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Note keenly!Before you do anything read through the whole document so as to know what you are working on.I have a part in writing a business report i have highlighted it in the attached document.I have to write a section of the assignment. The links highlighted on the document show what to write.The report is in the last couple of pages .I believe 2.5 -3 pages will be enough for the paper. You are supposed to ensure you follow the instructions keenly, and answer all questions appropriately and with proper citations and credible sources.CITING ACCURATELY IS VERY STRICTLY ENFORCED IN THIS PROJECT. (USE CREDIBLE SOURCES)USE CANADIAN SOURCESPLEASE NOTE!Keenly follow instructions and read through the rubric before you start writingEnsure you provide credible Sources and format the paper well. Ensure you intext credible sourcesSupport your ideas wellEnsure the paper has no plagiarism no grammar errorsProvide top notch workThank you

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AFM 131 Introduction to Business in North America Winter ,
TEAM ASSIGNMENT (15%) “Beyond Ideas”
Your team has been inspired to launch an idea after learning about entrepreneurship and starting a small
business. You’ve heard that the Velocity and GreenHouse incubators at the University of Waterloo offer
up to $25K in grants and you’d like to seek funding from them to help support the launch of your idea.
With your knowledge of the major functional areas of business and how they connect to each component
within the Business Model Canvas and your ability to research, analyze, and make recommendations
developed through the online discussions, you can now apply and integrate this knowledge to create a
partial business plan to showcase your idea.
Your partial business plan should include the following information:

• Executive summary (Highlighting key elements of the business plan – This section should be
completed at the end)
• Company background (What problem are you solving? What’s your company’s vision and
mission? What’s the opportunity and growth potential?)
• Business environment and competitor analysis (Environmental scan, SWOT analysis)
• Marketing/promotional strategy (Target market? Marketing/promotion mix? How to build and
manage customer relationships?)
• Operations plan (Daily operations and how to provide/produce your service or product? Key
supply chain partners? Facility/equipment requirements? Planning for quality?)

• Financial needs (Sources of funding – consider sources beyond the grants
noted above? Start up costs? Revenue streams? Key costs (fixed and
variable)?) MY PART

• Human resources plan (Key roles? Short and long-term recruiting needs? Key advisors?)
• Group Assignment Checklist (see page 4) BONUS OPPORTUNITY
Financial forecasts and other information to answer
This section of your business plan essentially turns your plans into numbers. As
part of any business plan, you will need to provide financial projections for your
business. Your forecasts should run for the next 3 to 5 years. However, the first
12 months’ forecasts should have the most detail, including assumptions both in
terms of costs and revenues, so investors can clearly see the thinking behind
your numbers.
As you put your plans down on paper, remember the importance of thinking
objectively. Analyzing your venture from three points of view — optimistic,
pessimistic, and realistic — can give you a solid idea of what to expect as you
move forward.
Your financial forecasts should include:

Cash flow statements — this is a cash balance and monthly cash flow
pattern for the first 12-18 months. Include working capital, salaries and
Profit and loss forecast — this is the level of profit you expect to make,
given your projected sales, the costs of providing goods and services, and
your overhead costs.
Sales forecast — this is the amount of money you expect from sales of
your product and/or service.
Things to consider:

How much capital do you need, if you are seeking external funding?
What security can you offer to lenders?
How do you plan to repay any borrowings?
What are your sources of revenue and income?
Your forecasts should cover a range of scenarios, and you should include the
contingency plans you’ve developed to offset any risks. You can also review
benchmarks and averages for your type of business and discuss your business’
The Business Model Canvas ( is a helpful tool to
connect the components above and help your team think through your idea.
Our idea is developing an “app” FOR STUDENTS where they can get services like finding out local grocery
stores by country, bars and events happening, writing help for school, food places, tutor locations around
the campus and tutor helps happening, chatroom where students can ask questions and they can be
answered by other students, also it has a second hand market where students can sell their stuff when
moving out, this app will be very trendy and will go viral the project is report and it comes more out like a
Helpful Resources
Outside of knowledge gained from the textbook/lectures,
consider using the following:
• The Canada Business Network was discussed in the
Entrepreneurship module. See
tips on “Writing your business plan” at
then click on “Financial Strategy” in table of content and that the
part I have to do
• Week of March 18th: Research and draft sections of the business plan
o Connect with your TA or professor if you have questions about your ideas.
Your TA will be reaching out to you this week to connect about your progress.
o Each team member should conduct research and draft sections of the business plan. I encourage you to
meet and communicate regularly to answer each other’s questions, offer suggestions, review progress
and provide feedback. The time provided in class this week is a good opportunity to do that.
o Submit your completed Business Model Canvas for bonus marks by Wed. Mar 20th at 11:59pm to
[email protected] Each team member that contributed to the completion of the canvas must include
their name and signature on the submission.
• Week of March 25th: Putting it all together
o Set a deadline for completion of individual parts early this week leaving you
sufficient time to review and edit the business plan as a whole to ensure it has a cohesive flow and is
presented professionally/creatively. The time provided in class this week is a good opportunity to do
o One team member should submit the team’s completed business plan to the “Team Assignment”
dropbox in LEARN by 11am on Fri. Mar. 25
o Guidelines for Completing Your Assignment (i.e. Page formatting/limits)
(The assignment is worth 15% – A group mark will be assigned.
Group Assignment Checklist
Please read the checklist below following the completion of your group assignment. Once you
have verified these points, hand in this signed checklist with your group assignment.
1. All team members have referenced and footnoted all ideas, words or other intellectual
property from other sources used in the completion of this assignment.
2. A proper bibliography has been included, which includes acknowledgement of all sources
used to complete this assignment.
3. This is the first time that any member of the group has submitted this assignment or essay
(either partially or entirely) for academic evaluation.
Our TEAM REPORT : to get an idea of the formatting and language
Kessandra Start:
Company Background:
UNI-United stands to form bridges to all answers for university students. The name originating for the sure
purpose of bringing all students together as one. The problem we sought to address was not one but many. From
personal experience, we brained stormed just what we struggled with during the student life. From questions
about co-op to use-full tips to get around university, to finding the coolest spots around campus. Many students
travel far to get the education they need so why not relieve some stress in as many ways as possible? Some of
the many problems we seek to address include;
1. Getting lost around campus, unsure of important dates, what to do when co-op comes around, need critiquing
for a resume, and how about just tips on how to survive each year? Our app contains a chat room for both local
and international students to fit your same experiences and give you the answers you’re looking for.
2. Are you new to town and don’t really know the cool places to dine or go out, or maybe you’ve heard of a place
but don’t know where to call to form reservations, maybe you just need a night out with friends after a long
course load? Our app not only includes the hottest spots around campus but is partnered with all the greatest
student attractions to book reservations straight through the app in our bar and dining sections.
3. Are you a returning student in need of extra cash with course books you can no longer find a use for, or maybe
you’re in need of new material for a cheaper price? Our app holds a market area where you can sell unneeded
material for those that need and purchase materials you’ve been searching for.
4. Have you ever felt out of the loop with what’s going on around campus, or maybe you want to be more
involved in your school, maybe you’re dying to meet new students just like you. Our team specifically designed
an events section for students so you can stay on top of the coolest things happening around campus, and sign
up for notifications for the awesome events that interest you.
5. Are you looking for an extra way to say money? Being a student can guarantee some tight budgeting so our
team designed a sections specifically dedicated to coupon and best pricing for supplies and groceries in stores
near you.
6. After slaving for hours maybe even days over reports do you often find yourself worried you’re not doing it
right? Or maybe you’re just not getting the material? Two sections that may interest you are tutoring and
critiquing. An area to help you understand sections you may be struggling with and an area where you can get a
second opinion on your hard efforts.
Our Mission Statement: Every problem you encounter on the path to success has an answer we can provide.
Our Vision Statement: To one day be the trusted and reliable solution to all student struggles across the nation.
Opportunity and Growth potential:
With the constant numbers of students attending universities, provides the constant need for solutions to
everyday problems. As long as there are students attending school, there is always going to be a high demand
for the services we can provide. Coming from first-hand experiences, we understand our clientele more than
anyone. We have all gone through the struggles of student life and recognized all the different ways and ideas
that could have contributed to the stress relief and ease of being a hard-working student.
The opportunities are endless as course materials and experiences constantly change over the years. Soon new
problems will arise and we are determined to provide solutions for whatever they may be. Every student is in
search of a hand to lift some of the weight off their shoulders to help them stay focused on the important things.
Students are also looking to enjoy their time and gain the full experience out of their time being.
There are countless universities across Canada after the success rate in our province the area for growth to reach
our whole nation isn’t hard to imagine. There are endless possibilities of growth within our app because there is
an endless supply of student’s year-after-year. Waterloo and Laurier is only the beginning and certainly isn’t the
Environmental Scan:

PESTEL Analysis

Political Factors:

Taking into consideration the risk factors of changes in labour laws or labour increases could make a
contribution to loss of profit in terms of workers on the development team.

Laws and regulations surrounding the workforce outline barriers of operations and require careful
consideration to the how the company goes about their business.

Political stability surrounding the operations of the school board also form an impact on the need for
servicing through the app.
Action Plan: Proper operational guidelines, backup funding and budgeting expenses in preparation for the
potential risk that may occur through separate political modifications pertaining to labour laws and government

Economic Factors:
Tight student budgeting as we understand from experience can lead into unforeseeable educational
expense increases. Lack of funding or changes in grants or loans (ex. sudden change in OSAP grants and
loans, removal of 6 month probation period).

Increase or decrease in interest rates throughout the economy could affect the spending rate to services
provided on the app.
Action Plan: Modifying and adapting expenditure through economic patterns. Budgeting services to gain max
profit from services provided. Low development rates and operational costs combat and prepare the
organization for unforeseeable circumstances. Partnerships and shareholders with strategic businesses that
enhance profit rates (Local restaurants and bars, profitable events, tutor and service rates).

Socio-cultural Factors:
Beliefs and values associated with the diverse population of students. Widely recognized differences
among students in how they receive their services along with the difference in values over technology.

Language differences and culture appropriation. The need for all communications of help to support all
students and not just select populations.

Student lifestyle varies from person-to-person, the need for customizability to provide servicing for set
Action Plan: Mass students helping students, the guarantee of previous students of all cultures coming together
to provide serving to the following scholars. Students paired with students of proper communication and
cultural knowledge to form-fit servicing molded to their needs. Activities outlining their set schedules and
adjusting to their own interests. An app that accentuates the user’s personality and lifestyle.

Technological Factors:
The ever-changing and rapid increase over the use of technology. Successful businesses constantly
modifying their technological resources and advancement of technological servicing.

The area to easily market servicing and products over social media. Mass marketing and easily
accessible servicing making it harder to form unique services among businesses.

All that you need at the palm of your hands. Constant upkeep in popularity with growing businesses
among the social media web.
Action Plan: Unique services specified to a direct population. Finally an app that provides solutions
conveniently to limit the use of various apps. Constant upkeep through the advancement of technology through
qualified and innovative engineers. Strategic marketing panel to fiercely maintain a position in the social media

Environmental Factors:

The competitive advantage over raw materials through environmental friendly servicing.

In a progressive go-green generation there is a constant need for waste minimization.

Energy consumption comparison between tech savvy organizations. What are the rates behind running
operations and energy put into keeping businesses going?

Any natural resources affected through the production and operations of maintaining the business.
Action Plan: 100% Green corporation minimal raw materials used in the operation and production of services
provided. Paring with eco-friendly partnerships to maintain a wholesome altruistic image. Mass-marketing done
through social media through media influencers and electronic advertisement. Constant adaptation of lowering
energy consumption to benefit the environment

Legal Factors:

Laws guiding employment and advertising standards. Following proper procedures through governing a
business. Laws surrounding trademark and marketing rights.

Health and safety of employees along with employee rights. Strict lines to follow pertaining to those
involved with development and servicing. Confidentiality and trust among clientele.

Integrity and respect among businesses along with internal theft and compromised data.
Action Plan: Abiding laws surrounding the business environment following proper protocol. Providing
employee standards and understanding the rules of employments and the rights of employees. Proper Human
resources governing work behaviours. Safe technology and protection over delicate client information.
Knowing our own rights as a business and strong rules against copied materials and enhancement of fresh ideas.

Acknowledged Competitors and their Advantages:

University Apps (UWaterloo Portal)

First-hand resource for events, important dates and athletics

Section dedicated to food resources around campus

Campus map

Classes listed and course materials needed

All students are informed and enlightened to download the app with being a student
Uber/Uber Eats/ Skip the dishes

Widely popularized (everyone uses the apps)

Dining out not necessary when you can order in with food delivered to you

Servicing for the masses (not just students use the app)

Partnerships with larger companies and agreements with fast food chains

Cheap pricing and discounts

Name brand positive word of mouth
Chef on Call

Partnership with skip the dishes

Amazing dine in food and restaurant locations

Food delivered right to you

Points awarded through every purchase to go towards your next purchases and respect to saving money

Easy to navigate app building customer profile

Reward Points Cards (Optimum, Air miles, Scene it)

Points awarded to reliable customer

Partnerships with successful organizations

Award system in place to keep customers motivated

Free no costs included in upkeep

Popular necessity among all populations

Our Advantages over recognized Competitors:

Reasonable and affordable pricing for all services provided throughout the app.

Organization was created with the student in mind.

Unique servicing with benefits for everyone.

Customizability towards every user.

Variety of necessary answers and solutions for all student struggles.

Online reservations for local attractions.

First-hand knowledge over great events fitting your interest.

Online chat-room for both local and international students allowing communication for all.

Stay connected, stay knowledgeable and live out a stress-free education.
SWOT Analysis:
Dedicated to serving solutions to all student
First-hand understanding of what the segment needs·
Multiple areas of service delivery that fit together ·
Consistent with the delivery of services to all
Entrepreneurial characteristics with the motivation to
Hard-working and innovative for new solutions
Student population oriented no desire to suit the
needs of others
Similar service delivery to university apps provided
Small business not recognized widely harder to reach
the distant populations
Lack of face-to-face contact with clientele leads to
fewer resources in the construction of good customer
Heavy reliance on use of technology
Opportunity to partner with successful resourceful ·
High demand for services provided creates
opportunity for growth in the industry
Opportunity to branch out to other universities
through the success rate of the Waterloo and Laurier
Opportunity to improve on the solutions already
provided and create new ones along the way
Opportunity to reach all students across the nation
Tutoring provided by the universities offer face-toface communication
Other successful service apps promoting bars and
restaurants have at lead in popularity and notability
Students relying on friends and teachers for questions
and struggles they may encounter
Students relying on their specific university apps for
announcements and need to know information
Limitation or variation of phone usage among
Kessandra End.
Jotveer Sarkaria(HR planning):-
Key functions:1. Advertise and update website on daily basis in order to generate good market for the app.
2. Achieve …
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