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I just attached a copy of the rough draft with the feedback ad in the second attachement, the instructions.


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Writing Assignment #2
Technical Description
Summary of the Assignment:

Task: In this assignment, you will write a technical description for a non-specialized
audience. You will explain to a non-technical audience how something works. You will
choose an object or a process with which you are familiar. You will describe this object
or process to an audience that has little or no background of the subject.
Length: 500-800 words, single-spaced
Graphics: You must include at least one graphic.
o graphics borrowed from other sources need to be cited in APA format
o all graphics should be labeled
Sample Technical Descriptions from Previous WRTG 393 Students:
In our class in LEO, if you select Content, you will see a section labelled sample papers for
WRTG 393.
If you select that section, you will see some sample white papers written by previous students in
WRTG 393.
Brief Description and Strategies:
Keep in mind that you are not writing instructions on how to do something. You wrote
instructions for writing assignment #1. For writing assignment #2, if you describe a process, you
may want to describe a process that does not involve direct human action. This approach will
help prevent you from writing another set of instructions for this assignment. If you describe a
process, you will describe an activity or phenomenon that takes place. For example, you could
describe how the heart pumps blood in the human body. But you could not give instructions on
how to take someone’s blood.
Your description will include graphics. The description will use visual detail in both words and
images. You might consider one of the following two strategies:

provide one main graphic and refer to parts in the graphic when writing your technical
provide many graphics, integrating each graphic as you write the various parts of the
technical description
Examples of topics for this assignment include the following:

You are an auto mechanic. You could write a description of how spark plugs work to an
audience of non-mechanics. You would not write a set of instructions on how to install
spark plugs. You would describe how spark plugs work.
You work in technical support at a computer store. You could write a description of how
a graphics card works to an audience that is not familiar with computers. You would not
write a set of instructions on how to install a graphics card. You would describe how
graphics cards work.
You are in a branch of the military. You could write a description of how a function of
your unit operates to a non-military audience. You would not write a set of instructions
on how to do something in the military unit. You would describe how a function or
process in the military unit operates.
You might describe a piece of equipment that you included in your set of instructions for
writing assignment #1. For example, assume that you wrote a set of instructions for
writing assignment #1 on how to change oil in a car. In that set of instructions, perhaps
you listed a hydraulic jack as a piece of equipment. For writing assignment #2, you could
write a description of how the hydraulic jack works in lifting up a car. You would not
write a set of instructions on how to jack up a car. You would describe how the jack
Your description should answer the following questions:

What is the object or process? How is it defined?
What does the object or process do?
What does the object or process look like?
What is the object made of? (if you are describing an object and not a process)
How does the object or process work?
Why should the reader be interested in your object or process?
Overall, chapter 20 from Markel, “Writing Descriptions,” should be read thoroughly as you begin this assignment.
Different types of descriptions call for different strategies. The chapter from Markel is an excellent resource in
guiding your approach. The chapter is available in eReserves in our class.
On page 549, Markel provides an excellent distinction between writing instructions and describing a process. Please
become familiar with that section of Markel’s chapter as you consider your topic for this assignment.
Organization and Formatting:
Your technical description should have the following sections:

Introduction (general information, including definitions)
Body (identifying and explaining the parts and characteristics)
Conclusion (summary of how the parts work together)
Consider one of these styles of organization in planning and organizing your description:

Functions in spatial order –
o This style might be used when you want readers to describe an object or process
according to its physical layout. For example, in describing an acoustic guitar,
you might start with the tuners at the top and work your way to the bridge near the
Functions in order of importance –
o This style would be used if you want to highlight the most important functions
first, the next most important functions second, etc. For example, in describing a
flatscreen television set, you might start with the pixels, which make up the
picture, and then proceed to describe other functions.
Functions in chronological order –
o This style would be used if you want to describe the object or process according
to time. For example, in describing a how spark plugs work, you might start with
what happens first (electrons flowing from the ignition coil) what happens second
(the voltage difference that occurs), what happens third, etc.
In addition, the document should be single-spaced.
Helpful Guides and Resources:

“Writing Descriptions,” chapter from M. Markel in eReserves
David McMurrey’s Technical Description: What does it look like?
Scribd description of a computer mouse
How spark plugs work
Some sample technical descriptions written by previous students in WRTG 393 are
provided in our class in LEO.
Due Date:
Your instructor will notify you of the due date. You will write a first draft, your instructor will
comment on the first draft, and you will submit a second draft using the comments as your guide.
Technical Description: How to Download and Install a Game into your PC
With the advent of accelerated technological growth comes the advent of modern games.
As a result, in comparison to the past where one went to a physical store and bought a DVD for a
game they like which would instantly load the game, nowadays due to the growth of internet one
can easily download a game of their choice and install it to their pc. However, it is not just a walk
in the park, as sometimes it can be sophisticated for a first timer. As a result, to give a basic
overview of how to go about downloading and installing a game into one’s PC, this paper will take
a case scenario of how to download and install Call of Duty: Black Ops, one of the most common
games currently.
Fig. 1. Call of Duty: Black Ops game icon, (Activision, 2015)
Certainly, Call of Duty: Black Ops is one of the most common games amongst the gamers
currently. However, to some it is a daunting task to go about the process of downloading and
installing the game to their pc.
Fig. 2. System Requirements for Call of Duty: Black Ops, (ACTIVISION, 2015)
To begin, one should first carry out a preliminary research on the system requirements
under which the game can play. Usually, this saves one from the hurdle of purchasing and
downloading a game that is not compatible with one’s PC, resulting in a waste of time and money.
The system requirements for Call of Duty: Black Ops are shown in Figure 2; should the system
requirements fit then move to the next step below.
Fig. 3. Download progress of Call of Duty: Black Ops, (OCEAN OF GAMES, 2018)
Afterwards, one should then identify websites that may offer the game, either freely or via
online purchasing. While some websites, such as Ocean Of Games highlighted above, offers free
downloads of games, it is unadvisable to download from it as these games may contain malwares
or viruses which may harm your PC. As a result, it is advisable to download these games from
Steam, Ubisoft, or the parent company, and for Black Ops case, Activision. Usually, downloading
is an easy task as there is a download button embedded on the website, which after clicking will
simultaneously show a progress bar for the download.
Fig. 4. Blacks Ops 4 launcher folder, (Steam, 2019)
After completing the download, to the files download, open a folder which at many times
has an ‘.exe’ file format, for example BlackOps.exe. After opening the folder, there must be an
install file. After clicking on it gives an install dialogue box as shown below.
Fig. 5. Black Ops 2 Install button folder, (OCEAN OF GAMES, 2018)
After completing the installation process as shown below, the game might prompt you to
add a number of toolkits for better gaming as shown below. As a result one checks out the
checkmarks, and clicks the finish button. When this has been done, the game will finally launch
and should there be an altercation, then one should right click on the game icon created and run it
as an administrator or trouble shoot for problems which eventually lead to the game loading.
Fig. 6. Black Ops Install folder, (ACTIVISION, 2015)
Having completed the download and installation processes, one can finally enjoy the game
they have chosen to play. However, it is important to keep note of the steps involved which begin
by checking system requirements, researching for a website to download the game, and finally
installing the game.
Good start. Needs to be more complete.
ACTIVISION. (2015, July 20). CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS. Retrieved from
OCEAN OF GAMES. (2018, May 15). Call of Duty Black Ops III Free Download. Retrieved
STEAM. (2019, February 12). Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Retrieved from

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