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Sun 1
Yu Sun
Angela Booker
Comm 114D
Sun 2
The international student should have the same opportunity to apply for university in
the United States of America. Therefore, we should emphasize the equal opportunities
for non-Americans to apply for the courses in America includes;
Diversity on campus
no limits on education
equal educational opportunity
Thus, according to the following factors, it shows that getting education is a human
right for everyone and all students should have equal opportunities in applying for any
university whether you are a native or foreign student.
Sun 3
Section 1
The manifesto is important to me because it is dealing with how essential for nonAmericans to have equal opportunities for applying for courses in American
universities. Education is global, and as a Chinese, I should equal opportunities of
studying in any university in the world. Therefore, manifesto is meaningful to me
because it answers the questions which relate to equal opportunities in education. Most
international students have gone through a hard time in applying for these universities,
and some students have been forced to apply for many years to receive an admission. I
selected this subject for this course for international students to have same opportunities
to apply for a university in America, and let every student understand that each person
should have the same opportunities to attend university once he meets the qualification.
I believe that I selected an appropriate scope work because it encourages the youth to
realize the importance of education and choosing a university can even affect one’s
whole life. Many students have been rejected in universities in the United States
because of their nationalities.
Education is important since the world is changing to be a global village and the
cultural homogeneity occur. Multiple factors are related with these changes, and it is
important for current generation to have to know how to deal with the numerous
switches. Without education it will become difficult to follow the change. Therefore, it
is important to have equal opportunities to apply for American universities and other
universities across the world.
Sun 4
Section 2
This project will serve as a bridge between a personal or individual experience as
well as social or institutional experience. Firstly, as a Chinese student, I will have a
better experience when studying in America. This will be beneficial to me because I
will have chance to communicate with others who are from a different background.
Additionally, having an opportunity to apply for courses in American universities will
enable me to have a different experience, such as cultural diversities. Also, the project
will allow society to understand that education is the key term for any child across the
world. Thus, analyzing the importance for all individuals to have equal opportunities to
apply for American universities will serve as a bridge between personal experience as
well as social or institutional experience.
Bronfenbrenner ecological system including microsystem, mesosystem, ecosystem,
macrosystem as well as chronosystem. The university is the closest environment to me
as an international student. I was in the center of the ecological system and the school
is the microsystem which intervein in my daily life. The globe is the macrosystem
which includes a variety of schools and educational practices. Under this environment,
interactions with people from different backgrounds and cultures and the school
management are facilitated. To bring a change in the system have to start small. It can
be through making discussions and arguments with other students for the international
students to make suggestions to build a fair admissions system in universities. Helping
them understand what other students go through to get admitted to school, it will help
them understand the importance of school systems for international student.
Sun 5
Section 3
The manifesto will align with the theme of the course as well as the readings from
week 1 to 5 in the following ways. Firstly, in relation with the article by (Richen; King;
Berger, Boudin, Farrow), which addresses youth, conceptuality or practicality. There is
a relationship between the need of having equal opportunities in applying in American
universities and the democracy practices. Secondly, the article by (Richen; King; Berger,
Boudin, Farrow), states that education is essential. As a result, it is possible that all
individuals should have an opportunity to study in America and applying for any course
of their choice.
Civic participation, which is also known as civic engagement, is a group of
individuals who are care about society problems. The public plays an important role in
protecting the rights for the people by making differences in the community. Civic
participation involves the cooperation of society which aims to solve the public
concerns as well as the promotion of equality in the nation. Therefore, approaches to
address public assistance by (Bennett; Kawashima-Ginsberg & Levine, Richen’s The
New Black; Smoke Songs) is related to my manifesto, which is based on the need of
having equality in the education system to enable an individual to apply for courses in
American universities.
Education is essential for a nation’s economic, social and political development.
Therefore, the Chinese government has lined up its people to have a better education
for the benefit of the country. It is the role of every state to prioritize the education of
its children for a better tomorrow. The following factors have enabled the opportunity
Sun 6
for students to have equal opportunities to apply for courses in American universities.
Firstly, diversity on campus benefits for all the students, such as cultural differences.
Additionally, there should be no limits on education whether you are an American or
not. Moreover, international student should have equal educational opportunity. In
addition, opportunity for research, training and teaching should open for all students.
Besides, government or University should have some support policies for the
international students. Furthermore, the United States should offer diverse choices of
the academic experience for all students. The project related to some of the issues that
the international students or the international community experience as they try to gain
opportunities in international learning environment.
Sun 7
Section 4
To ensure that it is a successful project, it is important to making sure that there are
effective ways that will be used in gathering evidence, reflecting and analyzing as well
as refining of approaches. This is crucial since it will enable the project to be successful.
The manifesto is to ensure that there are equal opportunities for non-American to apply
for American universities. Therefore, the gathering of evidence and refining of
approaches should be gathered from the members of society. Therefore, since I am a
Chinese, I will take the responsibilities to carry out a questionnaire and interview to
students on the campus and the neighbors in the community. While carrying out the
questionnaire, I will get involved with the students, parents as well as political members.
According to the evidence I gathered, I will come up the solutions for the unequal
education opportunities. These pieces of evidence will address how you will gather
evidence to build a bridge between personal activities as well as social systems. Having
opportunities to apply for courses in American universities is crucial because it will
help a student to have a different knowledge of economic and political background of
the United States. Therefore, it is still a democratic practice which ensure that all
students can study in any university across the world. If this issue could be solved, there
would be more opportunities for international students to explore in America and help
them realize their dreams.
OVERVIEW: 2 Parts to the Assignment
1) Final Reflection: DUE FINALS WEEK, Thursday, March 21, 8:00 am.
This will be a 2-page, double-spaced, written reflection addressing the following:
The key strength(s) of your manifesto effort
The main challenge you took on with the assignment (for yourself as a learner & actor/agent)
The ways in which you “stretched yourself” for the assignment
Your definitions of democracy and democratic practice and how you’ve worked to develop
them in greater depth through your work this quarter
e) Likewise, how have you integrated ideas about youth and new media into your thinking this
f) Complete the following:
i) Before my manifesto project I thought…
ii) After my manifesto project I know…
iii) If people learn one thing from my effort to bring my manifesto to life, it is this…
2) Final “poster” presentation: DUE FINALS WEEK, Thursday, March 21, 8:00 am.
Presentations will occur during our scheduled final exam time from 8:00 am-10:59 am. You must
attend the final exam in person for the full scheduled period.
This part of the assignment results from your efforts to enact your manifesto, as designed at
the midterm. DETAILS ARE BELOW…
Your final project (which you will present in a poster-style gallery walk) documents your process
and serves as a learning resource for your peers. It should address the following:
1) Your “Poster” form is flexible but must include the following:
a) An Executive Summary or Abstract: a succinct description of what you did, what domain(s)
you covered, & what course concepts were put to work in your process (this can be a list of
relevant concepts)
b) Evidence: artifacts of your attempts and experiences and course material that supports or
challenges your argument (note: seek disconfirming evidence as well – don’t just gloss over
the stuff that doesn’t fit your story! Make sense of the evidence that fits and the evidence that
c) Thematic Showcase: how did you make sense of your experiences and adjust? What was
initially invisible that became visible? How did that occur?
d) Revision Plan: Given more time, what would you do next? Link these plans to your varied
forms of evidence.
This assignment is not just about what you are doing to enact your manifesto (that is only part of the
task). It is also about what you can make visible through what you’re doing. Your manifesto is
essentially a case of some phenomenon, through which you are studying your relationship with
democratic practice and philosophy, framings of youth in society, and forms of new media as tools
frequently lauded for their participatory power.
Use what you’ve developed so far to investigate the following aspects of lived experience and
possibilities for participation (yours and others) as they relate to your midterm manifesto plans and
the key themes of the course (youth, democracy, & new media):

spaces & places (the built environment)
tools & technologies
systems & institutions
forms of communication
types of negotiation & regulation
How do these inform or have bearing on your practice and your understanding of democratic life?

If you’re trying to love yourself, create community or mobilize supporters, etc., what led you
to that need? Where do you find it easy or difficult to practice? What kinds of tools &
technologies support or limit your practice? How do encounters with systems and institutions
affect your goal or come to life through this lens? When and how are varied forms of
communication called for as you try to bring your ideas to life? What roles do negotiation and
regulation play in your practice, and what are your strategies for navigating these processes?
If you’re trying to create community, what stands in the way of that? If you’re trying to
mobilize supporters, what barriers and opportunities are before you?
Strategies for organizing your “data collection” and presentation

When in doubt, document! Keep a journal, snap photos, make a captain’s log, save artifacts
(e.g. table napkins with doodles), interview people who know you, etc.
Select 2 or 3 concepts from the course to examine in practice. For instance, in the Jenkins &
Carpentier article, you can see how much work goes into defining the conceptual terrain and
then communicating it. For instance, you could take “leadership” or “participation” and all of
the adjectives they used to amend them. Then explore for yourself. Are you experiencing
“minimal” participation? “maximal” participation? “critical” participation? Something else? How
do you know?
Consider narrowing your focus or domain (e.g., if you have a 10 point manifesto, perhaps
focus on 2 or 3 of the points you think are important now; if your manifesto is applicable in
every area of your life, for the assignment, choose one or two areas—your coursework, your
job, your friendships, etc.).

It’s called a poster session, but you don’t have to produce a poster. You can, but you could
also have a set of slides or a journal or a portfolio or a piece of audio or video, etc.
You are as much a presenter as an audience to your peers. You must attend and
participate in the final presentations to receive full credit.
The assessment of your final assignment will be based on your written reflection, “poster”
presentation (addressing the above 4 points), and supporting artifacts. Be prepared to submit your
supporting materials either electronically or to hand it to me at the end of the final exam session.
We’ll use a design framework for assessment of your “poster”. So your final assignment should
efficiently convey how you began, your forms of prototyping and testing, and how that informed your
understanding and revision decisions. We will co-develop a rubric that will serve as your guide for
what qualifies as excellence, meeting expectations, minimum requirements for a passing grade, and
below reasonable standards of expectation.

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