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An important skill in doctoral writing is the ability to reflect on
reading material and provide an integrated report providing information
from multiple authors. For Part I, develop a research paper that
demonstrates synthesis of 15-20 scholarly articles on the topic selected
in Week 4. You should start your paper by identifying a research
problem that you have identified in your readings.Your paper should reflect critical synthesis of:What researchers have concluded regarding the problem, related issues, and potential resolutions, andWhat is still not known about the problem and its potential resolution.The latter reflect gaps in the literature, such as
understudied populations, missing theoretical foundations, contributing
factors that have not been explored well, or other unknowns that could
help shed more light on the topic. Such gaps are important to identify
because they are used as a starting point for new research.Note that an outline of the material will make it easier to develop
the essay. From the outline, a draft can be developed and reviewed.
During the review, you can ensure all elements of the topic are covered.
The essay should be comprehensive and concise. Be sure to have
citations for all assertions.Length: 5-7 pagesYour assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas
and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts
and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should
reflect doctoral-level writing and APA standards.

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Thanks for submitting your assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to begin
to develop skills to select a research topic and to find ways to manage the research
articles once you discover them. Becoming familiar with researching academic
references in the library is a much needed skillset throughout your academic
You did a good job reviewing and comparing various references management tools.
Once you begin the research for your literature review and dissertation you will
become overwhelmed with trying to manage all the references. Finding a reference
management system now will eliminate the stress and work in the future, when you
will need to concentrate on more critical tasks such as analyzing research articles.
For improvement, you did not include the excel spreadsheet that is required for this
Your grade reflects the provided feedback. Please let me know if you have any
questions or concerns. I am here to help you. Have a great day!
Dr. Jessica Lowery Clark
February 5, 2019
Reference Manager
Savior C Wright
MGT 7300
Scholarly Business Communications
Week 4 Assignment
Reference Manager
A reference manager is a tool that helps researchers in conducting three general research
steps which include searching for references, storing them, and writing them (Feather, 2018). It
aids researchers in finding important literature and allows them to store bibliographic metadata
and papers in a person storage section or a database for future references, and enables them to
insert references and citations in a specific chosen style when writing their research work.
Explain the Reference Management Process
First and for most, a good reference manager should have the following key functionalities in order
for it to be considered good for use:

Capability to import citations from bibliographic websites and databases (Feather, 2018).

Capability to gather metadata from files.

Enables the organization of citations.

Enables the annotation of citations (Feather, 2018).

Enables the sharing of the overall database.

Enables the interchange of data with other reference manager tools.

Capability to produce various citations formats.

Capability to function effectively with word document programs.
A reference manager is usually a package that enables researchers to collect/organize, and
use bibliographic citations or references. The package is composed of a database that normally
stores citations and references. Once a reference or a citation is inserted in the database, it can be
used to generate bibliographies which are usually found at the end section of text.
A reference manager allows and enables the direct importation from bibliographic
databases via direct and immediate access from the bookmark lets or the reference manager that
imports content or data from a web browser (Filson, 2018). Other than this, references can also be
imported from other files or reference managers in a BibTex format with the aid of import tools.
The database can later on, be indexed, labeled, and searched. In most cases, the reference
manager will provide tools that help in organizing the references in subfolders and folders. Some
of the reference managers enable the inclusion of text papers into PDF format. References can then
be shared through the internet and arranged into workgroups so that the members can utilize the
same database of references. The reference manager provides tools for the exportation of
references and citations into a word program by choosing relevant content from the database. The
citation style to be used can be chosen from the database which houses styles that are meant to
serve a large number of publishers. Some of the reference managers enable style saving and
Some of the reference managers allow and enable the collaborative editing,
synchronization, and sharing of a reference database across a public workgroup through the
internet or even a private workgroup (Filson, 2018). The public sharing of the references is made
possible through the internet via tools such as Bibsonomy and CiteULike. This is a functionality
that helps in sharing open access files via the internet and also to produce usage statistics.
I can definitely use the reference management tool to find my sources later by using the tools that
come with the reference manager to organize and store my references into subfolders and folders
that I can easily access later on in the future.
Excel Spreadsheet
An excel spreadsheet is an electronic program that is normally used for the purpose of
storing data, organizing data, and manipulating data. The main advantages and disadvantages of
using the excel spreadsheet include the following:
Advantages of an Excel Spreadsheet
All in One Program
It is an all in one program and for this reason, it does not require additional subsets (Hines, 2018).
The files in this program can be protected by a password to act as an additional security feature.
Easier to Connect to OLAP
Excel has the potential to directly be connected to an OLAP database and also it can easily
be integrated or fused with Pivot Tables (Hines, 2018).
Sent Via Emails
The excel files can easily be transferred via emails and thus can be viewed directly by using
your smartphone which acts as a source of convenience.
Disadvantages of an Excel Spreadsheet
Virus Attack
The excel files can easily be affected by viruses through tiny programs known as macros.
Loss of Data
You can easily lose your crucial information through the act of breaking the excel files into
small files (Johnson, 2018).
Slow Execution
If you use one excel file, the file will definitely be big and thus, for this reason, it will
execute at a very slow pace.
This is a reference management software program that is used by students and AUT staff.
The main advantages and disadvantages of this program include the following:

It can format citations that are imported by using any style format.

Works well with Microsoft Word document to reference and cite a document using your
EndNote library (Johnson, 2018).

It has the capability to import citations from other sources or database.

It is not easy to use this particular program.

It may require you to manually edit your records that are in your library in order for them
to be referenced properly (Johnson, 2018).
This is a program that enables the user to store and also to manage their citation through
the use of the internet.

It can format citations that are imported by using any style format.

It has the capability to import citations from other sources or database (Tbaishat, 2018).

It is not easy to use this particular program (Tbaishat, 2018)

It may require you to manually edit your records that are in your library in order for them
to be referenced properly.
The best tool for me to use is EndNote and the main reason for this is because it works well
with Microsoft Word program when it comes to reference and cite my documents using citations
from my EndNote Library.
Feather, J. (Ed.). (2018). managing preservation for libraries and archives: current practice and
future developments. Routledge.
Filson, C. K. (2018). Comparative study of collection management practices of academic
libraries. Library Management, 39(1/2), 66-77.
Hines, S. S. (2018). Common Roots, Different Systems: Project Management and Librarianship.
In Project Management in the Library Workplace (pp. 37-70). Emerald Publishing
Johnson, P. (2018). Fundamentals of collection development and management. American Library
Tbaishat, D. (2018). Process architecture development using Riva and ARIS: comparative
study. Business Process Management Journal, 24(3), 837-858.

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