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Directions for Writing Assignment #2Click here for student example for WA#2 – “Ralph Lauren”. IMPORTANT NOTE: Ralph Lauren is not eligible as a choice for this paper since it is presented as an example)Reminder: Sources such as Wikipedia, US Weekly, and the National Enquirer are not legitimate sources. Examples of legitimate industry/trade sources include: Advertising Age,,, WHYY radio, The New Yorker, etc. If you are unsure of a source’s legitimacy, you must follow-up with me before final submission.Due Wednesday, 3/27 by 11:59 PMI upload 3 files, first one is Criteria, second one is example of this writing assignment, the last one is requirement. The word count of your paper should fall between 1200 to 1400 words (about 4 to 5 pages maximum)


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CB Writing Assignment #2
This criterion is
linked to a
Substance and
Organization of
paper: Up to 50
50.0 to >47.0 pts
The quality and
substance of the paper
is either above
average or
outstanding. All
required sections are
present. At least five
key terms/concepts
are clearly identified
and directly relate to
the learning
objectives of the
course. Excellent
organization and topic
flow. The User
Persona section
describes the primary
target consumer and
includes market
segmentation insights
gleaned from research
findings. The
evaluation section
addresses the
effectiveness of all
sources cited in the
47.0 to >40.0 pts
The quality and
substance of the paper
meets basic
requirements. All
required sections are
present but some
sections need more
detail and insights. At
least four key
terms/concepts are
clearly identified and
directly relate to the
learning objectives of
the course. Good
organization and topic
flow. The User
Persona section
describes the primary
target consumer and
includes market
segmentation insights
gleaned from research
findings. The
evaluation section
addresses the
effectiveness of all
sources cited in the
40.0 to >30.0 pts
The quality and
substance of the paper
need improvement.
Either all or most
required sections are
present but many need
more detail and
insights. At least three
key terms/concepts
are identified and
directly relate to the
learning objectives of
the course.
Organization and
topic flow need
improvement. The
User Persona section
does not clearly
describe the primary
target consumer nor
does it include market
segmentation insights
gleaned from research
findings. The
evaluation section is
overgeneralized and
does not address the
effectiveness of all
sources cited in the
30.0 to >0 pts
The quality,
substance and
organization of
the paper is
either poor or
there is no
submission at
all. Major
improvement is
50.0 pts
This criterion is
linked to a
(in-paper citations
and Works Cited
page) Up to 25
This criterion is
linked to a
& Writing
Mechanics: Up to
25 Points
25.0 to >24.0 pts
Five or more credible
industry sources and
the two required
databases, MRI
University Reporter
and Nielsen’s
MyBestSegments, are
used to support
insights and research
findings; Citations are
presented properly
within the content (in
boldface) and
organized well in a
separate Works Cited
24.0 to >20.0 pts
Five credible industry
sources and the two
required databases,
MRI University
Reporter and
and used to support
insights and research
findings; Citations
are presented
properly within the
content (in boldface)
and organized well in
a separate Works
Cited page.
20.0 to >15.0 pts
Less than four
credible industry
sources are used. The
two required
databases, MRI
University Reporter
and Nielsen’s
MyBestSegments, are
referenced but
application of these
findings need
Citations are not
presented properly
within the content (in
boldface) or
organized well in a
separate Works Cited
25.0 to >22.0 pts
Formal writing style
with excellent syntax,
grammar, spelling
and word use. Either
minor or no errors are
22.0 to >18.0 pts
Informal writing
style with occasional
issues/errors with
syntax, grammar,
spelling and word
18.0 to >15.0 pts
Inconsistent writing
style; Frequent
issues/errors with
syntax, grammar,
spelling and word
Total Points: 100.0
CB Writing Assignment #2
15.0 to >0 pts
The sources
used are not
sufficient to
support insights
and/or research
Citations are not
properly in the
paper or are not
present at all.
improvement is
15.0 to >0 pts
Unacceptable (3
improper syntax,
grammar, spelling
and word use.
improvement is
25.0 pts
25.0 pts
Stellar Student Example – Writing Assignment #2
Professor Sundstrom-Fitzgerald
Marketing 3596- Consumer and Buyer Behavior
Brand Analysis & Target Segmentation Process of the Ralph Lauren Corporation
November 9, 2018
The Ralph Lauren Corporation is one of the most well-known brands in the world for selling a variety of
products such as apparel, accessories, fragrance, and home furnishings. These collections are made for
men, women, and children. Ralph Lauren began his business in 1967 when he persuaded his employer,
Beau Brummel, to allow him to start his own line of ties, which he later named Polo. He named his first
collection line of ties Polo because “it had a vaguely English sense to it” (1). In 1972, he created and
implemented the signature pony and rider logo onto polo shirts for his business, creating brand recognition
from the eyes of consumers. During this time, he also opened his first stand-alone Polo shop on Rodeo
Drive in California (1). Today, the Ralph Lauren Corporation has more than 13,000 retail locations
worldwide, including upscale and mid-tier department stores. It operates 465 Ralph Lauren and Club
Monaco retail stores, 615 concession-based shops within shops, and 10 e-commerce sites (2).
Partnering Firm
Since the Ralph Lauren Corporation’s start in the fashion world, the brand has always been connected to
the core values of the American perspective and American dream. The mission statement of Ralph Lauren
is to “redefine American style, providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in
our dream” (3). It is a brand that began in the United States of America and has spread worldwide. Ralph
Lauren was the official outfitter for a total of six Olympic Games. It designed the official opening and closing
ceremony outfits and village-wear apparel for the U.S. teams. Olympians worked closely with the designers
to create outfits that would cater to their needs and weather inclinations. Every design prominently
displayed red, white, and blue so that the “collections would speak to the American experience of its history
and progressive attitude” (4). These designs were not hard for Ralph Lauren designers to create since
these ideals are seen within the brand’s own collections. The brand also created the first heat-generated
jackets seen in the Olympics at Pyeongchaang in 2018 (4). The designs were created to “celebrate the
iconography of America and what is classic in its heritage” (4). Ralph Lauren’s strategic partnership with the
U.S. Olympic Committee strengthens the brand’s reputation as America’s brand and it builds brand
awareness worldwide.
Website Analysis
Website Target Market Analysis
Upon visiting, the home page displays links to all five collections; men,
women, home, children, and baby. It displays photos of a young family playing in a field together while
wearing their fashionable Ralph Lauren clothes. This type of emotional appeal marketing would easily
reach its target consumers that have families that want to be fashionable and shop from a brand that can
“outfit your whole family with the all-American appeal” (3). Due to the autumn season, the website is
specifically targeting its outerwear and sweaters. Many of the sweaters are classic styles with simple colors
that will never go out of style such as cable-knit and wool-cashmere. Some of the designs have the
American flag or the iconic polo rider on it. The brand uses navy, red, black, and tan in its products and in
its website style. These colors connect to the colors on the American flag and the colors of an earthy,
wholesome feel. These products are attractive to its target consumer because they are made of the highest
quality materials with classic style designs that will never go out of style. Since these targeting consumers
are aware of current fashion trends, they will know that button down shirts and cable knit sweaters are
timeless and are Ralph Lauren’s specialty. The brand states that its outerwear is perfect for “exploring Paris
to riding motorcycles in California” (3). This lifestyle marketing perspective technique will attract its target
market segment since these consumers like to travel often.
Online Brand Personality Analysis
Ralph Lauren Corporation states that it has sold “premium lifestyle products” for over five decades. The
brand states that it shows a “distinctive American perspective” in its aspirational lifestyles brand under the
direction of Ralph Lauren, the designer (3). The designer, Ralph Lauren, creates his products based on the
idea of “luxury that is defined by elegance and refinement, with a spirit of ease and nonchalance” (5). The
reviews about Ralph Lauren’s products by consumers align well with the values and statements made by
the brand on its own website. Consumers that voiced their opinion on stated that it is “great
quality clothes for a high-end price”, “clothes are always trendy and always in style”, “a bit pricey but worth
it”, and “great quality that last long” (6). Tom Teicholz, writer for Forbes, expressed his view of Ralph
Lauren in a blog post by stating that the brand “paints a picture of elegance” in its products (5). All of these
consumer views on the brand match the brand’s values and mission that can be seen in its products.
Target Market
Ralph Lauren targets men and women but women are 63% more likely than men to purchase the brand’s
products (7). These individuals are college graduates and post graduates. Due to their strong educational
background, the majority of them hold management, professional, or sales occupations and earn a
household income of $90,000 or more. The brand targets consumers between ages 45 and 65 and people
of all demographics, but African Americans are 54% more likely to purchase these products than people of
other races (7). These consumers are homeowners in metropolitan or suburban areas, car owners, and
own multiple computers and large screen TVs. Due to their large ownership and usage of computers, they
frequently research and purchase all types of products online. Claritas MyBestSegments found that the
majority of these consumers are married and have children (8). They are interested in reading the
Huffington post, hiking, reading, and yoga (9). These consumers like to vacation often, especially in
Canada (9). According to the VALS survey, this target consumer segment are experiencers and innovators.
As experiencers, they want everything especially if it is a new trend. They are up to date on the latest
fashion trends and are very social with others in society. As innovators, they are known to make the highest
number of financial transactions and have a wide range of interests. They constantly want to learn new
information and experience new things, which leads them to have international exposure (10).
User Persona
The ideal customer for Ralph Lauren is Kelsey, who is a fifty year old, African American woman living in
Wayne, Pennsylvania with her two children and husband, Robert. She is highly educated with a master’s
degree and has a wide range of cultural knowledge due to her extensive travel experience. She is
constantly researching new places to travel to on her laptop computer. Every day, she drives her Volvo to
work at her professional management position at QVC in West Chester. She always takes her lunch break
at noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so that she can attend yoga class with her friends. On
Tuesday and Thursday, Kelsey takes her lunch break at her favorite food spot, Chipotle, with her coworkers. She likes to keep a busy social life itinerary. Kelsey enjoys her job because she spends her day
interacting with staff and clients, while becoming aware of new products that her job will be selling on air.
When she arrives home, she notices that the new issue of Vogue has arrived at her house. She picks it up
and continues to browse through it so that she is up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. The high fashion
style and quality products such as Ralph Lauren, that are shown within her Vogue issue appeal to her. She
is concerned about her looks and the appearance of her family, but unlike other consumers, the price tags
of products do not concern her. She is more willing to shop from a brand if it sells products that can be
worn by her entire family, since she is frequently the consensual purchase decision maker of the family.
Kelsey is a loyal consumer of Ralph Lauren and will continue to shop the brand for herself and her family.
One of Ralph Lauren’s top competitors is the Burberry Group PLC. Burberry is a luxury British fashion
brand that sells apparel, beauty products, and accessories for men and women. It is known worldwide for
its iconic tan colored plaid pattern and trench coats. The brand focuses on traditional Britain fashion for
metropolitan consumers specifically (11). Since it is a high fashion brand that targets metropolitan
consumers interested in quality and fashion, it targets similar consumers as Ralph Lauren. The advantage
for Burberry is that its tan check pattern is a trendy, timeless pattern that is recognized around the world by
people who are influenced by classic fashion. Burberry’s target consumers recognize the iconic pattern and
want it integrated into their wardrobe. A disadvantage for Burberry is that its signature tan check pattern
has been mimicked by other brands that sell knock-off products. Last spring, Burberry sued Target for
trademark infringement and trademark counterfeiting over its famous design. These products sold by
Target and other retailers were “indistinguishable from Burberry’s products”, causing consumers of
Burberry to be less motivated to buy its expensive products with its tan checked design (12).
Evaluation of Resources
Hoovers, New York Times, GfK Reporter MRI, Claritas- MyBestSegemnts, and the VALS survey were the
most useful sources during my research. Hoovers gave general information about Ralph Lauren and its top
three competitors. The New York Times article gave a specific timeline history of the Ralph Lauren
Corporation from when it was created to now. GfK Reporter MRI and Claritas- MyBestSegments detailed
quantitatively and qualitatively every aspect of the consumers that did or did not shop at Ralph Lauren. The
VALS survey explained psychographic information about the consumers who shop this brand, which helped
me fully understand the typical consumers that are interested in the brand and how it speaks them
specifically. was not as helpful because a handful of posts were not insightful, since they
cited uncharacteristic customer service issues that were not helpful in understanding the brand and its
customers. Tom Teicholz’s article on Forbes was not very helpful either because his opinion of the brand
was short and limited. Barry Samaha’s article on Forbes was very helpful by fully described the partnership
of Ralph Lauren and the U.S. Olympics Committee. He gave specific details on how the brand has been
incorporated into the Olympic Games and how it works directly with the athletes to create their wardrobe.
Lastly, Sarah Gray’s article on Fortune explained about the lawsuits that Burberry has been in and how that
has affected it. This article was helpful to become aware of some of Burberry’s current struggles and
disadvantages in the market.
1. The New York Times. (2015, September 29). Ralph Lauren Through the Years.
2. Hoovers. (2018, May). Ralph Lauren Corporation- Company Information.
3. Ralph Lauren. About Us.
4. Samaha, Barry. (2018, January 23). Maia and Alex Shibutani Unveil Ralph Lauren’s
Opening Ceremony Uniforms for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Forbes,
5. Teicholz, Tom. (2015, March 5). Cult of Luxury: Thoughts on Ralph Lauren. Forbes,
6. Influencer. (2018). Ralph Lauren Reviews.
7. GfK Reporter MRI. (Spring 2017). Apparel/Accessories- Women’s Clothing Brands- Ralph Lauren
In last 12 months.
8. Claritas- MyBestSegments. (2018). Zip Code Lookup-19406, Upward Bound.
9. Claritas- MyBestSegments. (2018). Zip Code Lookup-19406, Middleburg Managers.
10. VALS. (2018).
11. Hoovers. (2018, May). Burberry Group PLC- Company Information.
12. Gray, Sarah. (2018, May 11). Burberry Suing Target for Trademark Infringement of Iconic Check
Pattern. Fortune,
Marketing 3596 – Consumer and Buyer Behavior
Professor Sundstrom-Fitzgerald
Writing Assignment #2: Brand Analysis and Target Segmentation Process
Your paper needs to be organized with this template. All subtitles need to appear in bold. Review the
“Writing Style and Works Cited” section at the end before you begin writing this paper. You may use firstperson tone in sections “2” and “6” only.
1. Brand (list brand name): Choose a brand in a product category (example Tide, Folgers Coffee, Sargento
Cheese, etc.) or a retail format (examples Chico’s, Victoria’s Secret, Kohl’s, Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, etc.) –
Your selection must be different from WA#1. Provide/identify the following:
• Brief brand history, mission and product or service category
• Sales Venue/Distribution Type – identify and define the type:
o Online only
o Brick-n-Click
o Brick stores usual retail location (indoor mall, strip mall, stand-alone)
• Are they a regional, national, or worldwide brand?
• Partnering Firms (provide one example such as Crayola & Colgate Toothbrushes, Kohl’s & Vera
Wang, Stella Artois and, etc., and explain the nature and purpose of the partnership.
• Tell more about bran history.
2. WEBSITE Analysis (two parts):
• Website Target Market Analysis and (include the URL in this section): Analyze the target market for
the brand solely BASED ON A VISIT TO THEIR WEBSITE and on your overall impression regarding its
current branding campaign. Provide an initial statement/opinion of the target market based on this
one observation. Do you feel the website accurately attracts and speaks to its intended target
audience? Why or why not? Remember, the website is one of, if not the most important marketing
tool that influences consumer behavior.
• Online Brand Personality Analysis: Read what the brand says about itself on its own website and,
most importantly on external sites, blogs, social media, etc. “Listen in” to what experts and
consumers are saying online about the brand in these blogs and review sites. Note any
connections and/or disconnections between your findings thus far and their findings. Identify key
words and sentiments currently being used about the brand/product.
3. Identify the Target Market in terms of Demographics, Geographics, Behavioral Patterns and
• Demographics and Geographics (Address both)
i. MRI+ MediaMark Reporter and Nielsen’s My Best Segments are required sources for this
section. You are encouraged to add other industr …
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