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week6Assignment.docx This is to include a 1,500 word minimum. The details are attached.

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In this assignment, student teams prepare a report to demonstrate their acquired knowledge of the
Toyota Production System and of Toyota Motor Company’s North American regional production
Part 1: Making a Critical Assessment of the Toyota Production System (TPS) Today
a. Demonstrate your team’s basic understanding of the TPS by
1) Defining in your team’s own words any eight of the terms found at, and
2) Applying them to one or more of your team’s own companies or other organizations.
For example, Pokayoke is an approach to avoid production mistakes through use of devices or processes
that detect or prevent errors. At a software development firm, pokayoke might be applied through use
of a modular development process that includes extensive software module testing before proceeding
to module integration and total system testing
b. Describe the TPS as a total entity include the following:

What are its purposes?
Its advantages?
Its limitations?
How is it now evolving?
Is it getting better or not?
Has it been successfully copied by other motor vehicle manufacturers? Why or why not?
c. Include an executive summary.
a. After doing necessary research online or otherwise, document and evaluate the current distribution
of Toyota production facilities in North America. Here be sure to include Mexico. THINK CRITICALLY

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