug community that the police would not chase you for any reason.
From that time on, whenever the police would activate their lights to pull over a car for
any reason, over half of the cars would speed off. The police would not go after them.
Will you change or modify the police pursuit policy? Explain in detail what you will do,
why you chose that policy and what you hope will come from this policy.
Instructions for Proper Research Paper Format and
Content All Criminal Justice Courses

All papers should be clearly written and word-processed using plain white
8.5” x 11” paper size with 1” margins on all sides.
Avoid the use of frilly font types that are hard to read – Times Roman or Arial
are preferred.
Font size should be uniform through out and be 12pt. larger fonts may be used
on the title page.
Text should generally be double-spaced; however, single spacing may be used
for: figure and table entries and captions, and reference, computer code or data
Pages should be numbered consecutively starting after the title page.
No extra spacing after paragraphs
Five (5) full page minimum, seven (7) page maximum of research (this does
not include title page, Works Cited page, etc.)
Start with a cover sheet, stating the date, the course number and your name.
The next section should be your paper research and be 5 to 7 pages in length.
The final sheet(s) should be your bibliography (Works Cited).
You must use at least three sources for Works Cited, two print sources (books)
for your work, cited in your bibliography, the third source may come from a
reliable web source.
Wikipedia is NOT a valid source. Do not use it.
Your task is threefold: You must (1) present a relevant issue, problem or
question and demonstrate its significance; (2) state a thesis – in other
words, an argument, a solution to the problem, or an answer to the central
question that your paper presents; and (3) provide convincing evidence
and analysis to support your thesis.
Citing Your Sources Using MLA Style
Citing your sources means creating a list of all of the materials used in your research.
Whenever you use someone else’s ideas or words in a report, you need to give credit to
that person. If you do not, it is called plagiarism.
Plagiarius is Latin for “kidnapper.” Plagiarism is a crime akin to theft. It is also grounds
for expulsion in colleges and universities. High school students who plagiarize will fail
their class. When in doubt, cite the source!
It is also important to cite your sources because your reader may want to find a source
you used. If the source is not cited, it will be difficult or impossible to find that
information again.
Sometimes a citation is not necessary. You do not need to cite a well-known fact that can
be found in five other sources, familiar proverbs and quotations, or common knowledge.
Most of the resources you use will fall into one of the categories below. It will be helpful
to preview these terms.
Print sources: Books, periodicals (newspapers and magazines), maps, charts, cartoons,
graphic narratives, illustrations, advertisements, works of art, pamphlets, brochures, press
releases, and government publications.
Non-print sources: Television, radio, sound recordings, films, interviews, and lectures.
Web sources: Websites; Web magazines; online scholarly journals; e-mails; and
Listserv, discussion groups, or blog postings.
Sample Works Cited Page
Works Cited
Cormier, Robert. The Chocolate War. New York: Dell Laurel-Leaf, 1974. Print.
“Cyberbullying.” Stop Bullying Now! U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services, 2009. Web. 19 Nov. 2010.
DiBlasio, Natalie. “Crimes Against LGBT Are on the Rise.” USA TODAY. 01 Aug
2011: A.3. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 21 Nov 2011.
—. “More Cases of Bullying Ending Up in Courts.” USA TODAY. 12 Sep 2011:
A.3. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 21 Nov 2011.
You will be graded on accuracy, style and creativity. Although your writing ability
is not the primary focus of this course, your ability to communicate is essential to
your success in police work, and in all of life’s endeavors. Pay close attention to
what you’re writing. Spelling should not be a problem, since everyone can use a
dictionary. You may want to have a friend read your paper before you turn it in.
You will need a minimum of three sources for your paper — two print sources
such as books, encyclopedias, magazine articles, or professional journals. The
third source may come from a reliable Website — Wikipedia is NOT reliable.
(When in doubt, ask your teacher.) Keep in mind, the minimum requirement is
three sources. THIS IS IMPORTANT: As you are looking for your sources, you
might want to open and enter the information that will be needed to
correctly cite these sources later on your WORKS CITED page. This will save
you from having to go back and find them later. If you think a source may benefit
your research, fill in the information for it on; if you decide not to use
it later, just trash it
Any idea or little known fact that is not your own requires a citation–even if you
are not quoting the author’s words. Using someone else’s exact words or their
idea without giving a proper citation is called plagiarism. Handing in work that is
not your own is called cheating. Any instances of plagiarism or cheating will
result in an F on the paper and in the course.
To avoid plagiarism:
When taking notes on an article or book, place any direct phrase from a source in
quotation marks so that you know the words are not your own. When you write
the paper, be sure to rephrase the words and reference the ideas.
Plagiarism is the improper use of work that is not one’s own. This includes use of
research papers written by others, attempts to submit an article or professional
paper written by another as one’s own research paper, and use of material by
others without providing quotation marks and/or footnotes to identify the source.
Wright College maintains severe penalties against plagiarism, and I fully
support such penalties. Therefore, a student who plagiarizes will be risking any
or all of the following:
1. A grade of “F” for the assignment.
2. A grade of “F” for the course.
3. Being reported to higher university officials for consideration of penalties,
which could damage the student’s entire academic program.
To avoid plagiarism, be certain to footnote all ideas not your own (at least one
footnote per research paper paragraph for such “borrowed” material). Any use
of more than five words in succession which are not the student’s own
should not only be footnoted but also be placed in quotation marks. Charts,
graphs, or illustrations other than the student’s own work should also be
footnoted. Lengthy quotations (over four lines) should be single-spaced, indented
five spaces from the right and left margins and footnoted

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