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Write a 1,400-word minimum strategic implementation plan in which you include the following: Integrated Project Management Company Inc. an implementation plan including:ObjectivesFunctional tacticsAction itemsMilestones and deadlinesTasks and task ownershipResource allocationRecommend any organizational change management strategies that may enhance successful implementation.Develop key success factors, budget, and forecasted financials, including a break-even chart.Create a risk management plan including contingency plans for the identified risks. Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


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Integrated Project Management Company Strategic Planning & Implementation
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Internal analysis
Internal analysis
Integrated Project Management Company, Inc (IPM) is one of the five recipients of the
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is the
highest national recognition award, which is given to organizations in United Stated for their
outstanding performance. In other words, Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is the
presidential-honor award for excellent performance. IPM will receive this award in the smallscale business category at the “Quest for Excellent” conference, which will be held in April
2019. IPM had also been awarded another state level prestigious award in 2017. This award is
branded, “2017 ILPEx Gold award for achievement excellence” (“Integrated Project
Management Company, Inc.”, 2019). IPM was awarded in 2017 and will also be awarded in
April 2019 because of its excellent performance. Seven performance metrics, which contributed
to these awards, are good leadership, good customer relationships, good measurement, good
strategic plans, good operational techniques, good results and good workforce empowerment.
Therefore, this paper discusses the internal assessment of IPM Company. It also highlights the
most important strength and weakness of IPM Company, and the competitor analysis. It will also
shed light on effects of organization’s structure to it performance, and organization’s competitive
Integrated Project Management (IPM) is a private company, which offers services such
as product development, business process management, business technology, change
management, capital project management, and regulatory & quality. IPM also offer services,
which deal with mergers, acquisitions, and integrations. Currently, IPM has 182 employees who
are deployed in seven different location across United States. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Richard Panico is the head of IPM (“Project Management Consultancy Services – Our Services |
IPM”, 2019). The IPM was formed to provide services, which are related to manufacturing
projects, but now it has diversified its services to serve all areas of organization’s model. This
organization model ranges from strategies identification to operational improvement initiatives.
IPM has embraced hallmark of quality and culture in establishing trust among employees and in
valuing its esteem customers.
Senior management of IPM usually advocate for collaboration among employees in order
to improve organizational performance. These senior managers also their share visions and
values with these employees through various mechanisms, which are identified in Leadership
communication system and day-to-day interaction with their employees. These senior managers
are also maintaining personal touch with their customer in order to retain them. For instance, in
2017, CEO personally logged over 300 contacts with customers. In addition, this organization
had Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 61, in 2017 (“Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.”,
2019). This was above a key metric of customer engagement, which is 50. Senior management
has also introduced project performance evaluation, which is like survey questions. This
performance evaluation is also designed to gauge overall customer satisfaction. For instance,
IPM scored 90% in areas, which is related to its leadership, scope, risk, commitment, schedule
and solutions. IPM has also maintain satisfaction rate of 99% for the last three years. IPM has
introduced Corporate Governance document in 2016 to help in fostering transparency on the
action of senior managers. This Corporate Governance document is also helping in achieving
transparency in the development of strategic plans, and fiscal accountability. For instance,
overall expenses and gross income are share in “pulse employee newsletter” and, during staff
quarter meeting.
IPM Company has a number of strengths, which has contributed to their excellence
performance. First, it is the norm of IPM to empower their workforce. For instance, majority of
the IPM’s employees hold doctoral or master’s degree. Besides, most of these employees have
Six Sigma and PMP Certification. IPM Company also has good leadership who are perfect in
setting organization’s vision. Values and values. IPM leadership are also created sustainable
environment for organizational performance improvement. For instance, IPM leadership are able
to assess its internal capability of its clients and combine it with its legacy knowledge in order to
in order to win stakeholder’s support in achieving its project objectives. IPM company has also
good customer relationship which has been achieved through maintaining deep commitment and
good communication networks to their esteem clients. IPM also has strategic advantages in
empowering its employees through education and having better relationship with its customers.
Finally, IPMs has enough resources required to fund it projects and to reward its employees to
the extent that IPM is known as “the workplace to be”.
Skilled workforce and wide annual revenue have given IPM competitive advantages
among its competitors. For instance, IPM’s annual revenue has increase by 62% for the last eight
years. In addition, its annual income per consultant is also higher than United States’ SPI
Management Consultancies ratio. IPM has liquidity ratio of 6.1, which determines its higher
ability to pay debt. Its liquidity ratio is also higher than IBISWorld standard, which is 1.5
(“Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.”, 2019). IPM ‘s debt-to-equity ratio is also
higher than IBISWorld average standard of 2.2. IPM has also manage to retain its customers
through its strong customer’s retention techniques such as reliable communication and giving
back services to them. Therefore, these customer retention techniques have given IPM
competitive advantages in that it can still build new product for this this existing market. The
existing client revenue has also been growing at the rate of 4.1% for the last six years. Its new
client revenues have grown by 22%. IPM has also deployed employee satisfaction through
training and capacity development. These training and capacity development include sponsoring
employees in programs like master or doctoral degree, Six Sigma and PMP certifications.
Employee satisfactory rate at IPM is much higher than the national Great to Work (GPTW)
standard. Integrated Project Management Company also recorded employee satisfaction rate,
which is 93% in 2017 (“Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.”, 2019).
Based on the IPM’s strength and organization’ structure, IPM will continuing leading in
the category of small-scale companies. For instance, its bid-to-win ratio of IPM has been
consistent grown from 2015 to 2017. The bid-to-win ratio of IPM is higher than the SPI
Management Consultancies standard. In addition, the propose acceptance rate of IPM was 65%,
which is above SPI benchmark which is 48% (“Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.”,
2019). Besides, the number of esteem clients have consistently increased by around 320% from
2013 to 2017. IPM has also engage supporting “Project Mercy” through donation of over
$40,000 in order to support children, education, research just to mention a few. IPM will still
outdo its competitors due to these donations, which key in achieving customer retention. IPM has
also embraced competitive strategy of differentiating its services, which is based on low cost and
high quality. Therefore, IPM will still outdo its industry competitors, which offer poor quality of
products and services at higher cost. Examples of IPM industry competitors are Boston
Consulting Group, and PM Solutions.
In conclusion, IPM has been performing exceeding well in the last ten years. As result,
IPM has won 2017 ILPEx Gold award, and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
(“Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.”, 2019). IPM is small-scale private company,
which offer services such as product development, change management, capital project
management, just to mention a few. This company has 182 employees who are headed by Chief
Executive Officer (CEO). IPM’s senior management has established communication mechanism,
which are meant to assist in enhancing collaboration among its employees. For instance, IPM’s
management have introduced day-to-day interaction with its employees in order to share their
vision and values with them for betterment of organizational performance. These senior
managers have also maintained consistent personal contact with their customer in order to retain
them. IPM’s management has introduced project performance evaluation, which is used to track
overall customer satisfaction. For example, IPM has scored and maintained satisfaction rate of
99% for the last three years. The management has also introduced Corporate Governance
document, which assist in attaining transparency in the development of strategic plans, and fiscal
accountability. For instance, it is the norm of IPM to discuss financial outcomes during staff
quarter meeting and share it in “pulse employee newsletter”. On the other hand, IPM has several
strengths such as empowered workforce, and good relationship with its clients. IPM has also
realized several completive advantages such as high customer retention, employee training and
capacity development, high liquidity ratio, high debt-to-equity ratio, and high employee
satisfactory rate. Therefore, IPM will be able to compete effectively since its bid-to-win level is
relatively higher than SPI Management. IPM’s acceptance rate is also higher than SPI
benchmark. Moreover, IPM has also deploy competitive strategy of differentiating their service
based on high quality at relatively low cost than its competitors.
Integrated Project Management Company, Inc. (2019). Retrieved from
Project Management Consultancy Services – Our Services | IPM. (2019). Retrieved from


Retrieved from
Strategic Evaluations
Integrated Project Management Company Inc. is a successful business consulting
organization. Its roles to advice on the strategic initiatives, executes complex strategies, initiate
new grounds and implement business ideas. Integrated Project Management Inc. provides
outstanding professional leadership strategies that transform respective organizations into
expected results. The company has assisted more than 400 clients and implemented approximately
4000 projects whose impact has spread across the nations (Integrated Project Management, 2019).
According to one of the case studies of a global medical device company, Integrated Project
Management Inc. contributed to its success through implementing its business strategies. Some of
the business strategies involved in the company includes:
Potential business level strategies
Integrated Project Management Inc. has employed the strategy of differentiating their
consulting services. There has been the development of new services through creative innovation
processes. This has been done in order to create a competitive advantage and better solutions to
the customers. The company has invested in market research, cost analysis, and regulatory
compliances through quality management (Integrated Project Management, 2019). Integrated
Project Management Inc. has made their services worth more than money. High-quality services
are identified through critical interdependent activities which are not limited to commercialization.
The innovation frameworks are initiated that are enhanced through risk assessment and cost
analysis of the services.
Integrated Project Management Inc. focuses on low-cost strategies by stressing on business
technology management (Integrated Project Management, 2019). The right technology that a
business employs helps in acquiring the best information which will help in executing strategic
and functional issues in business. This means that for a company to acquire a low-cost strategy,
the company has initiated a right balance of people, technology and processes which are geared
toward the growth of the business thus being future orientation. This means that integrated project
management focuses on the complexities of technology selection thus guiding a business
effectively. On the same point, this also assists in maximizing the investment of the client
Corporate level strategies for the organization
In business growth strategies, the company is focused on getting more revenues from the
sale of its products and services. As part of business growth, the business has employed supply
chain optimization. This is because the customers are more demanding thus making the company
finds new strategies to reach them as fast as possible through cost-effective means. The company
extends its delivery of services through venturing into new geographical location and target new
markets (Integrated Project Management, 2019). Integrated Project Management Inc. helps its
clients in optimizing their distribution networks, making outsourcing decisions and product
traceability. The business has divided its investment and consultancy in different industries such
as life sciences, consumer products, industrial products, and healthcare.
Integrated Project Management Inc. diversification strategy focuses on the company’s
services and products thus establishing successful sales and marketing (Integrated Project
Management, 2019). This means that the company is trying to be the leading business in the niche.
The business has also merged with 4000 projects in the USA and overseas thus blending
organization cultures, capturing synergies and harmonizing workforce with the successful
companies that it has worked with. The business diversification clarifies responsibilities and
prioritizes the organizational alignment. Through integration and collaboration with the clients,
the company has been able to keep its stakeholder updated, reduce the risk of losing customers,
suppliers and employees.
Global strategies for the organization
Global strategies of Integrated Project Management Inc. cover the global, international and
localization strategies of business expansion. The international strategy employed by the integrated
project management Inc. is that it has led to the introduction of Midtronics. As a strategy to grow
the business globally, the company has implemented Enterprise Resource planning systems which
helps in enhancing effective sales management (Integrated Project Management, 2019). This
system has led to the integration of human resources, their services, and technological
involvement. Through its market growth, the businesses have diversified its business overseas thus
assisting in implementing its expansive investments.
The business is able to understand the diversity of the international markets as well as take
care of the domestic markets. Through product and services diversifications, the business has led
to the introduction of combined project management expertise (Integrated Project Management,
2019). For instance, in the industry of life sciences, the company has led to the provision of a better
solution to the customers’ needs effectively. This increases its potential customer base thus
crossing the cultural marketing. In today’s modern solution, integrated project management Inc.
has led to high-quality translation and engagement of customers throughout the world. Also,
through standardization, the cost factor is enhanced. The cost configuration is maintained globally
and locally. This centralizes the global marketing program thereby controlling and coordinating
the management. Integrated Project Management Inc., improvement of localization strategy
should be done by hiring local members who will maintain the reputation.
Recommended strategies
In order for the Integrated Project Management Inc., to reach its optimal market share goals
it needs to establish a business strategy goal. This can be chosen as stability to be implemented by
the leaders through maintains market shares rather than scaling up. This strategy has its advantages
such as introducing negotiating better costs on distribution margins (Tavana, 2014). Also, leaders
should focus on customer retention locally and internationally.
The company is focused on taking differentiation a step further. This means that the
company is responsible for adding value to the services and products offered by targeting a small
market niche. For instance, the company may target a small market niche that may be profitable
which can be based on the price or the customer benefits. On the same point, the diversification of
the business and investing in a small market niche can help in tapping into international markets
(Tavana, 2014). This can be a focus on a certain culture, specific companies, and businesses.
Since the year 1988, Integrated Project Management Inc. has served more than 400 clients
and implemented approximately 4000 projects. Through the implementation strategies, the
company has been able to succeed in most business plans and competitive landscapes. Also,
through its localized and international marketing strategies, the business has expanded its
demographic locations. The service providence the dedicated leadership of the company has been
driven through their completion. Customers potential is achieved through business growth,
diversification, low-cost strategies, international, standardization and localization strategies has
been employed to impact on the client’s potential.
Integrated Project Management, I. P. M. (2019). Integrated Project


Tavana, M. (2014). Developing business strategies and identifying risk factors in modern
organizations. Hershey, PA : Business Science Reference

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