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WEEK 2 DISCUSSION POST as a reference. DO NOT COMPLETE. Only respond to the following posts. Ensure they are at least 100 words each. 2nd Interactive Response:Select another student’s post and analyze the fit between benefit and consumer.Each reply should be one paragraph in length (or about 75 words) and must be substantive in nature. Do not simply say “I agree” or “That is great.” Specify why and be detailed in your explanation. You may use research in your responses, but it is not required.In your own words, respond to the discussion and comments of classmates. Grades will be based on effectual, concise, and interactive feedback. The excessive use of quotes will directly impact performance, since this indicates a lack of comprehension and shows that you may not have mastered the concepts.Finding the Perfect Message (Do NOT complete)Understanding the features and benefits of a product is essential to forming the overall marketing plan’s creative message. Brands use creative appeals to connect with the customer target markets. Product features transform into benefits for the customers to meet their wants and needs.Provide a brief description of your chosen product/service. (This should be used throughout class.)Discuss how the product fits a lifestyle or psychographic.List two features of the product and assess how they transform into benefits for your target market.Respond to the following in 100 words each with 1 reference. My business is Tail Wags Mobile Dog Grooming. This mobile dog grooming service is provided through Central Georgia and surrounding small counties. Tail Wags was initially created to help fur parents with special needs dogs that need a more personalized grooming experience, but also to help busy fur parents in their efforts to get their fur babies grooming needs done more conveniently. These two features are Tail Wags’ biggest features turn benefit. Customers can book their appointments in one hour intervals, to make sure there is no overlapping in appointments. There are different options for shampooing listed that the customers can choose from, i.e. shampoo scents and rather to condition or not and if the dog has sensitive skin or dry skin. Each dog gets either a bow or ribbon at the end and female dogs have an option to get their nails polished. This small veteran-woman owned business is also very environmentally friendly with their corn oil engine and solar panels installed on the self-contained grooming mobile. When it comes to fur babies this is a service that fits both lifestyle and psychographics aspects. “Once you know the key difference in what your customers care about, you can target Facebook ads; you can figure out the hashtags that different psychographic groups use on Twitter, and target different tweets to those groups”. (Samuel, 2016) Knowing my customer is what is going to make Tail Wags successful. People in this area love custom things. They love services that can be tailor-made just for them, and the fact that they treat their pets like family is going to play into the group of people that we target.Reference: Samuel, A. (2016). Psychographic are just as important for marketers as demographics. Harvard Business Review, 1-4.Respond to the following in 100 words each with 1 reference.Skyskan serves two target markets, the first are through service contracts with first responders to employ the services of drones during fire, rescue, or emergency missions where an operating picture of the area is necessary. Two features which support this as a valuable asset for these government entities is the much lower entry cost involved for drone deployment vs a manned helicopter. Equipment cost to replace a drone is likely to be 50 to 100 times less, there is also no individual at risk during the piloting of a drone. Furthermore, in urban environments the use of a drone based on its physical size is desired based on the proximity of buildings and other physical barriers. Utilizing a drone service contract is both a smart and practical move for our local government entities, a drone piece of equipment is highly technical and takes skill and many hours of experience to operate by efficiently utilizing a service contract first responders would be able to concentrate on the emergency or task at hand but still reap the benefits of having an experienced, skilled operator provide the needed imagery and data.The other target market, our younger, technically driven hobbyists, are equally served by Skyskan in multiple areas. The sale of new drones and the consignment of used drones coupled with classes geared towards improving operator skills. The relationship with the hobbyist does not stop at the sale of a piece of equipment. There is training, not only on the operation but education on the most current laws in force for the safe operation of drones. There are also specific classes on obtaining an FAA operators pilot license, a service not found at just any turnkey off the shelf retailer. Finally, by providing a consignment service to purchasing a drone Skyskan introduces a lower entry level price points for true novices not ready to purchase a new drone but interested in becoming part of the UAV experience. References: Sheehan, Mark (2019), U.S. Drone Laws & Regulations – The Ultimate Guide, retrieved from,, First responders increasing use of drones to save lives, retrieved from,

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