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The purpose of the Week 5 Final Essay assignment is to compose a final essay that is clearly focused, fully developed, and logically organized. The essay should be formatted according to APA guidelines, and it should utilize appropriate academic English, grammar, word usage, mechanics, and punctuation. You may use the Reference and Citation Generator to assist you with creating and finalizing your in-text citations and reference page.Review the Final Draft Sample and the Final Essay Instructions.Complete the assignment using the APA Sample Template.Access the Center for Writing Excellence on eCampus and utilize the Grammar Checking Tools and the Plagiarism Checker to review your paper. Review and apply any recommended changes.Submit your Final Essay to the Assignment Files tab.****************************Class, it is important for you all to understand that for the Week 5 final essay, you cannot submit the same exact draft that you submitted in Week 4. That is actually self-plagiarism. In addition, one of the requirements for the Week 5 final essay is that you apply the feedback I have given you in prior weeks. Please understand that essays submitted for Week 5 that are the same as the Week 4 draft will unfortunately earn a 0 — no exceptions. Let me know if you have questions about this. Please also respond to acknowledge that you have read this. ****************************Week Three Comments:Fantastic work, Austin! I hope you found it helpful to write your body paragraphs ahead of time. Trust me, when you get to Week 5 and already have the body of your essay finished, you will be SO glad you were required to do this in Week 3! _____________________________________________________________________________________ Content: 8 points possible: You identified your thesis at the top of the assignment (remember that in future drafts, you will incorporate the thesis into the essay as the final sentence in the introduction). You also provided strong topic sentences and appropriate concluding elements. Finally, your paragraphs were in the range of 5 – 8 sentences per paragraph. Excellent! Points Earned: 8 out of 8 _____________________________________________________________________________________ Organization and Tone: 4 points possible: You organized your paragraphs well, began each with a topic sentence, and provided details to support your topic sentences. You also used APA formatting as required for this assignment. Remember that in Week 4’s assignment, you will perfect the process of integrating your source material into your essay. How can you use the material I provided in Week 4 (and have attached here) to help you with that? Points Earned: 4 out of 4 _____________________________________________________________________________________ Grammar/Mechanics: 3 points possible: While proofreading for grammar issues is not my focus on this assignment, I didn’t see any significant grammatical issues. Fantastic writing for a draft! However, I did notice that you did not capitalize your headings as you should have. As you continue to revise and edit in preparation for final draft, how might you enlist an extra set of eyes to help you catch any errors that you might have missed? Points Earned: 2.85 out of 3 ***Total Points Earned: 14.85 out of 15


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Final Essay Instructions
ENG/100 Version 3
University of Phoenix Material
Final Essay Instructions
Review the feedback you received on your Rough Draft assignment from your instructor, and make any
necessary revisions using the skills you have learned for revising an essay.
Write your Final Essay in the APA Sample Paper Template, using your revised rough draft. The final
essay should be approximately 525- to 700-words in length.
The final essay must contain the following:

APA title page
An introductory paragraph
APA level 1 headings that introduce each body paragraph
Three to four main body paragraphs that include topic sentences and transitional sentences
A conclusion paragraph
A variety of quoted and paraphrased source material that supports the main point of each body
o Direct quotes should contain fewer than 30 words
In-text citations
APA reference page at the end of the paper, including two sources
Paper must be written in third-person academic voice
Review your essay to ensure that all required items have been included, and to ensure that all previous
feedback has been incorporated.
Copyright © 2018 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
How to Create a Family-Friendly Work Environment without Sacrificing Employee Productivity
Margaret Oakes
November 4, 2017
Dr. Barb Rowland
How to Create a Family-Friendly Work Environment without Sacrificing Employee Productivity
Coordinating supervision and care for young children is a common challenge faced by
many working parents. It is extremely rare for school and business schedules to be perfectly
aligned, and there is a wide range of unexpected events that place additional stress and
frustration on modern families. For example, sudden illnesses, doctor’s appointments, and poorly
communicated early dismissals all contribute to the rushed scramble to arrange childcare that is
familiar to many parents of young children. Circumstances such as these are unfortunate for both
companies and their employees. These types of situations force employees to make some tough
decisions that could ultimately affect not only their job performance, but their overall happiness
in their work environment. Companies can avoid these uncomfortable situations and increase
productivity and happiness in workers by ensuring there is adequate family leave, allowing
work-at-home days for applicable positions, and encouraging the use of all vacation time and
sick time as needed.
Adequate Family Leave
One way companies can ensure productivity and happiness in workers is by providing
adequate leave time for both parents following the birth of a child. Schulte (2014) indicates that
there is a connection between an employee’s work-life balance. The problem is that most
companies fail to see this link. Mothers need time to heal, rest, and become adjusted to the
schedule and needs of a new baby. Newborns can sometimes have problems, such as jaundice,
feeding issues, or sleeping difficulties. New parents should be able to take care of these issues
before the child goes into some kind of daycare and companies need to be more responsive to
these needs. If new parents have time to spend with their baby, they will not be so anxious, tired,
or unsettled when they return to work. For instance, the Patagonia Company allows new parents
a two-month parental leave (Schulte, 2014). This way, parents can come back to work ready to
focus on their jobs again.
Work at Home Days
Workers’ happiness and productivity can also be increased by adding one work-at-home
day to weekly schedules, if it fits with the position. A study by Daipuria and Kakar (2013)
showed that a “compressed work week and work from home options also find favor amongst the
respondents which give clear indication to the organization to remodel their work assignments to
suit mutual requirements” (p. 51). Participants in the modified work environment find the
flexibility in their schedules to be mutually beneficial for them and the companies for whom they
work. While at first glance it may seem like an impossible task to create such an accommodating
work arrangement, there are a lot of ways this can work for a company and its employees.
Remote access via computer can make employees available anytime. Additionally, employees
can participate in meetings via Skype, share documents, and send emails. The modified work
schedule also makes it possible for employees to work outside of a traditional eight-hour
workday as needed. Diapuria and Kakar (2013) concluded that a flexible work schedule is likely
to “improve the work-life balance of the employee especially if they are working parents” (p.
51). So even if a company cannot spare someone for a whole day every week, this plan might be
available as needed occasionally for the employee.
Vacation and Sick Time
Finally, companies should encourage the use of all yearly vacation time, as well as sick
time when needed. It is possible that a situation may arise that an employee just cannot avoid.
Sometimes parents are forced to make a decision between their sick child and their job. Sick
days mean tending to a sick child at home. A workplace culture that frowns on people who stay
home when they or their child cannot be at school or is sick only harms everyone working. It
encourages people to lie or even sometimes inappropriately bring the child to work with them.
Similarly, employees should not have to worry about vacation days which they need at unusual
times to cover days when schools are closed as well as to take vacations. Allowing people to use
these days as “personal days” for whatever reason creates a more honest workplace and more
productive workforce when employees are at work. Krasulja, Blagojevic, and Radojevic (2015)
have shown that organizations that offer work-life balance programs have happier employees
who stay longer.
It is hard to imagine that working parents are productive or focused when they are forced
to leave a sick, young child at home alone or in someone else’s care. Employers can avoid these
unpleasant working conditions by implementing work-life balance programs that take into
consideration work and life situations, bridging the gap between the two seemingly different
environments without compromising employee productivity and even increasing employee
satisfaction. Work-life balance programs that create more benefits like family leave, working at
home, and personal leave days will give employees more flexibility in scheduling and approved
time off which establishes a more family-friendly work environment.
Daipuria, P., & Kakar, D. (2013). Work-life balance for working parents: Perspectives and
strategies. Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management, 2(1), 45-52.
Krasulja, N., Blagojevic, M. V., & Radojevic, I. (2015, April). Working from home as
alternative for achieving work-life balance. Ekonomika, 61(2), 131-142.
Schulte, B. (2014, October 26). Taking care of employees boosts Patagonia’s bottom line. The
Washington Post. Retrieved from
Grading Criteria: Final Essay
ENG/100 Version 3
Grading Guide
Final Essay Grading Criteria
This assignment is due in Week 5.
50 Percent
Points Earned


Faculty feedback related to Content in Rough Draft has been
incorporated effectively.
The paper is titled appropriately.
The paper begins with an introduction paragraph to provide
context for the topic. The introduction includes a thesis
statement that presents the main ideas included in the body
Each body paragraph provides support for the main idea and
transitions to the next idea.
The paper ends with a conclusion paragraph that summarizes
the main ideas of the paper.
The paper represents original work and correctly incorporates
quotations and paraphrases from outside sources have
informed the writing.
Organization and Development
30 Percent
Points Earned


Faculty feedback related to Organization and Development in
the Rough Draft has been incorporated effectively.
The paper is 525 to 700 words in length.
The tone aligns with the assignment’s purpose, to include being
written in third person, and is geared toward the appropriate
The paper is clear, is organized in a logical manner, addresses
the main points, and demonstrates transition from one idea to
the next.
The references used for support are scholarly and relevant to
the topic.
Mechanics and Format
20 Percent
Points Earned


Faculty feedback related to Mechanics and Format in the
Rough Draft has been incorporated effectively.
The proper template is used for the assignment.
Rules of grammar and punctuation are followed; spelling is
In-text citations have been added to paraphrases and direct
In-text citations include the correct elements and are properly
formatted according to APA guidelines.
The title page, reference page, spacing, and font are consistent
with the APA guidelines required for this assignment.
References include the correct elements and are properly
formatted according to APA guidelines.
Copyright © 2018 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Grading Criteria: Final Essay
ENG/100 Version 3
Additional Comments:
Total Earned
Copyright © 2018 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Gender Inequality at Work
Austin Richardson
Lauren Critchley
Gender Inequality at Work
Thesis statement: Gender inequality is commonplace in workplaces primarily due to perception
gaps, cultural factors, and lack of women empowerment.
Perception gaps
There are perception gaps that exist in workplaces and which tend to make gender parity
rather difficult. In a survey conducted to determine how workers perceive the gender gap, twothirds of men indicated that women have equal opportunities as men. In contrast, less than a third
of the women who participated in the survey agreed with the opinion that they have equal
opportunities. Further, the same study revealed that 80 percent of women believe that companies
have to take the initiative to promote equality by making it a business imperative in
organizations. Only 48 percent of men agreed that this step is necessary (Dominelli, 2016). The
contrasting ideas only end up increasing the gap not to mention it permits men and women to
live in a factious world where one assumes there is equality while the other hopes it can be
Cultural factors
Traditionally, women are portrayed as caregivers while men are given the role of
breadwinners. As such, the former tend to be discriminated on the basis that they should not get
involved in careers lest they forget their primary duties of taking care of families. A survey
conducted in this regard revealed that 80 percent of women believe that this stereotype is no
longer plausible as men can be good caretakers too. Moreover, 77 percent of men think that
women are supposed to sacrifice their careers for the sake of their families while only 53 percent
of them believe that men can also compromise for the same (Wreyford, 2018). The fact that such
beliefs are embedded in society and reinforced in various ways is a reason why women achieve
relatively low success in their careers compared to their male counterparts.
Lack of empowerment
Although the topic of women empowerment is widely discussed, its effects are not quite
visible on the ground as women continue to be subjugated by men in workplaces. The low
success of current initiatives to empower women is attributed to low will power and reluctance
of male workers to advance this agenda. Further, male dominance has always been a part of
society, and this makes it difficult to achieve absolute equality owing to the difficulty of
dismantling a founded and accepted culture (Wreyford, 2018). This form of sabotage on
women’s career explains why only 3 percent of the fortune 500 companies have female CEOs.
Lack of empowerment explains is one of the reasons why inequality persists in most
Dominelli, L. (2016). Women, Development, and Gender Inequality. Encyclopedia of Social
Wreyford, N. (2018). Gender, Capital, and Getting In. Gender Inequality in Screenwriting
Work, 53-85.
Organizing Ideas Worksheet
ENG/100 Version 3
University of Phoenix Material
Organizing Ideas Worksheet
Step 1 – Locating relevant information
As part of an academic writing process, it is important to use scholarly articles to support your
own thoughts about a topic. When you use those sources in your writing, you must record
specific information about the articles you use in your topic discussion. Recording this
information ensures you are prepared to give credit to the authors of those articles.
This week, you use the University Library to find two scholarly articles related to the broad
topic, narrowed idea, and research question you selected in Week 1. In the academic databases
available in our online library, the source information for articles is provided in the indexing
details located toward the bottom of the article.
Review the below example of indexing details. The six pieces of source information for your
articles you will need to record for this assignment (title, author, publication title, publication
date, document URL or DOI, and database) are numbered and boxed in red. Eventually, you will
need to record the issue number and/or volume number as well as the page numbers the on which
the articles appear to complete the reference page citations in your essay.
Copyright © 2018 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Organizing Ideas Worksheet
ENG/100 Version 3
Search for at least two articles in the University Library that are relevant to your topic. Once
you have decided on the articles you want to use for your essay, locate the indexing details.
Complete the following template using the indexing details for the two articles you selected.
Include a 3- or 4-sentence description of how each article relates to your topic and research
Copyright © 2018 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Organizing Ideas Worksheet
ENG/100 Version 3
Learning styles
Article #1:
Author(s) names: Lee, Seong Jae; Popović, Zoran
Article title: Learning behavior styles with inverse reinforcement learning
Date written or published: July 16th 2010
Journal or publication title: ACM Transactions on Graphics
Issue number and/or volume number (if provided): Volume 29 Issue 4
Page numbers (if provided):
Database name: serialssolutions
URL (web address) or doi number: 10.1145/1778765.1778859
The article presents methods for inferring learning behavior style of character controller
set of examples. Also, it depicts how rich a behavior set can be captured through
determination of appropriate set of reward functions in the reinforcement learning
framework. Therefore, the article will be relates in building ideas ion my research topic
since it shows how discovered reward functions ca be used to different environment.
Article #2:
Author(s) names: Singh, Tejinder
Article title: learning styles
Date written or published: May/Jun 2016
Journal or publication title: The National Medical Journal of India
Issue number and/or volume number (if provided): Vol. 29, Issue . 3,
Page numbers (if provided):
Database name: proquest-com
URL (web address) or doi number:
This article refers to the learning styles by Walsh.1. ideally, the author raised numerous
issues for review which mostly take VARK ( visual, auditory, reading/writing preference
and kinesthetic) as a learning style. Additionally, the author explains the various importance
of knowing various learning style. And as a result, the article will be useful in my research
since it highlight how important it is for teachers to know the various learning styles.
Copyright © 2018 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Organizing Ideas Worksheet
ENG/100 Version 3
Step 2 – Research question responses
Use the research question you selected in Week 1 to identify three related perspectives from the
articles that you identified in Step 1 of this worksheet. These perspectives should meaningfully
respond to the research question you selected. Review the example below for additional
Example Research Question: What are three ways video games can help young players
develop some important skills?
Example of Three Responses:
1. Develop academic skills in literacy and math.
2. Help young players develop decision-making and logic skills.
3. Help young players develop social skills.
Complete the template below using the research question you selected in Week 1 and the
information from the articles you selected in Step 1.
Your research question: why is it important for teachers to know the various learning styles?
Three responses to your research question (from the articles selected):
1.The preferred learning modes significantly influences their learning and behavior
2. knowing and understanding the use of specific learning styles will assist the teacher in
giving the best to their students.
3. information accessed from the learners’ use of the preferred learning style depicts an
increase in their level of motivation, comprehension, and metacognition.
Step 3 – Thesis Statement
Now that you have selected a research question, located relevant scholarly information, and
identified responses to the research question, you are ready to create a thesis statement.
A thesis statement incorporates the responses to the research question, and it can be seen as the
‘forecast’ of the main ideas that will be presented in the essay. Below is an example of a properly
written thesis statement.
Example Research Question: What are three ways video games can help young players
develop some important skills?
Example of Three Responses:
1. Develop academic skills in literacy and math.
2. Help young players develop decision-making and logic skills.
3. Help young players develop social skills.
Copyright © 2018 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Organizing Ideas Worksheet
ENG/100 Version 3
Example Thesis Statement: Video games help young players develop academic, thinking,
and social skills.
Write your thesis statement in the box below using the information from Step 2.
Your thesis statement: It is important for teachers to understand various learning style since
it can help the teacher give the best to their students, preferred learning modes have significant
influence on the behavior and learning of their students, and also the Information that is
accessed through students’ use of their modality preferences shows an increase in their levels
of comprehension, motivation, and metacognition.
Copyright © 2018 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.
Organizing Ideas Worksheet
ENG/100 Version 3
Step 4 – Topic sentences
As mentioned above, a thesis statement is a ‘forecast’ of the main ideas in the essay. Topic
sentences at the beginning of each body paragraph in the essay introduce the main idea discussed
in that paragraph and incorporate the responses to the research question.
In this step, you use the results from Steps 2 and 3 to develop three topic sentences. Review the
example below of topic sentences that were developed from the video game idea.
Example Research Question: What are three ways video games can help young players
develop some important skills?
Examp …
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