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Attacks and Counterstrategy
BSS/482 Version 4
University of Phoenix Material
Attacks and Counterstrategy
Part I: Role of the Malicious Actor
Your supervisor asks you to write a report in which you imagine that you are a malicious actor interested
in exploiting or harming U.S. critical infrastructure.
Identify two critical infrastructure sectors you will attack, your motives for attacking and exploiting the
sectors, the sectors’ potential vulnerabilities, and the approaches you will take to exploit the vulnerabilities
in the following table.
Attack 1
Attack 2
What critical infrastructure
sector will you attack?
What is your motive for
attacking and exploiting this
What is one of the sector’s
potential vulnerabilities?
What approaches will you
take to exploit the
vulnerability? Consider both
physical and human
Part 2: Counterstrategy
Now that you have proactively analyzed potential attacks to the critical infrastructure, your supervisor
asks you to consider counterstrategies to fight the attacks you planned as a malicious actor.
Write a 350- to 700-word briefing about the counterstrategies to protect the property and human assets
from the attacks you planned as a malicious actor.
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