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*** Plagiarism is not acceptable *** As part of Activity 4 need to complete on “Identify a Project Plan” based on my documents. Kindly refer attached instruction and tasks for the topic carefully. Instructions: Project idea should be Cite any sources you use using correct APA format on a separate page. Plagiarism is not acceptable. (Please consider this top priority). For Activity 4 complete instructions are attached. All instructions or tasks must be addressed. (Try to address all the information specified in each task) Activity 4 should be minimum 300 to 500 words (and reference page) With this instruction I am attaching 2 documents Please read careful first based on this document you need to do my Activity 4 project.


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Activity 4: Identify a Project Plan
Now that you have completed Activity 3 and revised it based on the
feedback you have received from your instructor and peers, it is time to
move on to the fourth activity of the course. Remember that your revised
paper will be part of the final project submitted at the end of the course.
Develop a high-level Project Plan (for all five phases of building,
transitioning, operating, adapting and retiring) which will take into
consideration the Risks, Assumptions and Resources that you have
identified during the previous activity. The project plan should be
emphasizing an approach that minimizes risks and verifies assumptions,
i.e., it should include a proof of concept for example. Keep the size of
each phase small so we can manage any potential associated risks.
Develop a document that explains your rationalization for the Project Plan
(how does it address Risks and Assumptions). Also, include any
additional mitigation strategies for the risks identified.
Activity 3: Risks, Assumptions, and Resources
Activity 3: Identify the Risks, Assumptions, and Resources Now that
you have completed Activity 2 and revised it based on the feedback
you have received from your instructor and peers, it is time to move on
to the third activity of the course.
Remember that your revised paper will be part of the final project
submitted at the end of the course.
aligning a
new capability with
the respective
organization. Identify
those risks in your
hypothetical scenario.
There is Risk associated with
What other risks do you foresee: technical, operational, business as well
as during the building, implementing/transitioning, operating and
retiring phases?
What Assumptions are you making (technical, operational, and
business) when you are thinking of this idea? Industry best practices
are used to minimize the risk the organization is about to take.
Research existing industry best practices or standards (ISO or NIST) to
minimize the risk in your hypothetical scenario. What resources
(financial, technical, people, etc.) will you need throughout all the
phases (building, implementing/transitioning, operating and retiring) as
well as across IT, Operational and Business.
Activity 3: Risks, Assumptions, and Resources
A. Risks
Aligning a new capability in Outrigger Hotels may have different threats to the hotels business.
These risks can threaten Outrigger Hotels performance, or they may affect the external
environment in which the Hotels operates. These risks include:
1. Operational risks- These risks affect the operational capability alignment of Outrigger
Hotel. The risks are as a result of the inefficient and ineffective alignment of operational
capability with the Outrigger Hotels (Bekefi, Epstein & Yuthas, 2008). The processes
that may threaten by these risks are a loss of assets of the Hotel and ineffective marketing
resulting in reduced customers.
2. Strategic risks- relate to the Outrigger Hotel choice of technical alignment capabilities
(Bekefi, Epstein & Yuthas, 2008). VR app cameras and wedding web service may fail to
align with the Outrigger Hotels Architecture. These risks will endanger the Hotels highlevel goals that align with its mission.
3. Compliance risks- these risks are as a result of the presence of VP camera and Wedding
Web service apps in the Outrigger Hotels systems. Are the systems according to the
required standards, law and have they meant all regulations (Bekefi, Epstein & Yuthas,
4. Reporting risks- these relate to the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of the VP
Cameras and wedding app service that Outrigger Hotels have acquired (Bekefi, Epstein
& Yuthas, 2008). Does it help them in decision making?
B. Assumptions
There are different assumptions that I made when I was thinking of aligning Outrigger with
the two new information technologies.
1. Outrigger Hotels functions will create value when new support functions are put in place
(Bekefi, Epstein & Yuthas, 2008).
2. I assumed that the VP camera and wedding app service do not create value by
themselves, but they support value creation (Bekefi, Epstein & Yuthas, 2008). This
means everything the IT will do must be in line with the initiatives of the hotel.
3. Every IT investment must be in line with the objectives of the organization. The strategy
of business must be changed to accommodate IT limitations since IT does not drive the
strategy of the business (Bekefi, Epstein & Yuthas, 2008).
C. Standards or best practices that minimize risks for Outrigger Hotels
1 Service Strategy as per ITIL. Business adoption of technology must be in line service
provider requirements (Beaubouef, 2013).
2 Continual Service Improvement (CSI). Detects changes in outcomes of the IT and
determines its relevance to the organization (Beaubouef, 2013).
3 Service Level Management (SLM). Makes sure the planned and the current IT services
are according to the agreed terms, and they are within achievable terms (Beaubouef,
D. Resources needed in different phases of IT operationalization in Business
1. Building phase resources-technical skills, financial and human capital resources,
2. Implementing/ transitioning stage resources-technical knowledge, people skills, financial
and good practices
3. Operating phase resources- operating skills and maintenance skills
4. Retiring phase resources – technical knowledge, financial and people skills.
Beaubouef, G.B. (2013). Business to IT Alignment. ERP Implementation. Retrieved from
Bekefi, T., Epstein, M.J., & Yuthas, K. (2008). Managing opportunities and risks. CIMA Global.
Retrieved from
Sravva, I am afraid that this work is incomplete and unacceptable.
For example, the Activity 3 assignment specifically instructed you to also find best practices
and standards. There are financial best practices, credit card best practices, wedding and
hospitality industry best practices, web design best practices, and more that you could have
found. You could also have looked at the industry leaders for examples of industry best
practices. I am sure that Ritz Carlton and Marriott have information about wedding
services. I am sure there are trade groups that have recommendations about wedding
services. Who are the leading VR companies? What are their best practices.

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