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I need to have a rhetorical essay with an outline 5-7 pages about an article High school’s secret life by Emily White, we need to include pathos, ethos, logos this is for english class . I attached what exactly what prof wants from me..see attachment any questions let me know. Now if you have any notes you have taken you can send them to me as well since she would be looking at my notes

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High school’s secret life by Emily white Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project 1
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Project #1: Rhetorical Analysis
In class we’ve been examining how writers use certain techniques to make their writing more persuasive. For
instance, writers might emphasize their own authority or credibility (ethos); they might appeal to an
audience’s values, emotions, or experiences (pathos); they might base their argument on careful reasoning
(logos); or they might take advantage of opportunity or timing (kairos). These techniques are part of what is
known as rhetoric—the effective use of language. Analyzing the rhetorical choices writers make allows us to
evaluate their arguments more effectively and respond appropriately. This assignment asks you to conduct
such a rhetorical analysis of a text.
Begin by selecting one of the following texts from Remix: Reading and Composing Culture that we have read
this semester in our “Identity” unit.
“High School’s Secret Life,” pp. 14-18
“Identity Crisis: Sign Your John Hancock Here. Or is it your Lady Gaga?” pp. 19-21
“Tokens and Totems,” pp. 23-28
“The Fifth Flavor,” pp. 42-49
“Color Lines,” pp. 59-66
“How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” pp. 70-76
“The ‘F Word,” pp. 77-81
Your main objective in this essay will be to [page numbers refer to Rules for Writers]:
• Read and write critically [pp. 66-75]
• Analyze effectively [pp. 76-77]
By way of helping you think about an overall structure for your paper here are some steps to follow:
! Begin with an objective summary of the argument you are analyzing (1-3 sentences).
! In your thesis, assert which lines of argument help the essay succeed (or not).
! Develop paragraphs around specific claims [assertions] that the author makes, as well as the evidence
[facts, reason, etc.] that he or she provides to support those claims, and for each Claim + Supporting
Evidence, spend some time judging how well [or not well] the author succeeds in connecting his or
her assertions to persuasive pieces of evidence. Your focus should be on logos, ethos, and pathos.
Use quotations from the article to support your analysis.
! “Connection” is really the key here: it is not just a matter of whether or not the evidence provided is
“true” or “valid” or not, but whether or not the evidence really fully supports the assertion that
supposedly depends upon it. You might also look for assertions that don’t seem to be supported by
anything–those are assumptions and you can note those as weaknesses in any argument.
! Conclude with an overall assessment of the argument’s strengths and weaknesses.
IMPORTANT NOTE: It is NOT your job in this paper to argue for or against the opinion being argued by the
essay you choose to analyze. In fact, I explicitly advise you to not do that. Instead, it is your job to evaluate
the effectiveness of the author’s argument [its persuasive power, or lack thereof], based on your analysis of
how compelling [or not] your author’s assertions and supporting evidence are. Please be sure, throughout
your paper, to always FULLY EXPLAIN the reasoning behind your critical points, whether positive or negative
or both.
Refer, also, to pp. 78-80 in Rules for Writers for an example of a student’s analysis of an argument by Emilia
Sanchez about big-box stores and American communities. Tips on MLA-style citation can be found in
Chapters 53-57, “Writing Papers in MLA Style” in Rules for Writers.
Length/format: 5-7 pages typed text, double-spaced with 1” margins in 12 pt Times New Roman, and MLA
Composition Folder: Your composition folder must include your final draft, all of your rough drafts, your
outline, any notes, and anything else that will help me understand your writing process.
Electronic Copy: In addition to a hard copy of all of your materials that you must submit in your composition
folder, you are also required to submit your assignment on Canvas. This file will be due at midnight on the
day it is due. If you do not submit your file electronically, you will not receive a grade for your paper. So,
make sure that you are completing all components of this assignment to get full credit for your work.
Rhetorical Analysis Rubric
Writer _____________________________________
Evaluator __________________________________
Rating –
Well Done
Rating –
Needs Work
Rating –
Not Done
Introduction introduces the topic (selected article)
of the paper.
Introduction includes and objective summary of the
article selected (1-3 sentences)
Introduction explicitly states the author and title of
the article
Introduction ends with a thesis statement (one
sentence) that states a topic + an opinion and that
asserts which rhetorical appeals help the essay
succeed (or not)
Body Paragraphs are developed around specific
claims + supporting evidence that the author
presents, and these are analyzed in terms of logos,
ethos, and pathos
Evidence (direct quotes, summary, and paraphrase)
from the article is used to support the thesis
Conclusion presents an overall assessment of the
argument’s strengths in weaknesses—especially as
they relate to the rhetorical appeals
Paper meets assignment length requirements: 5-7
pages (1250-1750 words) of typed text, doublespaced with 1” margins in 12 pt Times font
Essay is free from mechanical and grammatical
errors, ideas are clearly expressed, conforms to
MLA rules for formatting and citation of sources
Writer participated in all steps of the writing process
(outline, peer editing, revision, final revised draft).
Revision on the peer reviewed rough draft is
significant and evident; it goes beyond surface
editing, handling main ideas and other major
aspects of the writing beyond grammar/mechanics.
A = 100-90
writing ability.
The essay is
by its fully and
content and
by its
B = 89-80
C = 79-70
D = 69-61
F = 60-0
Demonstrates strong
writing ability. The
essay may be less
thoughtful or less
polished than the “A”
essay, but it will be
solid in content and
development and will
employ an effective
style. It is clearly a
“passing” essay.
adequate college-level
writing ability. The
essay’s content,
structure, and style
indicates that the
writer is ready for
English 1A. Language
weaknesses do not
significantly limit the
writer’s ability to
develop and
communicate ideas.
Reflects inadequate
college-level writing.
The essay is marked
by significant
weaknesses in content,
development, or
expression, indicating
that the writer is not
yet prepared to
handle English 1A.
Language weaknesses
interfere with the
writer’s ability to
develop and
communicate ideas
clearly and effectively.
Represents very weak
writing. This essay has
a combination of
weaknesses in
development and
expression that
severely limit the
writer’s ability to
develop and
communicate ideas. It
is clearly not a
“passing” essay.
(out of 100)

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