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Assignment #2 Evaluating Electronic Document Management and Electronic Records Management Systems Download a copy of your assigned software package (OpenDocMan) and install it on a laptop or other computer. If not available, run through a trial version on the Web site or check some tutorial videos on Youtube. Prepare an evaluation report based on the following chart. Describe what the software does and how it works. Fill out the following matrix withyour evaluation for each component.In addition, your report should include two or three screenshots of the software working on your computer. Use the matrix showing the performance of the software against the following evaluation criteria. Finally, you need to make a recommendation as to whether you would recommend the software for deployment in a small office. Citation: APA format. Topic Question Functionality What are the major functions of the software? Licensing Is it Open Source? If not, how is it licensed? Infrastructure What platforms does the product support? Is any additional software or licensing required? Growth Potential What level of scalability, availability and replication does the product offer? Administration What installation requirements, security, and user and group account management tools are available? User interfaces Is it easy to use? Is it Web browser-based? Can it be accessed via wireless or voice systems? Additional tools Are their options for additional functionality and tools? Does the system work well with other commonly used programs (e.g. MS Word)? Document versioning Does the product include a document repository and baselining tools? Can you retrieve earlier versions or save versions by author? Document routing Whatworkflow capabilities does the product offer? Is document routing tied to e-mail and collaboration tools? User change notification Can you flag document changes sent via e-mail, pager or other mobile devices? Developer tools Does the product offer the ability to create custom document management applications, application program interface access, multiplatform tools or integration with other agency applications? Training Will training be needed for administrators or end users? What training tools are available? Documentation Is hard-copy and online documentation available? How accessible is it? Is it detailed enough? Company What type of company is supporting the product? Small? Large?Do they have additional products? Cost Does the vendor charge per user or per CPU? How long will it take to recoup the initial investment? What will ongoing maintenance cost? Customer Base How long has the product been on the market? How many customers are there? What lines of business are they in? You may add other factors that you think should be part of a software product evaluation process. Your assignment is: Software Package Student Assigned OpenDocMan Your assignment will be graded according to the following rubric: Criteria Outstanding (4) Above Average (3) Average (2) Below Average (1) Missing (0) Evaluation criteria At least two additional criteria were used and all the existing criteria. One additional criterion was used and all the existing criteria. All the existing criteria were used. Not all the existing criteria were used. Description of software product Excellent description of product including five or more screen shots Well written description of the product including effective screenshots Adequate description of product: good text and at least one screenshot No screen shots or poorly written description Good evaluation of factors Detailed descriptions of the software in relation to each evaluation criterion Detailed descriptions of the software in relation to most evaluation criteria Good descriptions of the software in relation to most evaluation criteria Few descriptions of the software in relation to the evaluation criteria Well-constructed recommendations with good grammar and spelling Well-constructed recommendations that utilize a significant number of the evaluation criteria, error free Well-constructed recommendations that utilize some of the evaluation criteria and errors do not interfere with meaning Recommendations that are supported by the evaluation criteria with few errors Recommendations that are NOT entirely supported by the evaluation criteria with errors Documentation quality Excellent use of Office features, including headings, page numbers. table formatting, and printing Good use of Office features, including headings, page numbers, table formatting, and printing Minimum formatting Little formatting and unattractive printout Timeliness Late Submission Not Accepted!

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