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The first file is the research and for the 2 one it’s for the outline paper


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English 12B: Unit 3
Research Essay Instructions & Guidelines
Please select one of the topics for your Research Essay
Use the Planning Chart on page 3 while you are reading to help organize your ideas.
1. 3+ pages in length
2. MLA Format
3. Textual Evidence (In each body paragraph)
4. Work Cited Page in MLA (Minimum 4 credible sources)
5. Checkmywork Link
Frankenstein Prompt Options:
1. Research the characteristics of Gothic literature and make a list of everything you learn about it. Then
review passages from the novel Frankenstein and compare the list of Gothic characteristics to the novel.
What similarities do you find? Explain how Frankenstein is a Gothic novel. In your essay, write about the
elements that make up the story such as the setting, character development, narrative voice, tone, and
theme. Choose a few of these, and explain how they contribute to the novel’s identity as a Gothic novel.
Support your findings with lines from the novel and researched information. Do not write a book report
or summarize the plot. Instead, prove that this novel is Gothic through the evidence gathered during
Prompt: What are the elements of gothic literature? After researching these, do you think
Frankenstein should be considered a gothic novel, why or why not? Use specific examples.
2. Research the scientific advancements of the late 1700s and early 1800s in Britain. Choose a few of
these advancements that happened BEFORE 1818 when the novel was published, and explain how those
advancements created perceived dangers to the public, and may have influenced Mary Shelley when she
wrote Frankenstein. Compare and contrast the advancements of the late 1700s and early 1800s with
more recent advancements in science. Discuss the influence of the advancements from both periods. For
example, explore the debate surrounding grafting human body parts, etc. and discuss how issues like
these relate to the novel. Support your findings with lines from the novel and researched information.
Prompt: Research the inventions/scientific advancements from the late 1700’s, early 1800’s and
today. How do you think they influenced Shelley’s Frankenstein (use specific examples from the text
and research). How did Shelley’s ideas from the novel influence any inventions today?
3. The subtitle of Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, is “The Modern Prometheus.” Read the myth of
Prometheus, and then research the figure of Prometheus from Greek mythology. Write a research essay
that explores the connection between Shelley’s novel and the Greek myth of Prometheus. Compare and
contrast the characters of Victor Frankenstein and Prometheus to determine the consequences each faced
when introducing their discoveries to the world at large. To support your findings, include lines from the
myth and the novel as well as researched information.
Prompt: Read the story of Prometheus and compare and contrast the consequences both
characters face for their choices from each story.
English 12B Research Essay First Draft Rubric
Length &
● The thesis statement is well-developed, clear, and concise, as
the last sentence of the intro paragraph.
● Relevant facts, examples, and details support the writing
● The ideas chosen show a thorough understanding of the essay
● The voice sounds knowledgeable
● The voice is appropriate for the audience
● The title and hook draw the reader into the essay
● Essay is logically organized (including a beginning, middle,
and end)
● Each body paragraph has a topic sentence
● Transitions are used between paragraphs and provide
● Words are specific and powerful
● Terms are defined or explained
● Sentence structure is correct and varied
● Quotations are used and include (parenthetical/in-text) citations
● Signaling phrases are used before and after quotations and are
woven into the writing fluidly
● Punctuation, capitalization, and spelling are correct
● MLA formatting guidelines are followed: page format,
parenthetical/in-text citations, and works cited page
● Minimum page requirement met (three, + works cited page)
● Four or more reliable sources were used and cited. One
source must be Frankenstein. Unreliable and user-created
sources like Wikipedia,, and free essay and notes
sites, etc. were NOT used.
● Check My Work originality report is generated by student and
submitted with the essay. Essays submitted without CMW will
receive an automatic zero until properly submitted.
You have thoroughly evaluated your own work (including
comments in the comment box) using all sections of this rubric and
submitted it with your first draft.
Research Paper Planning Chart
Fill this chart out as you read to help you prepare for your Research Paper in
Unit 3
WebMail the completed chart for your selected research topic to your teacher
for up to
+2 points on your Unit 2 test!
Gothic Literature
Decide if Frankenstein should be considered Gothic Literature by looking at the elements within the book
that classify it as gothic. Fill out the chart below as you read with these elements.
Examples from book (be sure to include pg. number so you can look it up again)
(stormy- away
from civilization)
Fallen hero
Dark forces
Suspense, horror,
and dread
Scientific Advancements
Compare other scientific advancements from before 1818 to the elements Shelley describes in her book.
Fill out the chart with specific advancements that Frankenstein describes as he is at school, studying on
his own, and when he makes his creation.
Lines from book that discuss
scientific advancement
Describe the scene that corresponds to that line number
This one is a little tricky to chart. In the first column you will need to write what
Prometheus hoped to give to humankind through the gift of fire and ultimately how that
“gift” hurt them. The same is true of the center column, what did Frankenstein hope to
give to humankind and what did he ultimately give instead?
Hoped to Give Humankind:
Hoped to Give Humankind:
Ultimately Gave Humankind:
Ultimately Gave Humankind:
United States History
Research Portfolio
Writing an Outline Directions
How Did a Particular Historical Event Affect American Society?
Each year, thousands of people become American citizens. Thousands more nativeborn Americans become full citizens when they turn 18 and can vote. What should these
new citizens know about the history of their country? What events will help inform them
as they participate in American democracy and society?
For example, what lessons can new citizens take from the internment of Japanese
Americans during World War II? What lessons can they learn from the rise of totalitarian
regimes in the 1930s and the U.S. response?
For this project, you will write a research paper on a specific historic event and its
importance to American citizens. Your paper will answer the following question: Why
should new American citizens learn about this event?
This portfolio is spread across four units. In Unit 1, you chose your resources, compiled a
works cited page, and conducted your research. In Unit 2, you will identify topics and
subtopics for each paragraph of your research paper and write the outline . In Unit 3,
you will write a thesis statement and a rough draft.
Your Unit 2, Part 3 portfolio assignment has two steps:
 Identifying topics and subtopics for each of your paragraphs
 Writing a rough draft
Step 1: Identifying Topics and Subtopics
Your essay must contain six to eight paragraphs and should have the following:
1. An introductory paragraph that answers the question, Why should new American
citizens learn about this event?
2. Two to three paragraphs of background information about the event that puts it
into historical context
3. Two to three paragraphs that draw conclusions about why this event is important
for new citizens to learn about. These paragraphs should include specific
4. A concluding paragraph that summarizes the main points of the paper.
Reflect on what topics and subtopics need to be included in each paragraph. Consider
the following questions, answered in a previous portfolio, as you choose your topics and
© 2011 Connections Education LLC. All rights reserved.

What facts about the event does your reader need to have in order to understand
the event’s importance to new citizens?
Why is this event important for new citizens to understand?
What perspective do your primary sources bring to understanding this event?
How do your primary sources help you make your argument?
Step 2: Writing an Outline
Organize your research and research analysis into an outline. This outline will help you
when you write the rough and final drafts of your report. You will submit your outline to
your teacher.
For more information, view the movie in the lesson on outlining. Note: This movie deals
with writing an outline for a speech, but works also for writing papers.
© 2011 Connections Education LLC. All rights reserved.

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