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ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL AND NO PLAIARISM. WORK REQUIRES PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES FOR REFERENCES AND IN TEXT CITATIONS ONLY. YOU MUST USE THE TEMPOLATE THAT I PROVIDE. AN EXAMPLE IS BELOW OF HOW PAPER SHOULD BE IN ATTACHMENTTitle your paper: “A Nice Manager: Critical Analysis of Human Behavior” Sub Headings ● Introduction ● Analysis ● Solutions ● Application ● Reference Page Introduction A broad stroke review of the problem and the pending decision/action. Analysis WHAT is the ONE problem you will address for this organization, simply stated? WHY does the organization have this ONE problem and how are these causes related? Solutions What are some POSSIBLE solutions? — Provide more than one. What ONE solution is best and why? How should your ONE BEST recommended solution be implemented? Application Based on what you have learned in this Assignment, evaluate how the function of leading enhances your ability as a manager to influence and motivate people toward the attainment of organizational goals.


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Unit Two Case Study – Nice Manager
Learner Name
Kaplan University
GM501-01: Management Theories and Practices II
March 25, 2019
Unit Two Case Study – Nice Manager
The purpose of this paper is to conduct an analysis of a case study, “A Nice Manager”
(Daft, 2014, pp. 487-488). Chisum Industries is an organization that likes to promote from within
the company. Top management is considering middle manager, Harry Creighton, for an upper
management position at their San Antonio office. The recruitment team that is in charge of
selecting top management decides to conduct an on-site observation of the potential candidate.
While conducting the on-site observation, the team interviews several employees to ask
questions about the candidate’s relationships with his fellow coworkers. The team realizes that
Creighton is too nice. They suspect that he is covering for his employees by doing their work.
The team also believes that Creighton is giving his coworkers too much slack with respect to
deadlines and taking time off.
Top management at Chisum Industries is looking for someone who can handle
themselves and not seek friendship with the workers. They want a manager who can say no to a
coworker and stick to it. They believe Creighton does not yet have the capability to handle a top
level management position. They decide not to consider him for the promotion, but do plan to
prepare him for future opportunities within the organization.
The problem is that Harry Creighton is not capable of handling a top management
position because he lacks certain leadership qualities. This includes assertiveness and
communication skills. He is also not self-aware of his managerial behaviors and how they impact
the organization. The organization also has internal problems regarding communication and
collaboration. While they want someone who has the ability to gain respect rather than
popularity, or someone who can support employees rather than doing all the work themselves,
this information was never communicated to Creighton. Therefore, by failing to clarify their
expectations of Creighton’s role, including how he should collaborate with coworkers to delegate
and complete tasks, they caused him to become an inefficient manager. Creighton needs to
become an efficient manager so that he can be prepared for a top management position within the
organization. This can be done by enhancing his emotional intelligence through education and
training, or by placing him on probation until improvement is seen.
Possible solutions.
Emotional intelligence includes self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, empathy,
and motivation (Savel & Munro, 2016, p. 104). Self-awareness means being aware of what you
are feeling in response to a situation (p. 104). Self-regulation means reducing impulsive
emotional responses to stressful or conflicting situations (p. 104). Social skills or social
awareness is the ability to show empathy towards other people (p.104). Relationship
management is the ability to motivate others through positive interactions and relationships (p.
104). This includes listening and communicating clearly, and treating others with respect and
According to Daft (2014, p. 474), “research in the area of emotional intelligence has
shown that managers who are in touch with their own feelings and the feelings of others can
enhance employee and organizational performance.” Therefore, by providing training to
Creighton to increase his emotional intelligence, he will become a more effective manager. One
way for him to develop self-awareness is to solicit feedback from others. Therefore, top
management must have open communication with Harry, including clarifying his role and their
expectations of him. They should also be honest about why he was being looked at as a candidate
for the San Antonio position and what actions or behaviors are hindering his chances at
becoming a top manager.
According to Eng Seng (1994, p. 387), organizations use probation to gather information
on a worker’s productivity in order to determine if they share the same observable behaviors and
features as other employees in the same position within the organization. Therefore, another
possible solution is to place Creighton on probation until improvement is seen. Top management
would closely monitor his daily work activities, and shadow him if necessary. This would allow
management to confront the behaviors that are leading to his ineffective management and solicit
change. However, this method can lead to heightened stress and cause Harry to leave the position
Best solution.
According to Savel and Munro (2016, p. 105), “the ability of leaders to be aware of their
own emotional states to help choose how they will respond (rather than responding emotionally),
combined with high levels of empathy, allows them to grow as leaders, gaining the trust of the
people they are leading and becoming role models for appropriate behavior in the organization.”
Therefore, the best solution to the problem is to increase Creighton’s emotional intelligence
through education and training. This will allow him to grow as a leader, gain the trust of the
people he is leading (as well as top management), and become a role model for other employees
throughout the organization. Creighton would them be ready to take on a top management
position at the San Antonio office.
Implementation plan.
The first step to increasing Creighton’s emotional intelligence is for top management to
sit down with Harry and explain his role and their expectations of him. They should be honest
about why he was being looked at as a candidate for the San Antonio position and what actions
or behaviors are hindering his chances at becoming a top manager. They should also allow him
an opportunity to defend his position.
The next step would be to offer Creighton training classes to revisit management
fundamentals, including communication and leadership skills. The trainer will be able to help
Harry identify areas of weakness by providing self-assessment questionnaires for him to fill out.
This will allow the training to focus on the skills he needs the most improvement on. The
training would include case studies to increase his analytical skills. This will provide him with
real world examples to test his skills on.
The last step would be to allow Creighton an opportunity to shadow another middle
manager in the organization for one or two days to see how they handle the workload and every
day stresses of management. This will help to inspire, encourage, and motivate Harry to be a
more effective manager. This will increase his own morale and lead to increased job satisfaction
and a higher commitment to the organization.
Managers who exhibit emotional intelligence have the ability to increase production with
employees who are happier and healthier. Worker morale is imperative to the success of any
company. Self-awareness helps to increase your own worker morale by allowing you to evaluate
your own strengths and limitations and working to increase them. This leads to more satisfaction
in your own work, which increases your own motivation and commitment to the organization.
As a manager, it is quite likely that I will have to deal with personal attitudes, conflicts,
different personality traits, emotions, and workplace stress in my organization. According to Daft
(2014, p. 456), in order to be an effective manager, I must have insight into human behavior in
the workplace, including why people feel or act the way they do. The first step in understanding
human behavior is to develop self-awareness, or an understanding of my own personality traits,
emotions, beliefs, and perceptions that can affect others in the workplace. Two ways that I can
gain more self-awareness are by soliciting feedback from others and conducting selfassessments.
Daft (2014, p. 457) suggests that what we see in ourselves, such as being patient and
understanding, may not be the same attributes or traits that others see in us. I think that having
open communication, strong interpersonal skills, and actively seeking feedback from employees
regarding my management skills will greatly assist me in gaining self-awareness as a manager
because it will give me get a clear picture of who I am and how my behaviors are impacting my
co-workers. By enhancing my self-awareness, I can improve my job performance through
professional development and gain more satisfaction from my work.
Self-assessment is another great way for me to gain more self-awareness and insight.
Self-assessment uses informal or formal assessment instruments to gain personal insight from the
results of scores on the testing (Daft, 2014, p. 457). However, in order for these assessments to
provide accurate feedback for professional development, my answers must be honest. The scores
can help me increase my understanding of various aspects of myself. By regularly reflecting on
my thoughts and feelings, such as asking myself asking myself what I can learn from my
experiences and behaviors, I can grow as a professional.
These key concepts can be used in my future professional career in healthcare
management. Effective leaders have the ability to motivate colleagues to seek a common goal.
Therefore, having a comprehensive understanding of my own emotions and the ability to assess
the emotional state of other members of my team is imperative to my success in the healthcare
industry. In addition, as a student seeking a graduate degree in healthcare management, I can
take what I have learned to manage the everyday stresses of being a full-time student and mother
of a child with a disability and grow as an individual.
Daft, R. L. (2014). Management (11th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western, Cengage Learning.
Eng Seng, L. (1994). The determinants of employment probation lengths. Industrial
Relations, 33(3), 386-406.
Savel, R. H., & Munro, C. L. (2016). Emotional intelligence: For the leader in us all. American
Journal of Critical Care, 25(2), 104-106. doi:10.4037/ajcc2016969
GM501: Grading Rubric
Unit 2 Assignment: Nice Manager
Areas to be evaluated
Title Page
– A broad stroke review of the
problem and the pending decision/action
-WHAT is the ONE problem you will
address for this organization simply
-WHY does the organization have this
ONE problem and how are these causes
– What are some POSSIBLE solutions—
more than one.
-What ONE solution is best and why?
Demonstrate some critical thinking to
evidence subject mastery.
-How should your ONE best
recommended solution be implemented?
-Summarize what you have learned from
this unit/assignment that you will use in
your professional/personal life next week
Reference Page
-cite at least 2 peer reviewed, academic
journal articles outside our course
-citation and reference per APA 6th edition
Paper Length: Write 4 pages, double
spaced, not including the title page and
reference page
Writing: Spelling, Grammar, Organization,
and APA 6th Edition Format & Style,
Paragraph Construction
LATE Paper Deduction
Originality: More than 15% of the paper
being direct quotation
Total Points Earned

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