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The Research Study Report is the single largest component (30 percent) of your final grade for the semester. For that reason alone it is worthwhile spending significant amounts of time making sure you submit a high quality assignment.The draft and the final report must contain the following items.A transmittal letter or memorandum, as appropriate.Title pageA Table of Contents that shows all the headings and subheadings contained in the body of the report and the correct page number where each heading and subheading appears in the text of the report.A List of Figures containing the figure number and title of each graphic insert with the correct page number.Page numbers on all pages except the transmittal letter/memorandum and the title page.All pages prior to the Introduction will be in Roman numerals. All other page numbers will be in Arabic numeralsAn executive summary.Headings and subheadings that match the Table of Contents.At least three quotations or attributions documented with in-text citations using one of the approved documentation style formats.At least two graphic insertions (table, chart, diagram, photo, etc.) that are relevant to the text. More than two graphics should be used if it helps convey your message to the reader.Criteria for evaluation of the solution(s) clearly described.The conclusion must include a realistic evaluation of your proposed project. The evaluation can be positive, negative, or somewhere between positive and negative. Do not force a conclusion to meet your preconceived notions. Your supervisors are relying on your unbiased professional judgment. If you force a conclusion that turns out to be wrong, your career could suffer.A Works Cited page or References page with at least three sources of information. At least one source should be an authored, published article from a business or professional journal, or an authored, published book.Some reports will require an appendix, or appendices. An appendix should be used to include background material which is important to the report but does not lend itself to inclusion in the main body. Examples of material to include in the appendices are completed questionnaires, material from equipment suppliers such as specifications and prices, detailed drawings or graphics, or computer printouts. Each Appendix will be designated by a letter, such as Appendix A, Appendix B, etc. and will carry a descriptive title. In addition, the title of each appendix will appear in the Table of Contents of the report.The Works Cited page or Reference page tells the reader how, or where, to find the source, such as the book or journal. An in-text citation tells the reader from which source it came and on which page the information is found that is included in the citation.Take particular care to adequately cite Internet sources in APA or MLA format. Just citing the home page of a large Internet site or just providing a link will not be considered adequate citation.There is no maximum or minimum length requirement for this report

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Logistics Management Trainee,
Cowan Systems LLC. Baltimore, MD,
Victoria Espinoza,
One N Main St, Houston, TX 77002
[email protected]
22nd February 2019
Liam William,
The Human Resource Manager,
Cowan Systems LLC
[email protected]
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
4555 Hollins Ferry Rd, Halethorpe, MD 21227, USA
Re: Application for the position of Logistics Management Trainee at Cowan Systems
I am writing to your distinguished organization to apply for the position of Logistics
Management Trainee. I learned about this position from an advertisement on the New
York Times dated 20th February 2019. I have freshly graduated from university, and I
believe that I am the most suitable candidate for this position.
I am a recent graduate from the Houston University Downtown Texas, with a Bachelor of
Business Administration Degree, Supply Chain Management option. My principal
competencies include business planning, problem-solving, supply chain analysis,
inventory management, and logistics management. Furthermore, I am adept a negotiation
skills, purchasing management and advanced supply chain application in diverse
I have a rich experience that will help me deliver in this position with unmatched
professionalism. To begin with, between January and May 2017, I worked as a Counter
Manager at Macy’s. My duties in this capacity included management of stock and
inventory, logistics planning, control and evaluation, records management and
monitoring rate of stock turnover. I realized enormous achievements while in this
capacity. First, I engineered the automation restructure of the merchandise record system.
Consequently, the firm’s profits rose by 10% in the first two months. Secondly, I
redesigned inventory policies at Macy’s by introducing an inventory tracking system that
helped in the tracking of logistics. This led to a 35% improvement in client sales and
satisfaction within three months. Additionally, while at the university, I organized an
obesity awareness marathon in Houston that aimed at sensitizing the local community on
the dangers of obesity on their health. The entire University departments and a large
number of local community members participated in this event.
I am seeking the position of logistics management trainee in your reputable company in
order to kick start my career in supply chain management. Besides, this position will help
me contribute to your firm’s strategic objectives. My resume and references are attached.
Please feel free to contact me at your convenience so that we can discuss the above
position in detail.
Victoria Espinoza
From January 2015 to spring 2019
University of Houston Downtown, TX
Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management
(Management of Supply Chain Contracts, Quality management, Supply chain
management, Logistics Operations Management, Materials management, Negotiation
techniques, purchasing management)

Educational Accomplishments
Improved culturally responsive teaching in school as a culture ambassador by
researching and advocacy campaigns
Resolved accountability issues at the students’ union as a student leader by
developing accountability policy which enhanced integrity and trust in public
Discovered $2000 lost money in the students’ union as a student leader by tracking
and collaborating with external auditors. Advocated for integrity in leadership.
Work Experience
Between January and May 2017
Counter Manager at Macy’s
• Management of stock and inventory
• Logistics planning, control, and evaluation
• Records Management
• Monitoring rate of stock turnover

I engineered automation restructure of the merchandise record system to
merchandise while I was a counter manager at Macy’s inventory department.
As a result, the profits jumped by 10% in the first two months.
I redesigned inventory policies by introducing an inventory tracking system
that enabled us to track logistics. As a result of the efficient distribution, client
satisfaction and sales volumes improved by 35% in the first three months.
As a result of increased online based orders and logistical efficiency, the
marketing department saw a 49% increase in the response rate from our
clients as well as a 50% customer retention rate.
Volunteer Experience

I volunteered as a cultural ambassador in the campus’s cultural week. As a
result, there was increased participation and
I organized an obesity awareness marathon in Houston to sensitize the local
community on the dangers of obesity on their health. The event attracted all
campus departments as well as the local community members.
NB: Referees details available upon request

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