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Solved by verified expert:Nowadays passwords are not stored in clear text but as hash values. Your task is to
find techniques to receive the original password out of a hash value. Describe the
different tools/possibilities you find. What are the common techniques for
password-cracking? What techniques exist to avoid cracking? Finally, you have to
generate an own password-hash and crack it. Bonus: A hacker obtained the following hash value. • 6808fce03cca9f0593203da3c8fc6895d14cbb00 While hacking the database, s/he found out that the comparison algorithm only uses
the first 4 characters (this means 6808) to verify the password. Can you find 5
different passwords that will allow a login? Explain all steps.Please use APA format citations.

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Expert answer:Find techniques to receive the original password o
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