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Solved by verified expert :AssignmentAmerican Law and BusinessIt is important for successful business professionals to understand the facets of the American legal system and the influence of law on the business environment. From the sources and purposes of the major judicial systems and the legal processes, the American legal system encompasses a wide range of influences to guide business behavior. It is essential for business professionals to understand the interrelationships of all these elements and the nuances of their differences.Write a 3- to 4-page paper in which you:Compare the characteristics of civil law and criminal law through the followingSource and purpose of each area of lawImplications of each area of law for businessSteps of litigating a civil case through the judicial systemSteps of prosecuting a criminal case through the judicial systemCompare the source and purpose of the two major U.S. judicial systems, Federal and State, and the regulatory responsibilities of each.Discuss the evolving area of Alternate Dispute Resolution (out of court procedures) with regard to the following:Its role as part of the legal systemIts comparison to civil litigation and the implications of these differences for business management

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Expert Answer:Assignment American Law and Business
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