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Your company has been developing nicely. The goals have been set, the employees have been hired, and now it’s time to start working toward accomplishing the objectives. Anyone who has worked in a company knows that things don’t always go smoothly. For this assignment, your employees are running into issues in the work environment, and it’s up to you come up with solutions to their problems. There are two separate situations in the video below, and each has specific questions regarding leadership and motivation. Answer these questions using concepts from this week and previous weeks.( LINK TO THE VIDEO)…Remember that this is your business, so be creative and have fun with the topic.


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Carpet Cleaner
This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY
Carpet Cleaner
We only clean carpet, oriental, and area
We clean Residence(including individuals,
families, and landlords)
We clean commercial Businesses(including
small businesses, larger businesses,
insurance companies, etc)
Carpet Cleaner
Carpet Cleaner
How we do the cleaning?
Trained Technicians: Our
technicians are certified in
the approved methods of
cleaning and revitalizing
commercial flooring.
4-Step Process: our 4-step
process: pre-spray, agitate,
re-spray and rinse.
Achieve Steam: Patentpending heat management
technology – the hottest
water to maximize clean.
Quick Dry: The powerful
extraction system allows
carpet to dry within a
couple of hours, not days.
24-hour Follow-up: We make
contact within 24 hours after
service to ensure satisfaction
Carpet Cleaner
What differentiate us from the rest?
We provide outstanding customer service by addressing customer concerns, questions or issues
You pay only for the time we clean, and a percentage goes into our donation bank and is
donated at the end of the year to children charities.
We is committed to providing environmentally sound cleaning practices (green cleaning for health
and wellness), products, and equipment.
We are so confident in the services we provide, we offer a 60-day, money back, satisfaction
guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with any aspect of the services you receive and cancel
your account with us within 60 days of the agreement, we will issue a full refund.
Carpet Cleaner
Starting out I would use two of the Functions of Management
I would use planning because is the process of evaluating the goals of the company and then setting a course for success.
This function evaluates the existing activities and goals. Then I can schedule activities that will lead to achieving those goals.
I would use the organizing function because this brings resources together to achieve the goals I established in the planning
function. Resources include materials, personnel and financial backing.
Why you should invest
Carpet Cleaner
Company Leadership: we have trusted and
passionate leaders with a clear vision for the
company’s future.
Company give back program: give bonuses
to charities, scholarships programs, trains
employees to open their own businesses.
Maximus investors returns
Running head: Environmental Analysis and Goal Setting
Environmental Analysis and Goal Setting
Desmond K. Fulton
Rasmussen College
Author Note
This paper is being submitted on February 17, 2019 for Christa Reyes, Principles of Management
Environmental Analysis and Goal Setting
SWOT Analysis
➢ Location
➢ Well train professional
➢ Variety of services
➢ Lack of finance
➢ New and unknown company
➢ Not enough man power
➢ Expand the company
➢ Open more stores
➢ Attract more business than competitor
Environmental Analysis and Goal Setting
➢ Well known competitor
➢ Down turn in the economy
➢ Changes in regulation can impact the business
Mustafa Carpet Cleaning Company is centrally located in one of the busiest and populated areas
in Charlotte – North Carolina; our location is our major strength. We also have some of the best carpet
cleaning techs that are well trained in carpet cleaning. Another strength we have is the amount of service
we provide that other cleaning companies don’t, such as Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Residential Carpet
Cleaning, Stain Removal services, Carpet deodorization services, Dyeing used rugs, and Rug Damage
Restoration Services.
Mustafa Carpet Cleaning Company is a new emerging business that is owned by an individual family and do n’t have the financial backing to get the kind of publicity we want for our business as well
as the manpower to handle multiple jobs.
We are centrally located in one of the busiest areas of Charlotte and we are open to all the
available opportunities that Charlotte has to offer. We don’t want to only do carpet cleaning we want to
expand and do titles, VCT, upholstery, and any other floor cleaning. We want to open more stores around
Environmental Analysis and Goal Setting
Charlotte as well in South Carolina. With us expanding our services we want to attract more businesses
that need this type of work done.
Some of the threats that are going to Mustafa confront Carpet Cleaning Company is, a wellknown competitor such as Stanly steamer and Cintas they been around for a while and customer
recognize them. A downturn in the economy which is likely going to affect consumers spending. changes
in DOT rules and regulation can have a big impact on our company if we are not in compliance with them
we can be fined, and we can lose our vehicle and can cost us our business.
Smart Goal 1
Our smart goal is to be the number one chosen carpet cleaning company in North Carolina and
South Carolina, providing quality service, trained professional, hard work, reliably, and excellent
customer service.
Smart Goal 2
Our next smart goal is to have over 200 employees, with multiple stores set up around North
Carolina and South Carolina. We want to be a company that masters floor cleaning. We want to provide
over 20 different services.
Environmental Analysis and Goal Setting
Hiring and Organizing
Desmond K. Fulton
Rasmussen College
Author Note
This paper is being submitted on February 24, 2019 for Christa Reyes, Principles of Management
Hiring and Organizing
Different organizational structures can be used by companies depending on the nature of
their operations. Mustafa Carpet Cleaning Company is a unique organization that offers cleaning
services within North and South Carolina. A divisional organizational structure is appropriate for
this company because of the nature of its operations and the overall organizational goals
(Aldrich, 2014) The company seeks to open up new stores in different locations to establish their
brand as well as expand the market. A divisional organizational structure ensures that each store
is managed independently without the need to consult the head office regularly. The top
management under this structure ensures that operations are uninterrupted by providing the
necessary help to the stores.
The structure is suited for the company since cleaning services can be conducted in
different stores without the need to centrally manage the employees. As such, the structure will
ease the management of employees at the same time ensuring that decision making is
decentralized (Allen, 2014). The structure further allows each division to adopt a functional
structure which will ensure that experts conduct specialized services. The carpet cleaning
business does not require expertise but the skills on how to effectively clean various materials. It
is for this reason that geographical, organizational structure is suited for this company.
The management of this company requires managers with the right skills to be able to get
the best out of employees. Tyler Simons and Emilia Rivera are two managers that are suited for
this new company. Tyler Simmons is an associate graduate with ten years’ experience in an
unrelated field. The main strength of Tyler is on empowering employees and communicating
effectively. Considering the nature of this business, employees need to be empowered to work
with motivation and achieve organizational goals.
Tyler has excellent interpersonal skills based on his abilities and can get along with any
employee. The ability to establish good relationships with employees ensures that the manager
can identify the strengths of employees and work towards getting the best. Emilia Rivera is a
fresh graduate with no experience but has the desire to learn, has the energy and she is creative.
Rivera is a person who avoids confrontation but prefers alternative ways of addressing issues
when they arise in the organization. Rivera believes in efficiency and will work to improve
productivity in the organization. The opportunity will provide the right experience as well as
give her the chance to experiment on a new management style.
The divisional organizational structure suits the two managers based on their strengths.
Tyler is an excellent communicator and values empowering employee. The structure will allow
him to trust employees in various divisions to work without being supervised (Allen 2015). Tyler
can further establish a good communication system that eases the flow of information between
employees. By leveraging on communication. It will be easier for Tyler to manage employees in
different divisions. Besides, Tyler can easily decentralize decision making based on his beliefs
and desire to empower the staff regularly. For the case of Rivera, the structure will maximize her
strength of creativity. Rivera is full of energy and managing in an organization that is divided
into divisions will give her the opportunity to learn, interact with employees and come up with
new ideas that can improve productivity in the organization. Rivera can get to learn because of
the diversity that exists in this organization.
Aldrich, H. E., & Yang, T. (2014). How do entrepreneurs know what to do? Learning and
organizing in new ventures. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 24(1), 59-82.
Allen, K. R. (2015). Launching new ventures: An entrepreneurial approach. Nelson Education.

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