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Please bid if only you can finish this in 1 day. This is 6-7 pages long case analysis paper where you have to read the given SMB case and then do heavy research to implement the IT for the company. I have done some parts of it already. What you need to do it finish up the rest. You can make changes to what i have written to make it better and add some more ideas. Case Analysis.doc is the one you need to keep working on. The format is already lay out. Just follow that format and fill in the content. Please read the instruction guideline.doc carefully. I have written more detailed instruction in there. In the outline.doc, there are some ideas that you can use to write the case for technology part. ****But it is not the outline format that you have to follow****No plagiarism please. Thanks!


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Unformatted Attachment Preview

A Special Report for:
Janice Drake, Senior Director of IT
March 21st, 2019
Executive Summary
Implementing advanced technology provides the needs for Rock Solid Industrial Parts, Inc.
towards its future growth prospects in the next three years. Based on the analysis of the company’s
needs on its three-year expansion, it is necessary to focus implementations on its IT/IS which
consist of enhancing and integrating the available systems at the headquarter, sales and warehouse
to a more efficient and profitable system. NetSuite provides a solution to enhance the company’s
efficiency and performance in sales and inventory management. Aside from implementing new
systems, upgrades on hardware and infrastructures are also required to support the new systems
and network communication system across the organization.
Prepared by:
Rock Solid Industrial Parts, Inc. is a profitable company located in San Jose, California dedicated
to increase its sales from current sales of $33 Million/year to $72 Million within 3 years. An
increase of employees from 36 to 70 employees is projected to ensure such a doubled performance.
The main strategy of reaching the goal is keen integration of technology in its processes in
Southern California and the Mountain states. The company intends to use and improve on their
technology to keep its operating overhead expenses to a minimum, which will improve
organizations efficiency and effectiveness. However, just as other small businesses face resistance
to change against technology, so is for Rock Solid Industrial Parts, Inc. The main issue was due to
the company’s cultural situation where most of the workers are conservative, have an average age
of 55 and they are not tech savvy at all. Their lack of exposure to modern technology, as the
company is not very technologically oriented, will likely make them resistant t changes across the
Informate (I chose Informate) Write why you chose informate and the benefits
of it to the company.
Should the company automate, informate, re-engineer or paradigm shift? Why did you
make the specific choice? Cite best-in-class examples that support your choice.
Areas to Consider
The Leavitt’s Diamond/ Leavitt’s System Model developed by Harold Leavitt is a great
mechanism outlining the distribution of effects of change strategy to four diverse components
including process, technology, structure, and people. According to Rock Solid Industrial Parts,
Inc. these four key components have to be considered.
Process (Put all of your benefits here for CRM, SCM, ect. (Do not talk costs or specific
products here.) I am using inventory management system and CRM.
At the warehouse, the operation is automated. Barcode scanners are in use but there is no
automated inventory control for inventory management to reduce excess paperwork’s involved in
keeping warehouse records. To manage the inventory, Rock Solid Industrial Parts, Inc. should be
implementing inventory management system. Having proper inventory management will help the
company figure out amount of inventory needed on-hand. This prevents the product shortages or
surpluses stored in the warehouse. Inventory management system also helps the company save
money because it keeps track of the product order and the inventory which will help the company
to see the slow and fast-selling products. And this will help improve the efficiency and productivity
in operations. It also saves the time by not having to do the manual data entry, so there will be no
human error or mistakes. One of the main benefits of inventory management system is that it will
enhance the customers satisfaction by having the fast-selling products in stock at all time. 1
Although most of the salespeople operate from home, they are required to meet every Monday
morning for weekly sales update. When there are meetings with key vendors which include
training sections, a whiteboard and a projector are used. This type of weekly meeting is a problem
for those who are in remote locations or working from home.
Software (Cover the details of your choice of CRM, SCM etc. Comparison tables work well here.)
I chose NetSuite CRM and NetSuite’s inventory management.)
Hardware (Details of the computers, smartphones, etc. that are required to support the
Infrstructure (Must include Network diagram plus a discussion of the diagram elements. )(Do not
forget the sales people in the diagram)
Structure (**You don’t change the structure of the organization** There will be no
restructuring of the organizational chart) Only a few sentences (Check the sample paper I
have included)
Financial Budget (make table) (check the guideline)
Implementation Timeline
Toughest Implementation
Risks Management
Associated Implementation Risks
Risks Mitigations
Assignment #1 – Case Analysis
*******DO NOT USE the word “OLD” on people******* You can use the word “old” on
equipment or tools, but DO NOT DESCRIBE PEOPLE AS “OLD”.
The whole case analysis should be 6-7 pages long, single-spaced, block justified, Times New
Roman and 12-point font size, 1-inch margin.
Check page 2-3 for the Format.
Check page 3-4 for the Guidelines.
I have included a sample paper. Be sure to check so that you know how and what to write. Be
aware that there are some difference between the sample paper and this paper on the
“Informate” part and also the format, and the financial budget table.
Be very careful about plagiarism….
Your assignment: Using the provided “SMB Case & SMB Case Outline” material plus
additional information that you have researched, write a Case Analysis that provides a solidly
considered IT/IS strategy recommendation to Janice (Senior Director of IT) [You are writing this
for her, not me.] that will help accelerate the growth of the business by improving the efficiency and
effectiveness of marketing, sales, inventory and accounting functions. As with all business writing,
assume other people not directly addressed may read your case. In this instance, assume all the senior
executives will read your analysis. Note that the market opportunity is good so there is growing
competition in the region from other larger, more technically savvy companies.
As you consider the elements of the case, think about the implications of the Enhanced Leavitt’s
Diamond Model that we covered in class. This is your tool to make sure all relevant bases/topics are
covered appropriately.
Note: Liberal use of tables, charts and diagrams is highly recommended. Any financial information
related to your implementation must be in table format.
There are several questions that you must consider in your analysis. Please answer them in order given
and restate the questions as a 4 to 5 word header as a statement (not a question):
1. Should the company automate, informate, re-engineer or paradigm shift? Why did you make
the specific choice? Cite best-in-class examples that support your choice.
2. Using Leavitt’s Diamond Model – Modified, please cover the four main areas*:
a) Process
b) Structure
c) Technology
d) People
3. High-level Budget for the implementation (presented in a table). Cite your sources.
4. Timeline for the Implementation.
5. What will the toughest implementation task be?
6. What risks are there of following your strategy? How would you mitigate them? (Remember –
If you highlight a Risk you must always propose a Solution.)
*Note: Please use as the section main head “Areas to Consider” and use “Process”, “Structure”, etc. as
sub headers.
Case Analysis Format
– Executive Summary on the cover page
– Introduction
– Informate (we will be using informate for this case analysis)
– Leavitt’s Diamond Model
Areas to Consider:
o Process
▪ Put all of your benefits here for CRM, SCM, ect. (Do not talk costs or
specific products here.)
o Technology
▪ Subhead: Software
• Cover the details of your choice of CRM, SCM etc. Comparison
tables work well here.
▪ Subhead: Hardware
• Details of the computers, smartphones, etc. that are required to
support the software.
▪ Subhead: Infrastructure
• Must include Network diagram plus a discussion of the diagram
elements. (Do not forget the sales people in the diagram)
o Structure (**You don’t change the structure of the organization** There will
be no restructuring of the organizational chart)
▪ Only a few sentences (Check the sample paper I have included)
o People

Financial Budget (Make IT budget template for 3 years. Your budget limit is
$750,000. You can draw the table however you want, you can use the business
template from online, but be sure to do 3-year budget for HQ, Sales, Warehouse)
Make table for hardware, software, infrastructure. (month per month expenses)
Please do research on the recent price and costs to implement the equipment.
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Field (Sales)
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

Implementation Timeline (Do the implementation step by step. You don’t implement all
the hardware, software, infrastructure all at once. Your implementation takes time. Step by
step. One at a time)
Toughest Implementation
Risks Management (Do research on risk of digital transformation on SMB)
o Associated implementation risks
o Risks mitigations
Endnotes (Use Chicago style) (more than 10-15 references) (Do not cite wikipedia)
The following is the detailed guidelines to tell you what to write in each section. And what to
avoid in this paper.
Five key Sections
An effective case analysis paper will have five key sections:
1. Executive Summary: Four to five sentences on the cover page summarizing your analysis. An
Executive Summary’s main goal is to provide a condensed version of the content of a longer
report. It is not a summary of the table of contents or what you are going to cover in your case.
(Do not write: “I will cover….” or “This report will cover….” or anything similar.) Executive
summaries generally make a recommendation. Do not just copy your Introduction or Summary.
2. Introduction/Thesis: Your paper should start by identifying relevant information that provides
context to the issue(s) to be addressed in the case. The case or articles referenced may contain
some important background information that should be summarized in this section. The length
should be one to two paragraphs.
3. The Questions: This is a where you answer the case questions. Analyze the questions carefully.
At the beginning of each answer section and use as the header for that section – bold, and left
justify with one line space above and below. (Do not use “The Questions” as a header and do
not number them.)
For each question write a short paragraph to set-up the background for the question. Then answer
the question in two or so paragraphs. Summarize the answer in a final paragraph. Consider
illustrations, graphs and/or tables to increase readability and to emphasize your
answers/conclusions. Do this for each question.
Here is where you will need to do some web and print research to support your answers. You
may want to compare and contrast other companies/people/subject matter experts in similar
situations and how they solved/addressed the issues posed by the question. There may be some
additional information that would add depth and completeness to your analysis. Use the
following technique: Ask “who, what, when, where, why, how” about the case questions. Ex:
Why is the question important? What are the elements of the question that are important? What
other company may have been faced with the same issue? How have other companies solved the
issue? How might I use what I learned in class or in my job to answer the case question?
Remember, the purpose of this case study assignment is to let you apply the concepts you have
learned in school and/or work and have researched to a “real life” situation.
4. The Summary/Conclusion: The Conclusion is your chance to have the last word on the subject.
It is your final paragraph to draw some type of conclusion about what you learned from the
analysis. A conclusion should help your readers see why your analysis and information should
matter to them after they put the paper down.
It is the place to synthesize your thoughts, to demonstrate the importance of your ideas, and to
propel your reader to a new view of the subject. It is also your opportunity to make a good final
impression and to end on a positive note. You should make a relevant observation. Maybe you
learned some interesting fact from the research you did for the case. However, please do not use
the phrase “I learned….” anywhere in this paragraph. Do not use: “Inconclusion” or “In summary”
or anything similar!!!!! Do not simply restate the Thesis/Introduction.
5. Endnotes: Use Chicago Style endnotes.
Finding and Using Good References

Evaluate the source based on its Currency, Reliability, Authority and Purpose/Point of
Things to Avoid

Avoid using Passive voice
Avoid Made-up words and buzzwords and jargon
Avoid Subjective words
o Should, could, may, might
Avoid personal Pronouns (first and second, subjective or objective)
o I, me, we, us, you
Avoid Superlatives and Opinions
o “Large”, “small”, “high”, huge, ….
o “Sometimes”, “always”, “never”, “maybe”
o “I think”, “I feel”, “I know”, “I guess” …
o “As you can clearly see….”
o “and so forth” or “etc.”
Avoid Thought leading statements
o As you can see
o It’s obvious
o Without doubt
o Is certainly
o Luckily
Refernece and Citation

If quoting, indent the whole quote and use endnote to cite.
Do not use Wikipedia as your source.
Use enough references necessary to cover the topic adequately. You will probably have more
than 10 to 15 references. Be sure to use respected sources – Use the CRAP test. Websites are
OK, however, it is best to find and use sources that also publish in print e.g. Bloomberg
BusinessWeek, Information Week, Fortune, Forbes, CRN, CIO.
Advanced IT services provide the essential needs for the three-year strategic growth of Rock
Solid Industrial Parts, Inc. Based on the analysis of the company’s needs, the best approachable
direction of choice in IT/IS decision is to enhance its network communication systems and
introduce better business solutions for sales and inventory departments. It is necessary to utilize
NetSuite CRM+ for sales management to improve the company’s workforce efficiency and
performance, and implementation of NetSuite for the inventory department will improve
productivity. These necessary upgrading requirements are a must to meet Rock Solid Industrial
Parts’ three-year expansion goal.
EMAIL: [email protected]
Rock Solid Industrial Parts, Inc. plans to grow the company from its current sales of $33M per
year to $72M per year within three years by expanding into southern California and the
Mountain states. The company goes through a tough overview of deciding whether to change its
business productivity with IT or keep its business process completely the same. The CEO is
eager to drive IT improvements for the company, but the CFO has reservations about any
ongoing changes to the business. In addition, most of the workers are conservatives that are
about the age of 55 who will likely be resistant to change. Majority of the company’s employees
opposed to the IT/IS changes.
There are three area of concerns that needs attention while approaching towards IT
improvements for the company. The two areas are the main focuses to implement solutions that
will support the company’s sales function and inventory management. The other area of concern
is the hardware and software solutions of the company’s communication networks.
Main Area of Concerns
IT services are the essential backbone for enterprisewide digital transformation.1 Having IT helps
business outcomes that can
performance. CRM systems
are the only solution that can
communicate to its customers.
For any CRM application,
primary goal is to enable an
organization to understand
customers’ need and behavior
and provide better quality of
The best approach of CRM solution to implement is NetSuite CRM+ for the company’s sales
department. NetSuite CRM+ offers powerful sales performance management, order
management, and partner management all in a single cloud CRM solution.3 Rock Solid Industrial
Parts’ sales reps are always on the road meeting up and talking with clients. These sales reps
need this type of software so the team can provide improvements on sales efficiency, manage
opportunities status, provide real-time access, and mobility. Traveling sales representatives can
access NetSuite with its mobile application anywhere. If any sales representative need tech
support, NetSuite has its team ready for any technical assistance 24/7.
Besides CRM system, NetSuite also offers its warehouse management system for the company’s
inventory department. Inventory management is about knowing what item is available in the
warehouse and where the stock is located.4 NetSuite’s warehouse management system provides
many unique features to synchronize with the company’s inventory tools such as auto
replenishment, cycle counting, traceability, and bin tracking. While in used, the inventory scans
the barcode information and uploads in the warehouse computer where everyone in the company
can access the availability of the item. NetSuite’s cross functional software for its CRM and
warehouse management allows easier access for any employee to obtain.
Other Area of Concerns
IT improvements are needed to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the company’s network
communication system. Rock Solid Industrial Parts’ current communication devices are outdated
and inadequate enough to compete with industry standards. Everything is run on obsolete
software versions of Microsoft Office and QuickBook. The best solution is to upgrade all
company’s hardware and software to increase productivity.
The company’s current phone and Internet system are not up to industry level standards and
needs to be updated to a more effective and efficient communication system. To fix this problem,
the best approach is to
upgrade these services by
investing a new upgraded
service provider by AT&T
called, AT&T Business
Fiber. AT&T Business Fiber
provides internet speeds of
up to 1000Mbps (equivalent
to 1Gbps) so all employees
can work simultaneously. 5
The benefits of AT&T fiber deal are extremely fast internet speed, offer up to six lines of local
and long-distance Voice over IP, online data backup, and unlimited data cap. These benefits will
allow employees faster engaging response to the clients and vendors as well as being involve
with new potential investors. Investing in AT&T Business Fibers will provide effective and
competitive advantages for Rock Solid Industrial Parts in the industry standards.
Relying on outdated server puts business at greater risk of downtime, simply because obsolete
equipment is more likely to fail.6 The company’s accounting and administrative departments are
currently using various outdated versions of Microsoft Office and Quickbooks. Updated versions
can provide mobile device integration, email improvements, easier remote access, reduce
downtime, and manage costs. These software needs to be updated to the newest versions so it can
be compatible to th …
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