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EN 105
Robert Dickson 1
My Reflective Essay for my Portfolio
My time during this class, how my writing has improved night and day. This is my first time
having to write a reflective essay and I’m going to use my experiences, what was given to me in
peer reviews, and what was learned during the class. To start off I would say that writing is not
one of my strong points in class. The hardest thing for me to do is come up with something to
write and how to get it started. I have always struggled with this growing up and it still affects
me today, always having a hard time getting started.
The very first writing assignment of this class, I didn’t have a clue how it should have
been written. I had a lot of information that was in my paper, but I missed how I should have
presented it and to keep my audience interested in my paper. My thesis wasn’t very good and
didn’t concentrate on it. I’m all over the place when I write any type of papers. This has always
been my down fall when it came to my writing. To be honest, I was all over the place and didn’t
think about my audience.
It wasn’t until I had to revise one of my papers, that I used the help of the peer reviews
and the professor’s feedback to incorporate into my paper. I could see what a difference it made
in my paper. I remember one of my peer reviews, they told me that they would have liked to see
me include an emotional appeal to my writing. Just from that statement I wasn’t sure what she
meant. She gave me examples and understood what I had left out of my writing. I added the
emotional part to my paper and changed the thesis around and thought that I did a good job on
my paper.
Now for the two writing assignments that I’m going to use for my portfolio, I will be
using my unit 4 and 5’s papers. I feel that these two papers are the best papers that I wrote,
and this is because I was able to revise them by using the feedback from my peers and the
professor. I will also be focusing on structure for one paper and the argument for the other one.
For unit 4’s writing assignment I am going to use more specific mapping key points and more
defined claim to revise my thesis. Now for my unit 5’s writing assignment I don’t have to do
much revising for this one, but I will be fixing my reference page and my in-text citations. This
is because I used APA for citing and my reference page.
This was the feedback that was given to help improve my Reflective essay. I would like this
added and about 200 more words to the essay. I would like to stick with the essay I have
now, but with it being revised with the new material.
Wow, your paper flowed beautifully, showing your progression from the start to now. You
covered a lot of wickets in this, talking about your first assignment to the feedback you received
from peer to peer and how it helped. This reflective essay was just that, a reflection on your
experience of this course. Something to consider is using the rhetorical appeals we
learned. Make your paper pop with these, for example; you said that “I added the emotional part
to my paper and changed the thesis around and thought that I did a good job on my paper.” and
how you struggled. When talking about learning more and applying what you learned, tell me
how that made you feel when that light bulb went off. This essay shows you are a humble person
that is great; however take credit for how much you have improved don’t sell yourself short. The
Pathos was implied in the overall message make it stand out in places. Has this class helped with
your struggle, if so how did that make you feel? Think about incorporating Ethos and Logos into
this by bringing that (your) credibility out for the reader.
Look at your overused words, using “I” in almost every sentence try to rewrite the sentence not
using it or replace it with something else for example; “It wasn’t until I had to revise one of my
papers, that I used the help of the peer reviews and the professor’s feedback to incorporate into
my paper. I could see what a difference it made in my paper” try; Incorporating the peer to peer
feedback and with the help of my professor, it was evident of the difference it made. Try only to
use “I” when you need to or to prove Ethos or Logos.
Formatting, you do not have to use the 5 paragraph order rule (but it helps to keep it in mind), I (
my first time using this) felt (Pathos) that your formatting was appropriate (wanted to use
amazing, but it also a overused word ) based on how you write. Length is important; however,
the professor always talks about quality. I have not seen a required word count (logos), so
turning to Albert Einstein “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
I hope this helped, this was a pleaser to read please let me know if you have more questions or
Reflecting on Your Writing
Welcome to this unit’s mini-lecture on writing processes. This week, you will consider
various ways to reflect on your writing, for preparation to write your reflective essay for
your Writing Portfolio.
Sending a Message with Your Portfolio
As the assignment instructions indicate, you will want your Writing Portfolio to send a
clear message about who you are as a writer. This message should affect what artifacts you
decide to include, what approach you take to your reflective essay, and even how you
arrange and organize your portfolio. For instance, if you want your portfolio to indicate the
most important things you have learned in this course, you might want to begin with a
reflective essay that describes, in significant detail, exactly what you learned in the course,
and how that learning is reflected in the pieces of writing you’ve included in your portfolio.
Then, you might include illustrations of those “moments” of learning as artifacts. Finally,
you might include those assignments in which you practiced what you learned.
But there are many potential messages you could send, and you can use this chart to
brainstorm potential designs for your portfolio:
Approaching the Reflective Essay
The instructions for the Writing Portfolio indicate that there are many possibly approaches
to the reflective essay. For instance, you might choose to:

Highlight the most important moments for you in the class
Describe why you have chosen each assignment and artifact for inclusion in the
Tell the “behind-the-scenes” story of one of your major writing assignments, including
reference to early drafts and discussion of your decisions as a writer
Discuss what growth and improvement you have seen in your own writing, as well as
opportunities for further growth in the future
Look back at your history as a writer, discussing significant moments in your “writer’s
As described in the Writing Portfolio assignment, no matter what approach you select, your
reflective essay should be at least 800 words, and should develop its focus with
appropriate rhetorical strategies. As always, quality is more important than length. Your
reflective essay should feel complete and finished.
Spend time early in this unit freewriting, looping, or brainstorming for your reflective
essay. You will receive peer review feedback from a classmate and should make time this
unit to complete a substantial revision of your reflective essay.
Good luck!

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