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The topic and outline have been provided see attachment.GUIDANCE: Submit a 15 page paper detailing a
current “Social Program” and describe its worth/purpose, the data the
program collects, explain how the data is analyzed/interpreted, describe if the
program data is additive or not, explain the program structure, detail who the
stakeholders/customers/target audiences are, specify if a survey is involved,
and point out the program benefits, and what, if anything, you would change. The topic has already been chosen, outline already created. See attachment.INSTRUCTIONS ON THE FORMAT AND STYLE OF WRITING TO BE FOLLOWED
•Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract
from the overall message.
•APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th
edition) style and formatting.
•Length of paper: typed, double-spaced pages with 15 pages, plus a title
or cover page and a separate Reference page at the end of the term paper.
•Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.


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Old Age Security Program
February,24, 2019
Thesis Statement: The elderly have gone unnoticed for a long time; hence, the Old Age Security
Program will ensure they enjoy the pension benefits

Old Age Security Program is a pension program that makes sure the elderly are well
taken care of, and their needs are met

The older persons eligible for this program would be individual from 65 years old and

They would be required to apply for the program to make sure that the government is
aware of their existence hence make it easy to offer help to them

The reason for the program is because the elderly are quickly forgotten and people do not
know the best way to take care of them

With the program, volunteers would be aware of where to send help and the means to
track the process of their help
First Paragraph

The Old Age Security Program with help reduce the number of homeless elders

When these individuals retire, they find that they had retirement plans that cannot help
provide for their basic needs

They end up depending on help from well-wishers or worse sleep without food or shelter

Studies reveal that the number of homeless elders in the United States is on the rise due
to a lack of low-income housing projects

These people can no longer afford their houses when the salary stops coming

They are also stuck in mortgage plans that they have to up even after retirement

The Old Age Security Program would be government based to make sure that it meets all
the needs of the older people in the whole nation

It would also help in curbing cases of corruption. The program may be launched but,
there are those people whose interests would be different from offering the elderly people
pension security. They would take advantage of the situation and take the elders money
Second Paragraph

The Old Age Security Program would help in ensuring the retired individuals get the
compensations they deserve

These people lack the physical and mental strength to follow up on their money, therefore
end up suffering if it is not paid. Such behavior should be dealt with because it is selfish
and the people that suffer are the elderly

They have spent their whole lives working and contributing to society, but when it is their
time to enjoy the fruits of their labor, someone ends up taking the money for their
personal growth

The program would make sure that the money is safe throughout their employment and
that they would get it once they retire.

Since the program is national, it would make sure that it researches as many retired
individuals as possible. There are those that do not even know about the retirement
benefits, therefore do not know someone is taking away their well-earned money

It also offers a solution to the best means to receive the funds as the elderly cannot
commute long distances. They are exhausted, and this the time they are supposed to be
traveling or indulging in a hobby
Third Paragraph

The program would be responsible for searching for other beneficial programs for the

There elderly need help with many aspects of their lives such as transportation, health
care an counseling

They have been used to having a busy life, but now they spend most of their time indoors
or mingling with other elderly people

This can turn out to be depressing, and security is not enough to ensure the well-being of
the elderly people

These are mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, and friends who have been role models but
now they need help from society even to perform the most basic tasks

Having been in charge of their lives for a long time, they find it difficult to ask for help
from other people

The program would help them feel that it is okay and safe to ask for help from others. the
plan would also help remove the ones hiding in their homes out of shame

The program would have collaborations with other programs to make sure they all work
towards making the elderly as comfortable as possible

The plan would be beneficial even to young people because there is a point in life where
they would need the program

Everyone is bound to pass that stage in life; therefore, the program would be a long-term

The funding of the program is the primary challenge

The government may lack sponsors to start the project

The government cannot sustain the program on their own as they have other national

They would require help from every member of society to guarantee success. Every
person has something they can offer to older adults except monetary aid. They need
people who can clean, talk to and other activities.

Another challenge would be an unwillingness of the seniors since they feel as though
they have been reduced to beggars.

They are used to affording basic needs and taking trips to the grocery store, without much

However, now they need someone to help with the smallest thing in the house

This makes them feel helpless and out of control, hence the reason they are reluctant to
receiving help from society

They still want to look healthy and stable and as though they know how to get their
errands done

The other challenge is interference from other parties such as family and friends

They feel like the older person is being taken advantage of by the program

Such negative beliefs end up leaving the elderly unattended and at risk of suffering in the
hands of malicious people. There are those whose agenda is to shorten their lives instead
of prolonging it

The Older Age Security Program is created to ensure the safety of the individual

It is reasonable to age and retire from a job; however, most employers are not bothered
about the welfare of the retirees. They do not follow up on whether they receive their
compensation at all

This ends up in money getting into the wrong hands, which then affects the lives of
everyone involved

The elderly have sacrificed most of their time in employment making another person
happy. When it is his or her time to give back, no one is willing to help and even take the
gesture as wrong

The program assists in taking away stigmatization surrounding help from society

It also helps create an atmosphere where everyone feels wanted and like they can make a
difference in the worldNotably, the program should be embraced by society to make it
easier to incorporate it into the world.
Works Cited
Béland, Daniel, and Alex Waddan. “why are there no universal social programs in the united
states?: A Historical Institutionalist Comparison with Canada.” World Affairs 180.1
(2017): 64-92.
Béland, Daniel, and Michal Koreh. “The fiscal side of social policy: state building, payroll
contributions, and pension reform in 1960s Canada.” Journal of Policy History 29.4
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Surname 1
Old Age Security Program
February,20, 2019
Old Age Security Social Program in Canada
Social programs are government programs which are set by the state to offer subsidies to
the economically disadvantages families. Citizens must prove their income falls underneath the
targets set by its government. These social programs significantly impact the lives of citizens. In
Surname 2
this term paper, the country of focus will be Canada. In Canada, there are several social
programs available. The programs incorporate income security, employment insurance, old age
security and guaranteed income, social assistance, allowances for spouse among others. The
paper narrows down to one of these programs, that is, the Old Age Security.
The Old Age Security program labeled as OAS is the most significant pension program
for the Government of Canada. The program sources its funds from the general tax incomes of
the Canadian Government. This implies that one pay does not pay to the program directly to
fetch its services. The OAS pension is a payment program availed to senior citizens who are 65
years or above. These seniors are termed bonafide if they have met the residency requirements as
well as the legal status of Canada (Béland, Daniel, and Michal pg 594 – 613). OAS pension
offers three categories of OAS prosperities. They are; allowance guaranteed income supplement,
labeled as GIS, a benefit for the survivor.
The guaranteed income Supplement
The guaranteed income supplement renders a non-taxable income benefit each month.
The old age security pension beneficiaries enjoy these benefits. These beneficiaries earn this
privilege due to their low monthly income and are Canada residents as well.
The Allowance benefits
The minimum age to be considered as a senior citizen in Canada is 65. However, an
individual may benefit from allowance benefits when under this age, that is, 60 to 64 years.
These individuals who are 60 to 64 years should be earning income lower than the recommended
average. Additionally, they should be spouses of individuals who receive a guaranteed income
Allowance for the Survivor
Survivor allowance benefit is meant for the people between 60 to 64 years. These people
should be residents of Canada and having a low income at the end of the month. Also, they
should be windowed persons, that is, whose common-law partner or spouse has passed away.
However, if one has entered into common-law engagement or remarried after the death of their
spouse, they are not entitled to these benefits.
The income information of an individual from their federal benefit return along with
income tax determines whether that person is entitled to receive the survivor allowance each
year. If the person still meets the conditions, they automatically get renewed for the benefit. Each
July of every year, a person receives a letter notifying him/her that; your interest will be stopped,
you are befitting will be renewed, or your information concerning the capital is needed. This
benefit ends one month after the 65th birthday when one may qualify for Old Age Security or
maybe Guaranteed Income Supplement. The amount of income of survivor allowance a person
earns depends on the history of their income in the previous year. There are tables available
demonstrating the amount of survivor allowance rates benefit set. It is advisable to inform the
Old Age Security for the cases of lower annual income as a result of retirement and also when
you remarry to avoid dynamics in survivor allowance payment.
Canadians working outside the country for Canadian Employers
Surname 3
Canada citizens working far from the state for Canadian employers may enjoy time
working abroad benefits. To fit for this time working abroad as citizens, you should have gone
back to Canada within the six months to retirement or reached 65 years while still in
employment. To get this benefit, you should render a proof of jobs emanating from the employer
and physically appear a return to Canada.
The employment eligibility is never a factor in the determination of one’s fitness. One is
qualified to receive old age pension whether still working or even having never worked.
However, the following conditions must apply; must be sixty-five years of age and above, be a
Canadian citizen by the time of pension approval, and having been a residing in Canada since the
attainment of age 18 for not less than ten years. Some of these conditions also apply to citizens
living outside Canada but must have lived for at least twenty years in Canada since the
attainment of 18 years (Béland, Daniel, and Alex Waddan pg 64-92).
Deferring one’s old age security pension
After the date of gaining eligibility, one may after that postpone from receiving the OAS
pension for a period of five years (60 months). For every delayed month, a 0.6 percent increment
is added to the other amount. After a postponement of one’s OAS pension, they are no longer
eligible for a guaranteed income supplement with also spouses as well as common law partner
not being eligible for the benefit for an equal period to the time of delay of OAS pension.
Examples of differed pension
Deferring may start from a single year. For instance, Michael was supposed to receive his
pension by July 2013 when he turned 65 years but instead decides to delay for a whole year. In
this case, his pensions would, therefore, be increased by 7.2 percent. This also applies even to
other deferment periods with the same method of pension estimation being used.
A potential beneficiary who happens to get earnings that exceed the maximum annual income
permitted for specific durations are then supposed to give some payment a portion of their
perfect OAS pension. However one also have a freedom to delay it till they reach to a slightly
lower income where they will afterward be in a position to retain an increased OAS pension with
a resultant pension amount rising to compensate the delayed months.
Situations under which one is not entitled to the increases
Among the reasons includes a decision by the potential beneficiary to defer from
receiving the pension and one is usually incarcerated to a federal penitentiary resulting from a
two-year sentence or more. This also applies to those outside Canada with a less of twenty
residence years and fails to qualify from the global social security agreement.
Application of pension deferment for old age security pension
One should take into personal account situations before receiving the Old age security
pension. Such circumstances include; own health, employment status, (both current and future),
sources of income, and retirement plans. Generally, one usually has an allowance of a grace
period of eleven months prior to the start of actual receiving of the OAS pension. The date
indicated on writing on the mandatory application for the same as well as on the guaranteed
Surname 4
income supplement. The letters previously sent should show the period by which one wishes to
have the OAS pension. After the age of seventy, there are usually no advantages attached to any
type of deferring but rather a risk of losing benefits.
How to apply the old age security pension
One can make the application through the client service Centre, a branch of income security
program of the development of human resources in Canada. In the government pages, this is
usually listed in the telephone book. The requirements for this include a baptismal, or birth
certificate, Canada immigration visa, or a passport. The application constitutes the identification
number, name, telephone number, address, and date. The identification number is usually found
on the first page of the statement letter.
Works Cited
Béland, Daniel, and Alex Waddan. “why are there no universal social programs in the united
states?: A Historical Institutionalist Comparison with Canada.” World Affairs 180.1
(2017): 64-92.
Béland, Daniel, and Michal Koreh. “The fiscal side of social policy: state building, payroll
contributions, and pension reform in 1960s Canada.” Journal of Policy History 29.4
(2017): 594-613.

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