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Read the business scenario given in the text sheet named “ABS Financial Solutions.” Analyze the given business scenario in order to evaluate how U.S. federal and state compliance laws affect the given problem and shape its solution accordingly. Then write a summary report that answers the following questions:How do U.S. federal and state compliance laws affect the given problem and influence the solution taken by the company?How is the solution to the problem an outcome of the compliance laws?How do cost-benefit issues and considerations affect decisions regarding solutions?What role will customers’ acceptance and attitude play in developing the new business solution?What is the contribution of an individual customer’s attitude in developing the business solution?Required ResourcesText sheet: ABS Financial Solutions (ts_abs)Submission RequirementsFormat: Microsoft WordFont: Arial, 12-Point, Double-SpaceCitation Style: Follow your school’s preferred style guideLength: 2 pagesCitation Style: APA with at least 2 Refferences


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Evaluate how U.S. compliance laws influence the given business problem.
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ABS Financial Solutions
Company Profile
The ABS Financial Solutions is a leading provider of worldwide financial services to credit unions and
their members. It offers lending, protection, financial, employee, and member solutions through strategic
partnerships, technological innovations, and multiple service channels. ABS Financial Solutions employs
nearly 6,000 people and has offices throughout the country, including six regional marketing offices.
The confidence and trust that credit unions have in ABS Financial Solutions is reflected in the fact that it
protects, with one or more coverages, nearly 95 percent of the 9,500+ credit unions in the United States.
In addition to achieving the positive financial results, ABS Financial Solutions believes that it is essential
to provide, on a competitive basis, the services that will contribute to the success and security of credit
unions and the members they serve. ABS Financial Solutions has field representatives who work with
credit unions and their members. Traditional desktops did not work for them because these staffers were
mobile employees. Notebook personal computers (PCs) have become the norm for about 1,200 of ABS’s
field staff. A virtual desktop and an Internet connection ensures the field team has access to e-mail and
the back-end financial services applications needed to support their customers while in the field. The
benefits of mobility include improved productivity that translated into more time spent with the customers
and members. Since its conception ABS has changed with the times, but one factor remains constant—
the protection of credit union members’ data. ABS understands the need, and has taken the steps to
focus its security strategy on protecting credit unions’ and their members’ data, especially on notebook
PCs that are highly vulnerable to loss and theft. Recent privacy legislation only reinforced what ABS
already knew, that credit unions and members viewed privacy as an important issue.
The Business Problem
The hardware cost to replace a lost or stolen notebook is insignificant relative to the cost of noncompliance and brand damage caused by the malicious use of inadequately protected data contained on
the notebook. With sensitive credit union and member data and company confidential data to protect,
ABS needed an enterprise-strength encryption solution that would augment password protection by
protecting data stored on the notebook PCs. The company also wanted their encryption solution for the
Windows-based notebook PCs to be easily managed and available on other platforms including tablets
and smartphones for future mobile initiatives.
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ABS Financial Solutions
The Challenges
One of ABS’s challenges was to balance a strong encryption that met regulatory compliance without
impacting the productivity of its field representatives. Field representatives rarely go into their office and
rely solely on their notebook PCs to do their jobs. When a notebook PC fails and information is
unavailable, productivity declines abruptly, costing valuable time and dollars. In addition, the solution had
to be easy to administer and manage.
The Process
Each day that went by without taking action to encrypt data on the notebook PCs placed ABS one day
more at risk. The company created a team, formalized a plan, and started the investigation of different
approaches to encrypting the data. Both file-and-folder and full-disk encryption products were considered.
The selection of a solution was based on a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) process that included
written responses, demonstrations, and an extensive in-house evaluation of the finalists’ products.
Reference calls were also made to substantiate vendor claims.
The Solution
Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 validated, ABS-TXR Mobility Guardian was
selected as the encryption product of choice based on its ability to meet regulatory compliance, ease of
administration and deployment, and minimal user impact. ABS understood the obstacles that needed to
be addressed with both file-and-folder and full-disk encryption solutions and worked with TXR to develop
a new class of encryption that was intelligent about what to encrypt and when, while ensuring that certain
types of documents were secured no matter where they were stored. The selection was more than a
technical decision. TXR Technologies’ vision, direction, and support, coupled with its relationships with
reputed information technology (IT) companies, were also key factors in the decision process.
Next Steps
ABS has completed the integration of ABS-TXR Mobility Guardian to its Active Directory, finalized its
deployment plan, completed an end user pilot, and is almost finished with their field deployment. The
company plans to deploy the software on its home office laptops within the next few months. Although
ABS does not see handheld devices replacing notebook PCs, it does see them potentially replacing cell
phones in the future and is considering rolling out the ABS-TXR Mobility Guardian solution on platforms
such as tablets and smartphones in order to safely mobilize employees in all areas of the business.
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Executive Program Practical Connection Assignment
Proficient (15 to 20 points)
Competent (8 to 14 points)
Novice (1 to 7 points)
Student completed all required portions
of the assignment
Completed portions of the
Did not complete the required
Assignment strongly demonstrates
graduate-level proficiency in
organization, grammar, and style.
Assignment demonstrates graduatelevel proficiency in organization,
grammar, and style.
Assignment does not demonstrate
graduate-level proficiency in
organization, grammar, and style.
Assignment is well written, and ideas
are well developed and explained.
Demonstrates strong writing skills.
Student paid close attention to spelling
and punctuation. Sentences and
paragraphs are grammatically correct.
Assignment is effectively
communicated, but some sections
lacking clarity. Student paid some
attention to spelling and
punctuation, but there are errors
within the writing. Needs attention
to proper writing skills.
Assignment is poorly written and
confusing. Ideas are not
communicated effectively. Student
paid no attention to spelling and
punctuation. Demonstrates poor
writing skills.
Writing Skills, Grammar,
and APA Formatting
Proper use of APA formatting. Properly
and explicitly cited outside resources.
Reference list matches citations.
Use of APA formatting and citations
of outside resources, but has a few
instances in which proper citations
are missing.
The assignment lacks the use of APA
formatting and does not provide
proper citations or includes no
Submission is well organized and has a
tight and cohesive focus that is
integrated throughout the document
Submissions has an organizational
structure and the focus is clear
Submission lacks focus or contains
major drifts in focus
Understanding of
Course Content
Student demonstrates understand of
course content and knowledge.
Student demonstrates some
understanding of course content and
Student does not demonstrate
understanding of course content and
Work Environment
Student strongly demonstrates the
practical application, or ability to apply,
of course objectives within a work
Student demonstrates some
practical application, or ability to
apply, of course objectives within a
work environment.
Student does not demonstrate the
practical application, or ability to
apply, of course objectives within a
work environment.

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