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please follow the attached filethis is the video: well as answering the questions in the sheet file.


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Vaccines: Calling the Shots Documentary
1) Approximately how many parents (what percentage) vaccinate their children in the United
2) How many immunizations does a child receive within the first two years of life to protect against
how many different diseases?
3) What are some of the concerns about vaccines parents discussed in the documentary?
4) About what percentage of parents choose not to vaccinate their kids?
5) Is whooping cough a bacteria, virus, or parasite?
6) What is the case fatality rate for Whooping cough in children?
7) In 2011, approximately how many cases of measles were there across Europe? For comparison,
according to BBC News in 2018 there were 41,000 cases across Europe. The U.S had 372 cases in
2018. Currently, as of March 7, 2019 according to the CDC there are 228 cases in the U.S.
8) How did measles reemerge in the US (from which country)? Which group(s) of the population
are most at risk?
9) What is the mode or means of transmission for measles? (step 3 in the chain of infection)
10) About how many people (percentage) exposed to the virus will develop measles if they are
11) Roughly how many children (percentage wise) in California are unvaccinated or exempt from
vaccinations prior to starting school? What is the range?
12) True or False: About 500 years ago, 1 out of 3 children died before the age of 5 years old?
13) About how many people were dying of smallpox a year?
14) Inoculating against smallpox reduced the death rate from what percent to what percent?
15) What is one of the basic principles of immunization?
16) What did Edward Jenner do/discover? (Briefly)
17) What is the job of memory cells in the role of immunity?
18) Approximately what percentage of the community needs to be vaccinated against highly
infectious diseases for heard immunity to be effective?
19) How many cases of Measles was there in France in 2007? How many in 2011? How many people
died of Measles in 2011?
20) What are some common (or normal) side effects of vaccines?
21) How many children were paralyzed by Polio and approximately how many died in the United
States during the 1950s?
22) What was the risk associated with the oral Polio vaccine? How many children would experience
the associated risk?
23) Who claimed that the MMR vaccine caused autism? How many children was their study based
24) Are the rates of autism the same for children who were vaccinated compared to children who
were unvaccinated?
25) Was there a link found between autism and the Mercury based preservative Thimerosal used in
vaccines? (Yes or no)
26) Where do scientist believe autism development begins?
27) What is one reason parents are reluctant to give the HPV vaccine to their children?
28) True/False: There is a proven link that receiving the HPV vaccine was result in children having
sexual relationships earlier in life
29) What is the risk of a serve life threatening allergic reaction to a vaccine: number ratio or how
many football stadium?
Vaccines: Calling the Shots Essay
Throughout this course we have taken a pro-vaccination stance. I recognize that this may not reflect the
personal belief of every student and you may have felt nervous to voice your opinion against the status
quo. Here is an opportunity to make an argument either for or against vaccinations without judgment.
In this argument, you may support a middle ground (that you support vaccines but maybe we shouldn’t
receive so many at once, at a young age, etc.). However, I still expect your essays to be well-written and
coherent with a clearly identifiable thesis. Be sure to provide supporting evidence and proper citation
whenever necessary. The only difference is that I am letting you choose what the topic/research
question. The expected word count is 900+ words.
General Guidelines

I DO NOT want a summary of the documentary-I was there
You are allowed to express concerns against vaccines-there are some cases of seizures and the
risk may not outweigh the benefit for you personally. You may believe in a more holistic
approach to medicine and seek as little medical help as possible. If that is your stance, I am
interested in you arguing your reasons why
What you cannot do is argue that vaccines cause autism. There is no scientific evidence to
support this stance, therefore you will not be able to produce any references/citations.
Topic Ideas
If you struggle with having too much flexibility in a topic you may use any of the following:

As of 2015, California has removed personal and religious exemptions for vaccines. Only medical
exemptions (children who are too sick to receive the vaccine) are allowed. Do you support this
notion? You may want to consider using evidence from the documentary in support of your

Do you think Florida (or your home state) should follow California’s example?

You may choose to focus on a specific vaccine, for example, should the HPV vaccine be required
of every student before starting high school?

Do the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risk associated with them (generally speaking or a
specific vaccine of your choice)?

Do people have a justified fear surrounding vaccines?

Should we keep or destroy the smallpox virus?

Should there be a federal law mandating vaccinations?

Seven states and D.C allow minors to get vaccinated. Should other states allows this policy? Is
this ethical?

How do you suggest we sway anti-vaxxers? Do you think the ways in which we have
conversations and the types of conversations we have is sufficient? Should we try other

Youtube has removed anti-vaccine advertisements. Is this constitutional? Should this be
allowed? Do you agree/disagree?

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