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This milestone will allow you to begin the query letter and synopsis portions of the final project.biography:Theresa Rodriguez was born in the suburbs of Chicago but was raised in southern Georgia near the Florida Georgia line. Although she has been living in Illinois again since she was 11 years old. She loves to hang out with her friends and family. She loves to play video games on her Xbox one and on the computer. She also really enjoys performing as a Drag King. She lives in the northern suburbs of Illinois near the Wisconsin border. She has no children currently but has a fur baby named Tito. Theresa is going to school to get a bachelors degree in creative writing with a focus on fiction writing. She fell in love with writing in sixth grade when her class was challenged to write a creative piece. Within a 5-minute period, she was able to write a 5 pages story. Her love of writing was found that day. She has been published twice for poetry but wants to complete a novel. That she has been writing for seven years. Have included guidelines and a copy of my story.


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ENG 340 Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric
Overview: For your final project in this course, you will complete a professional creative work proposal. For the purpose of this course, your proposal will consist
of the following: a query letter; a synopsis of the work (a novel, fiction or nonfiction; collection of poems; collection of short stories; book series; screenplay;
etc.); a marketing plan (including genre and audience research, author background and qualifications, and current market trends); and a comparative titles
analysis with explanations of how each compares or differs from your proposed work. Each piece of the proposal plays an essential role in your development as
a writer. For this milestone, you will submit a query letter and synopsis. Utilize The Author Biography resource as you create the biography element of your
query letter.
In the query letter, you will demonstrate your ability to quickly and effectively sell your idea to an editor or agent. Your synopsis demonstrates your ability to
write a market-friendly description of your creative work in a few brief paragraphs, using such concepts as telling detail and narrative drive to heighten interest
in your work.
Prompt: For this milestone, you will submit a query letter and synopsis.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
Query Letter: In preparation for writing your query letter, research agents and editors that might be a good fit to represent your work. You will choose
one agent or editor to be the recipient of your query letter.
A. Compose a query letter that is addressed to a specific agent or editor appropriate for the genre of your creative work and that clearly states
your purpose for writing.
B. Throughout your query letter, utilize a professional tone, while also giving a clear indication of your author voice for the editor or agent.
C. Describe your creative work using clear structure, detail, and narrative drive.
D. Write a succinct, single-paragraph biography that includes who you are and any writing- or publishing-related background you possess.
E. Conclude your letter, expressing gratitude to the recipient, informing them of any attachments, including your contact information, and ending
with a targeted solicitation to read the proposal and larger work.
II. Synopsis
A. Compose a synopsis with a complete structure (i.e., clear beginning, middle, and end) while utilizing narrative drive to engage the reading
B. Describe necessary details that provide a visual, market-friendly synopsis of your creative work while eliminating extraneous information.
Guidelines for Submission: Your query letter should be 1 page, and your synopsis should be 1–2 pages. Your document should be double-spaced, have one-inch
margins, use 12-point Times New Roman font, and use other appropriate formatting for each component.
Critical Elements
Query Letter: Addressed
Query Letter: Professional
Proficient (100%)
Composes a query letter that is
addressed to a specific agent or
editor appropriate for the genre of
the creative work and that clearly
states a purpose for writing
Utilizes a professional tone
throughout the letter while giving a
clear indication of the author voice
Query Letter: Description of
Creative Work
Describes the creative work, using
clear structure, detail, and narrative
Query Letter: Biography
Writes a single-paragraph biography
that specifies the author and
publishing-related background
Concludes the letter, expressing
gratitude, informing of any
attachments, including contact
information, and ending with an
appropriate, targeted solicitation to
read the proposal and larger work
Composes a synopsis with a
complete structure while effectively
utilizing narrative drive to engage
the reading audience
Describes necessary details that
provide a visual, market-friendly
synopsis of the creative work while
eliminating extraneous information
Query Letter: Conclusion
Synopsis: Structure
Synopsis: Details
Needs Improvement (85%)
Composes a query letter, but it is
not addressed to a specific agent or
editor appropriate for the genre of
the creative work or it does not
clearly state a purpose for writing
Utilizes a professional tone, but it is
not consistent throughout the letter
or does not give a clear indication of
the author voice
Describes the creative work but
does not effectively or consistently
use clear structure, detail, and
narrative drive
Writes a biography, but biography is
either cursory or too lengthy
Not Evident (0%)
Does not compose a query letter
Concludes the letter, but does not
express gratitude, inform of any
attachments, include contact
information, or end with an
appropriate, targeted solicitation to
read the proposal and larger work
Composes a synopsis with a
complete structure but does not
effectively utilize narrative drive to
engage the reading audience
Describes necessary details that
provide a synopsis of the creative
work, but synopsis includes too
much extraneous information, is not
market friendly, or does not utilize
visual language
Does not utilize a professional tone
Does not describe the creative work
Does not write a single-paragraph
Does not conclude the letter
Does not compose a synopsis with a
complete structure
Does not describe necessary details
for a market-friendly synopsis
Articulation of Response
Submission has no major errors
related to citations, grammar,
spelling, syntax, or organization
Submission has major errors related
to citations, grammar, spelling,
syntax, or organization that
negatively impact readability and
articulation of main ideas
Submission has critical errors related
to citations, grammar, spelling,
syntax, or organization that prevent
understanding of ideas
The Flip- Rodriguez
The Flip
Theresa Rodriguez
The Flip- Rodriguez
I needed to get some air and I noticed a nice little park across the street. I looked for the biggest
tree that I could find and be able to hide under for a while. As I walked over to the tree that was full of
life, I noticed that the leaves were starting to change from a fresh green color to yellow and orange. I had
always found very pretty and calming. As I sat down I saw a father and his young daughter playing on the
swing set nearby. It seemed odd to me, seeing a father care for his daughter so much. He seemed like he
actually was happy to be there with her and he wanted to be. The little girls had cute brown curls and
seemed to be at least five years old. She got off the swing and headed straight for the slide. Her foot
seemed to miss a beat and she fell to the ground. I thought about going over to see if she was okay but my
body seemed to be responding to my thoughts on a delay. It seemed as if nothing would be able to get me
up at that point. Her father ran over to her faster than I could have thought even possible. He was calming
her cries and letting her know that he was there for her.
I had always wished that I had someone who I could depend on to catch me when I fell. I laughed
at that thought I realized then that I did have someone there for me not so long ago, but that was over
now. Just like everything else that was good in my life. I looked up at the clouds annoyed at myself and
also the little girl with her loving father. Wondering again why everything that I had been through so far
in life had happened to me. Why nothing never seemed to go right for me. Why everything good in my
life left seemed to leave me. I did this a lot, finding myself always wondering. I always seemed to be
trying to find out what I had done wrong. This time is was different now. I not only had to find out, it
was necessary. In order to get the answers I needed. I would have to start from the very beginning. No
matter how much it would her or how long it would take I needed to take the journey.
Well let’s see I was born July 27, 1990 to the proud parents Alice and Derek Bradley in Coldwell
Hospital in Liberty Bell, Illinois. It was one of only two hospitals in a 30 mile radius, but that was only
while I was growing up. I had lived in the same town all of my life Greylake, IL. It was like every other
small town in River County. I lived in one of the many subdivisions Greylake had to offer. Small, quiet
and of course boring the most exciting things we had was a bowling alley, seeing a movie, or hanging out
The Flip- Rodriguez
at the local mall or stores in the next boring town. We lived in the middle class side of town which was
about six blocks from the local high school. We had lived at 1214 North Lakeshore Circle for as far back
as I could remember. It was a grey brick three level house that was much bigger on the inside then it
appeared to be from the outside. Our house had a four car garage that my father extended the two car
garage that the house originally came with and connected it to the house and the backyard. The backyard
wasn’t very big but it seemed larger to me as a kid than it actually was. It was a giant play ground to me
back then, my father had put in a sand box, a swing set, and a little play house for me as soon as I could
walk. Those were the good days in my life or at least so I had thought.
As far as I had known everything was great. Mom, dad and I were nothing but one big happy
family. I was way too young to realize what was really going on, but little did I know my world would
crumble right before my eyes. My parent had done a great job of hiding what was going on from me. The
day of my fifth birthday was when I realized what was truly going on. That was the day I saw my father
pack his bags and get into his police cruiser and leave us for good. You would think with it being my
birthday he would have at least stayed for the day and left the next, but that wasn’t the case. I tried to stop
him, running after him and begging him to stay for my birthday. He didn’t even look at me and acted like
he couldn’t hear me begging him to stay. He just kept on going, it didn’t seem to matter that I was crying
to hard I could barely breathe. Before I knew it he was gone, that was the last time I had seen him or even
heard from him. I hadn’t really ever cried since that day.
I grew bitter and my heart seemed to go cold; I kept myself guarded for my mom and my own
sake. My mother and I grew very close after that. We always looked out for each other and we were
always there when the other one needed to talk. We nicknamed our selves the Bradley girls because it was
just us and I liked it that way. My mom went into nursing school a year after the divorce from my father.
Seeing we had no income she had to get a part time job to take care of us. It got very busy with all the
things she had to do to keep a roof over our head and food in my stomach so every Friday night we
decided to go to this pizza place called Heavenly Slice. The owner Alec was always friendly to us with
The Flip- Rodriguez
his perfect white teeth and jet black hair that was slicked back with some kind of hair product that looked
like he just used grease to me. He wore a gold necklace that always made him look richer than he actually
was until he had to sell it to keep the place open. Even though it wasn’t that popular in town and other
places always seemed to be more packed than Heavenly Slice was; it was our favorite place. We had been
going there every Friday since I was seven years old. After a while we all became kind of like a little
family. My mom eventually started going places without me leaving me with a sitter some nights. It was
weird to me, because we use to go everywhere together except for when she had class or work. When I
was about eight years old my mom and Alec sat me down and told me that they had been dating for four
months and wanted my blessing to keep seeing each other. I had felt shocked and mad that she had kept
the secret from me for so long; when we use to tell each other everything. After a while I had begun to
start disliking Alec, which grew even more over time. Alec eventually moved in with us. This helped to
fuel my disgust even more.
I had had a few friends growing up but none that I had felt had truly understood me. That changed
for me when I started seventh grade. I met two girls Arizona Nathan and Brea Williams were a lot like me
in ways my mom was not. I met them with I joined the schools jazz ensemble. Music is the only real way
that I felt I can escape everything. I use to listen to music all the time when I was younger; my mom
started to notice and told me if I loved music so much I should learn to play myself. The very next day
she bought me my first guitar and I have been playing the guitar since I was seven years old.
One day at lunch the girls and I started talking about how cool it would be to be in a band of our
“We should totally start a band I am getting bored in jazz ensemble” I told them.
“That would be awesome; I am getting so sick of jazz beats. I need to rock out” replied Arizona
making a rock sign with her fingers.
All three of us started laughing before Brea spoke up.
The Flip- Rodriguez
“Guys we really should start a band. Let’s do it for real. Arizona do you think your mom will let
us practice at your place since your drum set is in your basement.”
“I know for a fact she won’t mind! She’s always telling me I should do something fun to inspire
me instead of just jazz ensemble practice. Not to mention our basement is sound proof.” Arizona said as
she started bouncing in her seat with excitement.
“My mom won’t care either. She loves when I am embedded with my music. She’s usually at
work or with Alec anyway.” I added.
We all should “Sweet!” at the same time then started laughing when we heard the bell ring.
“Call me when you guys are heading over after you go home and get your guitar and bass.”
Arizona yelled as she was walking down the hall to her next class.
On my walk home from school I was playing the air guitar not caring who might happen to see
me. When I walked in the door I heard my mom welcome me home as she was getting ready for work.
“Hey honey, I left some food on the table for you. I am working the late shift at the hospital
tonight. Alec will be home around six the latest so you won’t be alone all night.”
Great I thought to myself.
“Thanks, Hey mom. Is it okay if I go over to Arizona’s house after I eat? We are going to start a
Hoping she wouldn’t want me to try and spend more time with Alec than I already had to.
“That’s fine dear. Make sure that you leave a not so that Alec knows where you will be please.
We don’t want him worrying do we?” She said as she gave me a hug and kiss good bye as she headed out
the door.
The Flip- Rodriguez
Like I really cared what Alec thought, but I would have to leave a note because he would call my
mom otherwise. I ate the plate of pasta my mom left for me then I headed up stair to change and grab my
After I got my guitar and changed I flew down stairs to the door. As soon as I got to the door I
had realized that I had forgotten to leave Alec a note. I left my guitar by the door and dashed off to the
kitchen to leave Alec a not on the refrigerator. I was heading back to the door when the phone rang.
“Hello?” I said with the phone pressed to my ear.
“Hey Dani, its Arizona just calling to see about what time you were thinking of heading over. I
am so excited to start our band.” Her voice was all shaky with excitement. It made me giggle.
“I was heading out the door when you called silly.” I answered.
“I didn’t know that; am not psychic.” Arizona said laughing.
“I know, but anyway I am heading over now.” I replied laughing also.
After we said our goodbyes I headed straight for the door grabbed my guitar and ran to
Arizona’s house. Arizona only lived a block away from me. When I arrived her mom greeted me at the
door and told me that Brea and Arizona were downstairs. When I got downstairs I heard Arizona and
Brea setting up and talking about who should be the singer of the band.
“I don’t think I sing very well” Brea said to Arizona.
“Maybe we should wait till Dani gets her and then we can all take turns singing a little bit and
then decide. I know I am not that good either but who knows until we all really give it a shot.” Arizona
replied to Brea trying to lift her spirits.
“You are right Arizona we should all give it a try then decide.” I said as I opened the door to
Arizona’s studio.
The Flip- Rodriguez
After we got set up we all took turns singing. Even though, I didn’t agree with them; they both
agreed that I was the best singer out of the three of us. We decided that it was time to play something
since we didn’t know anything else so we just played the music form class for the moment. After two
hours of playing we decided that we needed a break. So we all headed upstairs to the kitchen to grab a
drink and a snack.
“If we are really doing this we need to come up with an awesome band name.” Brea said while
pouring glasses of kool- aid.
“We could call ourselves Cherry Coke!” Arizona yelled as she grabbed chips from cabinet. Brea
and I just looked at each other and just laughed.
“What! Oh come on like you two can come up with something better.” Arizona replied to our
laughter with a slight bit of anger.
“I don’t mean to laugh Arizona but it sounds like you just looked at a bottle of Cherry Coke to
come up with that. “ I stated trying to calm her down.
“Well that’s because I did.” Arizona said laughing and pulling the Cherry coke out of the cabinet
to show us.
We all busted out laughing then.
“Seriously though I want to see you guys come up with something at least I am trying.” Arizona
“Alright, what about something like umm…Adore the Reborn?” I answered.
“Omg, I love that! Its short and awesome.” replied Brea.
“I agree. How long have you been hold on to that gem?” Arizona asked.
The Flip- Rodriguez
“It kind of just came to me.” I replied laughing.
After we had been a band for a little over a year we finally got the courage to play in the school’s
annual talent show. We didn’t win but we did get win second place. A lot of people started asking us to
play for their parties and Alec even let us play at Heavenly Slice a few nights a week. We started to gain
a little fame in our area. We practiced everyday when we didn’t have a gig. My life started to get better
again. I took on the task of writing our own music for the band. Arizona and Brea would help or come up
with music on their own as well. I would just have to tweak a few things here and there on their songs. I
liked playing our own stuff verses just doing covers of songs like other bands in our area. Arizona and
Brea said that it helped us stand out more.
I found myself writing and playing music whenever I could. My mom even had to yell at me own
night when I started playing in the middle of the night. The girls and I finished middle school and moved
on to high school. We played talent shows and where ever we were requested to play. After a while
people started playing us to play for them. We never asked for it, because we just played because we
loved it, but the money came in handy.
My mom and Alec grew even closer everyday and I got more annoyed. When I turned 16 years
old my mom gave me my father’s car that he had left behind. The day they got the divorce he signed the
title over to my mother without as much as a fight. My mother told me it was because he wanted to leave
it to me that was why he gave it up so easily. I didn’t believe that for a second. I thought it was just
because he didn’t want to have to come get it and risk the chance of seeing me. He never called us or
even asked for visitation or joint custody of me. My car is a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T it is black with
two …
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