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Solved by verified expert:14 pages if content please!!! Does not include cover or appendix 1) What idea do you have to improve something at your job or in your community?Is it a new process or policy?Is it a new position that should be created?Is it a new program that could be created?2) Who would care about this idea? In other words, who should be your intended audience?Is it your boss? Your boss’s boss? A board? An elected official?What do you need to do in this report to convince your audience that your idea is worth implementing?Your report must include recommendations! Remember that you are writing a recommendation report.Example Ideas (from previous students):Recommendations for a training program to better acclimate new employeesRecommendations to change operations to enhance efficiency at a bankRecommendations for an after-school program from a non-profit agencyRecommendations to provide raises to staff employeesRecommendations to implement a new technology packageRecommendations to streamline student organization offeringsGeneral GuidelinesKeep in mind your report must:be 12-20 pages in length (including all components)follow an appropriate format for a business report at the highest level (you may or may not use a template for all or a few of the components)be free from errorsbe submitted as one, complete document – multiple files will not be acceptedBe sure to review NIUCOB Business Writing Rubric for the standards and protocols for excellent writing. Your report must include the following research (all items required):1) Information from 7-10 secondary sourcesSources judged on validity and appropriatenessSources must be incorporated using MLA or APA standardsGALILEO is the recommended search tool (not Google)2) Information from primary sourcesSurvey questions created by the student (the survey must have no fewer than 15 responses and 3-5 survey questions)1-3 Interviews (should be cited on works cited page)3) Must include at least 3 charts, graphs, or other visuals appropriately labeled, inserted, and titledRequired ElementsRemember that adding what is required at the base level is regarded as meets expectations not exceeds expectations. To receive a higher grade, you should go above and beyond what is listed as required. Letter of TransmittalLetter of transmittal should be written to your intended audienceShould be the first page of the report and written following business letter standardsShould be written in full block format and include:An explanation of why the report was completedKey recommendations and reasons for those recommendations A request for feedbackTitle PageYour name and title/rankyour company name (if applicable)date of submissionname of the company or organization for which you have preparedyour documenta full and accurate titleTable of ContentsPagination should begin after the table of contents (see optional module 8 readings for a “how to” video)Can be very detailed or show the larger categories – the choice is yours.Should include the preliminary material paginated correctly with lower-case Roman numeralsAbstractThe word abstract should be centered as the titleThe abstract should be approximately 150 words and should summarize the document as a whole.IntroductionBackground and any historical informationStatement of the problem (your reason for writing the report)Purpose statement (what you hope to accomplish by writing this report)Scope of your report (what you will cover in the report)Discussion sectionLongest portion of your report (at least 900 words)Provide information about your topic in this sectionUse your research, interviews, and data to develop your ideasShow different options for recommendationsUse headings, formatting, and transitions to help guide your readerWritten mostly like a research paperProvide a budget (if money is needed)Provide a timeline (if needed)Either a budget or a timeline must be included as a chartConclusion and RecommendationsCan be separate sections if desired, or can be combinedWrap up information found in the reportDon’t start something new in this section; you should have referenced the information at least initially in the previous sectionsRecommendations are traditionally numberedWorks cited pageList all sources cited and consulted in the reportRemember that citations should be included to show that you used someone’s idea, even if you did not necessarily use their words. Quotation marks, however, are needed if you have used someone’s words.In-text citations must be used throughout and correctly, in addition to providing a works cited page.Citations may follow APA or MLA format, but the style must be consistent throughoutAppendix (see module 8 readings for a “how to” video)You must have at least one piece of information listed in the appendixIdeas for the appendix:Additional charts or graphs that do not fit within the report but may add more contextGlossary of unfamiliar terms (useful if you are writing for a business that u

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