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I need an essay done for an IR (Individual Report)

I need roughly 1000 words for it and you’ll be able to write it

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The things you need to do are Introduction Global Perspective and National Perspective adding up to 1000 words. Here is a rough draft of it

Introduction::::: In this report I plan to address different reasons onto why Criminals should receive an education. I will be using different articles to provide data and world stats which will support my claim. Did you know that there are more than 10.35 million people who are criminals and more than half of them aren’t even educated? These statistics prove that everyone should receive an education. What makes me interested in this question is for the fact that I can actually get lots more research and data done compared to other questions which I tried to earlier. It’s non bias and can easily provide a fair argument.

Teachers response:::: Can you add which issues you plan to address here?  Why might we not want to give criminals an education?  Which ethical issues does it address?  


In my Global perspective, I’m going to be talking about a prison in Switzerland which actually educate their prisoners.

In Switzerland people actually get educated. This is the issue I heard globally. In this article they talk about the different ways people get educated, they can’t be present in the cell itself as it’s unsafe. The lessons take place twice a week and for half a day. In my perspective every country’s prisons should follow this, it educates the prisoners and gives them a chance in life. Due to the pandemic they did stop educating them but afterwards resumed it.

Teachers Response::::

What do the prisoners get out of this?  Is the rate of adapting to life outside of prison better and easier as a result?  How does this differ from other places?  Is it easier for Switzerland because it is a smaller country?

National: In my National Perspective, I’m going to be talking about prisoners getting educated in their own languages.

In Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in New Delhi, Prisoners get to pursue education in their own languages, thanks to an initiative of open universities. Some of the people did not know hindi or english. This is the reason why the IGNOU translated them. The aim was “To make the prisoners self-reliant by the time they get out of jails.” A lot of prisoners don’t receive an education while some actually do get 1. I think the action taken here is amazing, they’re providing  an education for inmates.

Teachers Response::

What is the result of this program?  Do you think they deserve this treatment when many might argue that if you commit a crime you withdraw your right to those that everyone else has in society. .  

Course of Action:::: The best course of action taken in this place would be. Educate half of the prisoners in a city, as this will eradicate crime and is the best way to. On a national point of view. The best course of action is to do the same. If you want crime to finish educating your prisoners so when they do get out of jail they’ll be educated and have a normal lifestyle. This will reduce crime.

Teachers Response:::

Did you find any statistics that showed the rate of recurring crim for prisoners that received some education.?

Global Perspective Link:

National Perspective Link:

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