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topic :Many North Americans are conspicuous consumers who seem to feel the need to possess all of the latest gadgets, toys, etc. Examine conspicuous consumption and its implications for our society and/or the planet. I already have outline for this research paper. the detail requirements are attached.


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Examine conspicuous consumption and its implications for our society and/or the planet
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Wen Guo
28 February 2019
Research outline
Thesis: Conspicuous consumption is a determent to us as a species in many different ways. This
type of consumption harms the environment, the way we treat each other as a society and the
impact it has on an individual’s psyche.
1. Introduction
a. Economists suggest that conspicuous consumption plays role across entire range of
human consumption in north America.
b. The increasing effects this type of throw-away society has on us and our environment.
c. Thesis statement
2. Background
a. Definition of conspicuous consumption and original coinage of the term.
b. The way the world has changes since the term was first coined and how the term
applies to us now in the 21st century.
3. Arguments: Why we shouldn’t chase fancy clothing.
a. The way north America is currently treating luxury. Even Facebook define an
individual by news they are interested in and activities they attended rather than their
personal introduction.
b. People will look down to those who don’t dress well and meet them with prejudice.
This made many people who just started working purchasing fake product to look
c. Display wealth into visible goods has a long term negative effect. Pollution of
clothing industry is a serious problem to our planet.
d. Example case of Zara producing industry. Zara producing mode and explain why they
can be irreplaceable
a. An Germany documentary explored the cost(water, noise,air pollution) of producing
an jeans. And it is way beyond it selling price.
b. Original reasons for people looking for new products
c. A study (kerwin kofi chales,2007)shows that greater status an individual has, the less
conspicuous consumption will be spend. In addition, economic inequality will cause
more lower class spending on luxury goods.
d. People tend to measure their social status by their physical image(outlooking). They
were born with the concept that if they don’t spend their income on obvious goods,
makes them powerless. So, they purchase good due to a self-imposed sense of
e. Public media such as advertisements or magazine use psychology of suggestion to
represent a fancy outlook by suggesting you if you buy the same product you can
achieve the life of the person depicted in the advertisement beautiful (advertising
plays a major role in placing product as a luxury item in the mind of consumers, the
product has to be elegant, exclusive)
f. In pursuit of self satisfaction, we compare with others by purchasing more expensive
or newer products to feel superior.
g. We are living in a self-imposed role to satisfy social expectation, parents’
views(beliefs) and peer pressure rather than live as who we really want to be.
4. How to solve this problem
a. Use government policy, Decreasing the advertising for fancy products and shift
focus on the necessary goods, thus minimize overproduction in several sectors
b. Increasing self-consciousness, realizing social status is not only dependent on
Research proves that consumers are happier if they spend their money on life
experience such as travel and dinning rather than on material purchase.
5. Conclusion
a. Restatement of thesis and summary on how the problems stated can be addressed.
b. Call to action to the reader to promote mindfulness of one’s impact on the world with the
consumption every individual has.
Research Essay Thesis and Outline
Due Date: Feb. 28, 2019
Write a thesis and outline for your research essay on one of the following topics (you also
have the opportunity to develop your own topic):
1. There is much to be applauded in our health-care system in Canada. Of course, the
system is not without its flaws. Choose an aspect of our health-care system; you may
decide to analyze it, to compare and contrast it with a similar aspect in another country.
2. Many North Americans are conspicuous consumers who seem to feel the need to
possess all of the latest gadgets, toys, etc. Examine conspicuous consumption and its
implications for our society and/or the planet.
3. What is the relationship between the media and politics? You should focus on one
medium (i.e., social media, newspapers, TV, radio). Note: If you answered questions
#4 or #5 for Essay 1, you must ensure this topic does not repeat your examples or
ideas, i.e. you can’t write about Facebook for both.
4. Choose one very specific aspect of science and examine how our explanation of it has
changed over the last hundred years (or a different period if more appropriate). What
are the implications of this change? Examples include weather interpretation, an
aspect of physics, etc.
5. Write on a topic of your own. You must consult with your instructor before settling on
the topic—an essay on a topic not listed here will not be accepted unless it has
first been approved by your instructor.
 This assignment will follow the detailed outline example of a student. It is available on
 There is no word count for this assignment; however, if you follow the example, your
assignment (double space) should be two or three pages, no more.
 Use 12-point font.
 Double space your work.
 Do not submit an outline for a topic that has not been approved.
 When you come for approval for your topic, be specific about it.
 Do not ask for approval by email.
 Do not submit this or any assignment by email. As stipulated in the syllabus, you must
hand in a paper copy of your assignment at the beginning of class. Late assignments
will be penalized 10% per day. No assignment is accepted seven days after the due
 Finally, I understand that ideas can change; therefore, your outline might change after
you have submitted it in class on February 28. However, if there is any change to your
thesis, you must get approval from either Kelly or me before writing the final research
 Value = 5%.

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