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an argumentative essay about whether obesity and poverty.

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Is there a link between obesity and poverty
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The Argument Research Paper
Important Dates
3/31/19: Research question & sources due to group (discussion board post)
4/7/19: Thesis/Outline due to Groos
4/14/17: Rough draft due to group (post in discussion board); Peer Edit begins
4/21/19: Peer Edit ends
4/28/19: Final Draft due to Groos; Finish Teamwork Assessment
Objectives for this assignment

Write an essay of at least 4 pages typed in MLA format with Works Cited page to follow as
page 5
Provide sufficient background information on this current event/controversy/epidemic in
your Introduction so that an uninformed reader may understand the context of the issue
Indicate clearly your intention to persuade the reader of your sensible position on the issue
and include an argumentative thesis statement in the format I have given you in class
Support your thesis with clearly relevant content that is logically organized into supporting
sub-points (use specific examples, details, descriptions of each point)
Integrate at least 5 sources in the form of summary, paraphrase, or quotations and include
your interpretations of these references to demonstrate their relevance to the topic
Attribute and document accurately all information from sources (meaning, provide
parenthetical citations where necessary and a Works Cited page)
Draw an informed opinion based on your own research, reading, sources, and your own
Write free of any distracting grammar errors like sentence fragments, run-on sentences,
comma splices, misspelled words, etc.
Fully participate to the best of your ability in the group aspects of this assignment including
discussion board posts, the Peer Edit workshop and Teamwork Assessment
Essay Regulations
All essays must appear in proper MLA format. This includes 12 point, Times New Roman font,
the proper headers, 1-inch margins and a Works Cited page. Your in-text citations and Works
Cited page must be formatted according to MLA guidelines (see Purdue Owl website for help).
Essays should be written in third person.
All essays must be at least 4 pages in length.
The purpose of this assignment is to create a well-researched academic argument to take a
position on an issue of culture. Specifically, students will develop and answer a research question
under the umbrella topic of obesity in America. This question may pertain to the use of GMO’s,
rise in disease, sugar, advertising, school lunches, fast food or any of the other sub-topics we
have discussed in class.
Students should first focus on a particular aspect of this controversy that interests them, and
develop a research question to answer. This research question will give them a focus for their
research as they locate sources to cite in their essay. Students will collaborate in the research
phase of this essay by sharing helpful sources via the discussion board, but students will work
independently to develop their own thesis statement, outline and essay drafts. Students will
collaborate lastly in a Peer Edit workshop before the final draft is due. The final essay must
incorporate at least 5 outside sources (with Works Cited page) for support.
The purpose of including outside source material is to bolster your own opinion of the subject (to
support your main claim). Therefore, you should choose to integrate quotes that support the
points you are making in your essay. However, your own opinion and commentary should take
center stage. I am more interested in what you have to say about this topic than a summary of
what others have said. Your sources are merely there to back you up when needed.
A thesis statement must appear as the last sentence of your introduction. The thesis statement
needs to identify your main claim and the reasons why you feel this way. The body of your paper
will discuss each of the reasons you’ve identified in your thesis. Make sure to include:
Engaging title that hints at your thesis and grabs readers’ attention
A. A hook or attention-grabber at the beginning (quote, startling statistic,
hypothetical question, hypothetical story, etc.)
B. Background information on the topic – you need to spend some time here to set
up this discussion – why is obesity in America a growing problem that we should
care about? What different concerns have been raised about this issue and where
are we falling short in solving it?
C. A brief definition of any key terms if applicable (ex: GMO)
D. A clear, concise thesis statement (what are you arguing in this essay? Give a main
claim + reasons why you feel this way here). Be sure to establish the scope or
population you will be discussing in this essay (adolescents? Adults? Both?)
Body Paragraphs (at least three)
A. Transition words or phrases (First, next, additionally)
B. A clear topic sentence that establishes the focus of your paragraph (What is the
first point you will discuss? What is the second point you will discuss?)
C. Specific examples and details that support your overall thesis (make sure all the
information contained in a single paragraph pertains to the same main idea
expressed in the topic sentence for that paragraph)
D. Incorporate source material as needed – every quote you include from your
research must have a parenthetical citation and corresponding entry on your
Works Cited page
E. Closing statement that summarizes your thoughts on this point and/or leads us to
the next body paragraph – “All of this makes it very clear to see that…”)
III. Conclusion
A. Refresh your reader’s memory about some of the key points of your essay (do not
merely repeat yourself).
B. Answer the question, “So what?” Let your readers know why this topic matters,
why should they care about it? Why should they spend money to help remedy it,
C. Do NOT introduce any new comments or topics
D. Give us some “food for thought” for the future…what steps can we take to solve
this problem either on a personal, local, regional, national, level…?

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