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The assignment is Midterm Reflection the assignment that you have to do is: In your sixth journal entry, I would like you to reflect on the midterm portfolio. In a minimum of 300 words, talk about your process and address some of the following questions: What went well? What didn’t? What was difficult about this project? What did you really enjoy? What do you think you might change for the final portfolio? What questions do you have for me? Any concerns would you like very specific feedback on? I will upload two files, 1- has the midterm feedback from my instructor2- the other file is the midterm portfolio that I did I will help you to answer some questionsThe assignment is too easy and short, it should not take more than half hour to finish it.


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Unformatted Attachment Preview

English 101 Midterm Grade Report
Spring 2019
Instructor: Katie Vogelpohl
Student Name: Fatimah Ekfeer
Attendance Record:
In an online class, attendance is measured by your discussion board posts, reading reflections, and
exploratory writing submissions. You may miss 2 days of active class postings without penalty. 5 days
(aka 2.5 weeks) of missed postings will result in a failing grade for the course.
Participation: Your participation in class has been (see Class Participation rubric on page xvi of
Joining Academic Conversations):
Superior / Strong / Satisfactory / Weak / Unacceptable
Exploratory Writing: Overall, your exploratory writing has been (see rubric on page xvii of Joining
Academic Conversations):
Superior / Strong / Satisfactory / Weak / Unacceptable
Formal Writing:
Superior / Strong / Satisfactory / Weak / Unacceptable
Formal Writing (70%):
Your final grade:
Exploratory Writing (20%):
Participation (10%): A
Midterm GRADE: APortfolio Assessment at mid-term (see criteria on page 2 in WiP)
Aspects of your writing that you do well:
Aspects of your writing to keep working on:
Selecting Appropriate Topics
Selecting Appropriate Topics
Critical Thinking/Reflection/Analysis
Critical Thinking/Reflection/Analysis
Use of Vivid Detail and Description
Use of Vivid Detail and Description
Organization, Focus, and Transitions
Organization, Focus, and Transitions
Use of Appropriate Tone
Use of Appropriate Tone
Strength of Introductions
Strength of Introductions
Strength of Conclusions
Strength of Conclusions
Significant Revision
Significant Revision
Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling
Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling
Following the Directions of the Assignments
Following the Directions of the Assignments
Paper Formatting
Paper Formatting
Meeting Deadlines/Length Requirements
Meeting Deadlines/Length Requirements
Comments: Fatimah,
I want to start by commending you on the excellent job you have done on keeping up with
your work. You show great focus, and while you have missed one exploratory, I know
that you will make sure to keep up this strong work moving forward. You ask smart
questions of me, and I appreciate that you are taking the time to ask for help. It is what I
am here for.
In terms of your midterm portfolio, you have made smart changes that allow me to
follow your points much more clearly. I appreciate your personal narrative, and I can see
how you have refocused the story to make sure that I didn’t get lost. Thank you for that.
Your profile paper really benefitted from the research that you added, and the new
introduction really captures my attention. Wonderful job. Thank you for taking the time
to be so focused on these important revisions.
As you move forward with your next papers, continue to focus on how to add research
and authority to your writing. The next papers are all research based, and your attention
to detail will be key. Wonderful job, Fatimah! Keep it up!
This memo provides me with an opportunity to demonstrate what I have learned within the first
few weeks of ENGL 101. It also gives me an opportunity to reflect upon the revisions that I
have to my personal narrative and profile paper and why.
Techniques learned when writing the narrative/profile
I have learned several techniques when writing the personal narrative and the profile project.
For instance, I have learned that a sentence should be short enough to keep the reader interested.
There is also the technique of repurposing words to surprise the reader by using unexpected,
creative words. This also keeps the writer interested in what I am talking about. I also learned
about how to craft a great title for my personal narrative and profile project that will capture
your attention, as the reader. Well, a weak title can deter you before you read a single sentence
of my work. Furthermore, I learned about how to write a great introduction, that concisely and
clearly introduces you to my work.
What went well when writing these pieces
It was quite interesting that I was able to write each of the two projects: The personal narrative
and the profile project in one sitting. This, therefore, made it possible for me to have my first
draft of each assignment which was a discovery process for me. Even more, it was great that
rather than telling the story, I was able to show it to you. I can illustrate this using the scene
where the head of my department convened us to have a meeting to discuss the misappropriation
of funds by the employees. I cannot outlook the fact that I was able to defeat the writer’s block.
When I was stuck, rather than trying to write well, I just wrote. I did not try to be perfect.
Therefore, it went well how I was able to take the pressure off and just wrote.
What didn’t go well when writing these pieces
When writing these pieces, I did not have to hang on how to write a good structure as some of
my sentences were too long. Yet, some of my paragraphs were sort of mixed up and I was able
to rectify that this after my revision. Another part that did not go well is that of research. Well,
in my profile project on Erick, I used little outside research to boost Erick’s points of views.
However, after receiving your comments on why and where I need outside research to support
his ideas, I was able to integrate the life of other football coaches to Erick’s story thus boosting
his ideas.
Did you enjoy writing these assignments?
So, I actually enjoyed writing these assignments. I never knew that narrating a work story could
be so much enjoyable in writing that in the oral narration. I mean, I was able to complete the
personal narrative in one sitting which thus shows how I found writing it enjoyable. For one
thing, I am rarely happy about writing several assignments. The profile project, on the other
hand, was also quite enjoyable to write. I am not a fan of football. However, interviewing and
writing an interview about Erick made me so interested in the stories of other footballers that I
went and researched more about it. I even had to watch a match to get a hang of how football
works. This is how engaging these assignments have been. I am genuinely interested in writing
more in the future.
What did you decide to revise in the profile/narrative? Why?
For the profile project, I revised my formatting as my header was a little far to the left. I also
changed the title to fit my topic. Well, my previous title read ‘Profile Project’ but after revision, I
altered this title to ‘Beating the odds to become a rising star’. I also decided to revise my
introduction in order to capture your attention. The previous introduction was a little bit “dry” to
say the least. I, therefore, came up with something interesting that will captivate you to read the
rest of my project. I also revised the outside research section as most of Erick’s ideas were not
supported by outside sources.
For my narrative, I rearranged some paragraphs that seemed to have a poor structure. For
instance, I had to move the paragraph on how the sales representative that I worked with
handled cash while I handled loading, further away from the introduction to ensure consistency.
This, therefore, ensured that my story flowed consistently unlike in the previous paper. I also
rearranged my sentence structure as some of the sentences were too long thus making it hard for
the reader to understand what I was saying. I also revised the grammar part of my personal
narrative. After proofreading, I noticed that some parts of the narrative did not make sense in
that a random reader may not have understood what I meant to say. For those parts, I decided to
correct the grammar to eliminate any ambiguity or misunderstanding that may stem from bad
grammar construction.
What did you decide to keep? Why?
I decided to keep both conclusions of the assignments, as they were the strongest parts of the
assignments. My interview with Erick, for instance, is well summarized by the conclusion in the
project profile. I also decided to keep the introduction of the personal narrative as it was short,
captivating, and straight to the point
The other changes I made based on your feedback
Some of the other changes that I made include additional research on certain topics. For
instance, in the profile project, I added more content on soccer ethics to ensure that a reader who
is not well-familiarized with football vocabulary, would understand it better. I simplified several
paragraphs of both assignments to enable the reader to follow what I am trying to say more
clearly. I proofread my work and changed some slight written mistakes. For instance, I changed
the phrase ‘incorrigible’ to ‘resistant’ when describing resistance to change in the profile project.
Furthermore, I referenced my research in my readings.
In a nutshell, it has been quite exciting and interesting working towards completing these
assignments. I think my grade is an A considering that I have dedicated my time and thoughts
into coming up with interesting content, which can be clearly understood. I feel more confident
in my ability to write especially after revising the profile project and the personal narrative.
Through these assignments, I have learned a lot which I would have not ordinarily. These
assignments have been a great part of my journey that has taught me that I have a passion for
narration and research. I really enjoyed writing both assignments and I am eager to work on the
next assignments that this class will offer.
Integrity and Honesty
According to the definition of integrity and honesty, I have realized that these are one of
the most critical factors in the workplace and that makes a person assume the perception of
being regarded as a reliable employee. I decided to continue with that virtue to the first
organization that I worked for after finishing high school. Integrity and honesty are those values
and qualities that direct people towards doing the right thing, especially when faced with a
dilemma or problem and whenever they do wrong.
I remember my parents always insisted on us being honest and not to act dishonestly.
They emphasized that its reward was respect and honor and I never thought this was true since I
was never exposed to its importance. Just after completing high school, I got a job as an office at
AlFalak Company which typically deals with the supply of goods within the local area. On a
Tuesday morning, while I was reporting to work, a group of my colleagues and I shared
amongst ourselves. We realized that the top management never trusted the employees owing to
their dishonesty. This dishonesty stemmed from the idea that the employees had problems with
the organization as it failed to provide them with allowances and benefits that other employees
from competitor companies were given. However, instead of bringing these issues up to the
attention of the top managers, the employees opted to discuss the matter with the organization’s
On midday during that Tuesday, the head of the department reached out to the members
of our team with an allegation that there has been severe misappropriation of financial
resources. Money had been taken from transactions, and there were some customer complaints
about overpricing of company products. He convened a meeting which was to enlighten the
department on the aspect of integrity along with honesty. To ensure that we the subordinates
understood the bone of contention, he did illustrate an incident which had actualized itself the
previous month.
So, most of the employees who were working in the firm always complained of the poor
conditions to the extent that they decided to organize boycotts to air their grievances. However,
one of these employees reported the masterminds of the boycotts to win the CEO’s trust. The
Head of our department continued to explain that this was not a bad idea though. However, from
what he gathered concerning the facets of integrity and honesty, this employee had some hidden
agenda by reporting the masterminds of the boycotts. The intention was to set up other
employees to appear as troublesome and nagging to the company. Therefore, when the
employees realized that some of their co-workers and the company itself, were against them,
they decided to sell their stories and secrets concerning the organization to the competitors.
According to our head of the department, this employee decided to report the
masterminds of the boycott because one of the guys complaining about the benefits and the
harsh treatment was about to be promoted to be the new head of all sales operations. Upon
realizing this, he piled significant allegations against him. The CEO decided to fire the culprit,
and his position of the head of sales and marketing was given to the informant, who in this case
was the “snitch”. The head of the department continued to disclose that some of the colleagues
decided to confront him about the decision he made that led to another person losing his job.
However, he retorted arrogantly, stating that everyone must thrive to last long even if it means
grabbing the available opportunities through betrayal. He went on to say that it would be worth
it if the end game would be a salary increment and a better life. The head of the department
concluded by pointing out that all such showed that this individual employee was never honest
with the information that he gave the CEO. It was never his intent to help the organization as the
report he provided was for his benefit. Even more, he acted out jealousy to sabotage another
employee’s promotion. He wrapped this up by mentioning that my partner and I were the main
suspects of the misappropriation of resources as several customers were complaining that the
company prices had been hiked and the supplies ran out before delivering it to other customers.
Now, I got the job at Al Falak Company after I was connected by an uncle who had a
personal relationship with the firm’s CEO. When I joined the workforce of the establishment, I
was put under the supervision of an employee who was a tad older than me but with longer
tenure. He was a sales representative, and on most occasions, I would travel with him to deliver
supplies to regular customers. However, he always insisted that I do the loading while he
collected the cash. I did not question this as I had not found it suspicious yet. Well, at least not
until we were both accused of embezzling funds from the company. Well, my thinking was that
as an inexperienced employee, I could easily make mistakes that could cost AlFalak Company
Corporation too much, thus justifying the need for him to handle the cash issue while I tackled
the loading.
Well, as part of the family, my uncle’s responsibility was to raise me. Therefore, after I
got back from work that evening, he brought forth the matter of embezzlement of funds to our
family. He explained how there was an allegation of financial misappropriation within our
department and how my partner and I had been suspected of misappropriating the money. My
whole family was disappointed at me given that one of the core things that my parents always
taught us their kids was honesty. To free myself from the accusations, I had to tell the truth that
I was only dealing with the loading and off loading of the supplies. But I promised my uncle
that in future situations, I would do anything within my powers to report the matter to the
relevant department or individuals within the organization provided that such stances could
I would say that God works mysteriously. By Wednesday morning, I got an early call
from the office requesting me to report to work earlier than the regular hours. Moreover, to my
surprise, my partner, the sales representative, with whom I used to perform delivery duties was
absent due to family issues. Therefore, it was only the driver and me who had to complete all the
activities ranging from loading as well as offloading along with transacting with the customers.
In the process, I came to notice that the absent colleague had all along been pocketing a lot of
money as he had hiked the prices of the items we supplied. He had two receipt books to help
him in embezzling the money. There were two things involved in this situation but first I had to
make the right decision. The first one was that I had to inform the managers on the issue and
come up with the right approach to give to our customers without losing their trust on us. The
second thing was that the problem I was about to report would lead to my partner’s arrest.
I was confused about the right decision to make, but I realized the true meaning of
integrity and honesty. Integrity and honesty as mentioned before are the value that guides people
towards doing the right thing and being truthful especially if one is faced with a different
situation where one had to make the right choice like this one. Will my actions be termed to be
selfish and out of selfless like the one that my partner did? After a long thought, I decided to do
the right thing. I did not care what people would think of me. The only thing I was thinking
about then was saving the organization and my family’s images and reputation. What made the
situation even better is that by applying critical thinking and ethical decision making, I realized
that my partner performed wrong for his benefit. Well, embezzling funds never benefitted the
rest of the employees. It did not benefit the company too. Therefore, why not report something
that would, in the long run, destroy all of us.
For one thing, the company could go bankrupt in the future because of embezzlement.
Several employees may have to be downsized. Even more, our regular customers could find the
prices and services of other competitors favorable thus shifting to them. These thoughts made
my decision simpler as I had the choice of destroying the future of the company and its
employees or destroying one fraudulent employee. Of course, I did not go with the latter.
I was nervous about the next step to make. Would I lose the trust of my colleagues and
my boss? However, my family’s reputation was also at risk just because of one person’s
selfishness who decided to steal a lot of the organization’s cash at the expense of others. The
head of our department who had discussed with us the previous day, the topic of integrity and
honesty was devastated by the news, and the trust the firm had towards the employees wavered.
That morning it was relatively clear that because of the unfathomable reputation of that worker,
there was doom ahead for us. Nonetheless, we all resolved out of team spirit to work hard and
recover the damaged goodwill. The issue became an eye-opener and made me realize that
integrity and honesty are essential things which must be practiced at the whole cost.
Beating the odds to become a rising star
The beginning story for several kids, even those who turn into elite soccer players is
relatively similar. Claudio Suarez Sanchez, known as El Emperador, (the Emperor), who holds
the record for most caps with the Mexican national team recalls that he did not have shoes. He
played on the streets with his friends, using a few rocks to make goals. Just like these elite
soccer players, Erick, my neighbor whom I had a thrilling and informative interview with had a
similar story. The meeting was conducted at the playfield of West Virginia University where he
coached the university soccer players. He had previously coached several high school soccer
teams and had even won many trophies as a player at Philadelphia Union before he moved to
Morgantown. Our interview was centered on understanding how he came to develop an active
soccer career in his life. He had been playing s …
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