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1 Revised Rhetorical Analysis EssayRevise the rough draft you posted, based on feedback you received from your instructor and peers.Proofread your work carefully, ensuring that your in-text citations and references page entries conform to APA style and that your headers and cover page, as well as the rest of your document, are formatted correctly. Use theAPA Citation Helper or the APA Citations Quick Sheet to help with your in-text citations and references.FeedbackThe paper addresses the three aspects of the analysis, though only two are mentioned in the first paragraph. You do cover ethos later on in the paper, but also include it as part of the thesis statement. The thesis could be improved by also making it more direct. Instead of saying what you will discuss, briefly summarize the outcome of the analysis to give more focus to the thesis statement. What would you say Goodman could do int eh article to make her argument more convincing? Is she really against surrogacy, and if so, it seems a lot of readers end up not agreeing with her. Where does her argument break down, or what is she missing that causing a disconnect with readers?For the APA format, also include the p. numbers in the in-text citation tags. 2 Revised Annotated Bibliography.Revise your annotated bibliography based on the feedback you have received from your instructor and your peers. Proofread your work carefully, ensuring that your in-text citations and reference entries conform to APA style. Use this APA Citation Helper for guidance.Feedback”Most of the APA format is correct, but double check the date and title format for the first source, and use a hanging indent for all three sources.”


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Running head: WOMB FOR RENT
Womb for Rent
Brittany Williams
South University Online
March 10,2019
Womb for Rent
The article, Womb for rent is one of the fascinating items that I have ever read. I like the
issues addressed in this article. The author creatively presents the problem of surrogate mothers.
Several stories spread internationally regarding the point of surrogate mothers. The author states
that there are so many couples that are seeking to join in the business of renting wombs. Other
people are said to have entered the company to earn a living, and thus this business is worth living
as so many people tend to have some good money that can sustain one’s life. However, the author
particularly majors on this exercise that is practiced mostly in areas like in India. The issue of
surrogate mothers is part of globalization. However, in this article, I am going to apply and evaluate
how Goodman has used logic and emotion in her essay.
The article that is discussed focuses on the topic of mothers using their wombs to make
money on the point that we have so many surrogate mothers existing today. This existence of
surrogate mothers is regarded as part of globalization or the contemporary issues that are
happening in our modern society. The author of this article argues that surrogating is as a result of
high productive technology and the existence of low-tech workforce. She further states that this
biotech business was created by in the same Petri dish as Baby Louise, the first IVF baby.
Moreover, she has that the process of surrogating has become a cycle where we have the means of
motherhood divided into several parts or several stages (Klumpp, 1989). For instance, we have a
genetic mother, gestational mother, birth mother, and the contract mother. All these mothers make
up the chain or the cycle of surrogating. The author further presents the wishes of the surrogate
mothers and the issue of infertility.
From the thread article, Goodman presents all the global changes and ethical concerns that
are related to the social ethic. She argues that the issue of surrogating is raising ethical or behavioral
concerns in that so many questions are not pointed out in this trade. She presents how this process
is appearing after the global exchange and practices that most couples are willing to take part it to
earn a living. However, Goodman further adds that this exercise or this global trade is raising
ethical issues that result in disrespect of human dignity; she terms this business as an exploitative
business that is demeaning human life. She states that in our cotemporal society, babies are now
termed to be products.
The author applies logic to her thesis. She delays her argument, and this has several
rhetorical benefits. One of the benefits for the delay of the hypothesis is that she sent most of her
time discussing the point of foreign mothers who are involved in this business of renting wombs
(Foss, 2017). She applies the technique of pathos to provoke mercy or empathy on these mothers
who are involved in this business. She outlines the importance of these surrogate mothers and
states that this global business has enabled the mothers involved in the cycle to earn a living.
However, in this presentation, Goodman presents all positive ethos that enhances a critical
understanding of the surrogate mothers and by trying to fit themselves in the position of these
The author leaves the readers with rhetorical questions. For instance, the readers tend to
ask themselves, why do some countries ban the practice of surrogacy? Does the author mention
that the US should also allow the process of surrogating? She does not criticize much this issue of
surrogating; that is why readers have so many endless questions on this topic. In conclusion, I find
this topic impressing. I feel that surrogating should be allowed in all countries. Though some
people may believe that this issue is unethical, it should be exercised worldwide for it helps in
curbing the problems of infertility and help some mothers in earning their living
Foss, S. K. (2017). Rhetorical criticism: Exploration and practice. Waveland Press.
Klumpp, J. F., & Hollihan, T. A. (1989). Rhetorical criticism as moral action. Quarterly Journal
of Speech, 75(1), 84-96.
Running head: TRUMP WALL
Trump Wall
Brittany Williams
South University Online
March 23,2019
Trump Wall
MIchael, E. (2019). March 08, 2017: Five Problems Trump’s Wall Won’t Solve, According to
Professor Emeritus Michael Dear. Retrieved from
Professor Emeritus is a specialist in comparative urbanism and the US-Mexico Border.
Emeritus works have been published on major publication, and his recent book is about the USMexican wall. The author is against the wall claiming that’s its creation will not work, but induce
more problem to the United States government. The article used on the research covers the major
reasons why the wall is not essential; highlighting the problem, it will not solve. The piece is
important in understanding the impact of the border. The article is a revelation to inform leaners
and public that boundaries do not solve problems.
Kerr, D. (2019). Trump wants a border wall. Texas may want a smarter alternative. Retrieved
The article shows how insignificant the wall that Trump claims should receive an award
of $5 billion to get started. Dara’s work is published on credible USA information website
accredited to disseminate information across the United States. According to Dara Kerr, evidence
obtained from other parts of Texas shows that the wall would not achieve the set objective.
Currently, the number of Mexicans illegally in America outweighs the number targeted by the
wall. The article is important concerning the study since it shows how the wall will influence the
USA negatively. For instance, Kerr claims that the USA would turn into a big gated community.
Besides, investing in 3rd-century technology to solve 21st-century problems is absurd.
Rodgers, L., & Bailey, D. (2019). Trump’s border wall – in seven charts. Retrieved from
The article published on an accredited broadcasting company BBC with the mandate to
channel information across the world. Valuable information must be submitted for acceptance.
Thus, Lucy Rodgers and Dominic Bailey work is credible for a user to access and use. The
article is a summary of the Trump Wall project. The authors have seven sections that feature
various phases of the border project such as, an overview of the existing wall. Information about
Trump’s progress in constructing the wall and budget demanded to finish the project
Rodgers, L., & Bailey, D. (2019). Trump’s border wall – in seven charts. Retrieved from
Kerr, D. (2019). Trump wants a border wall. Texas may want a smarter alternative. Retrieved
MIchael, E. (2019). March 08, 2017: Five Problems Trump’s Wall Won’t Solve, According to
Professor Emeritus Michael Dear. Retrieved from

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