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*** Plagiarism is not acceptable *** ** Kindly Complete the activity 5 in 2 days **** Task- 1) Complete Activity 5 for my research on “Outrigger Hotel My Project Idea “. (refer attached activity 1 more details) As part of activity 5 need to complete on “Identify the Financial and Non-Financial Benefits” based on my project idea. Kindly refer attached instruction and tasks for the topic carefully. I have also attached professor feedback for my research idea activity 2, activity 3, and activity 4. Keep the feedback in mind prepare the activity 5. Task 2) Finalizing the Research Paper based on professor feedback and Instructions The final phase of the project and need to combine all the activities (1 to 5). Using the feedback, I have received from professor for my all previous activities. Kindly rewrite or modify the all the activities based on professor feedback and instructions. I must reach the expectations set by the professor. Remove all the references which more than 3 years are old. Also rewrite the information in final paper as required. **Will attach all the feedback and other activities once completing the task 1(activity 5) and received the feedback from professor. Task 3) once my research paper is finalized. Create power point presentation for my paper addressing the idea in detail and all activities. The PPT will be in 5– 10 slides. Instructions: Research Paper in in APA format. Plagiarism is not acceptable. (Please consider this top priority). For Activity 5 complete instructions are attached. All instructions or tasks must be addressed. (Try to address all the information specified in each task) Activity 5 is minimum 150 to 500 pages. (and reference page) Paper must be included all the references and in-text citations. The references you cite should be credible, scholarly, or professional sources and Not older than 3 years. Create final report between 3,000 and 6,000 words in a Microsoft Word document and save it. Note: I may need help on other changes based on professor requirement.


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Activity 5 – Identify the Financial and Non-Financial Benefits
Now that you have completed Activity 4 and revised it based on the
feedback you have received from your instructor and peers, it is time to
move on to the fifth activity of the course. Remember that your revised
paper will be part of the final project submitted at the end of the course. It
is not enough to generate value. We must be able to capture it also. At
each phase of the previously submitted project plan identify what are the
expected Financial and Non-Financial benefits for IT, operations and
How are you going to remediate the risk of not receiving the anticipated
benefits – in other words, how are you planning to address the risk of
someone else appropriating the value you have created (think of Porter’s
five competitive forces as they apply to IT).
Activity 6 – Business case
Final Activity: Business Case Document
Now that you have completed Activity 5 and revised it based on the
feedback you have received from your instructor and peers, it is time to
move on to the final phase of the project and develop the Business Case
Document. Using the feedback, you have received from your previous
activities, the revisions you have performed and the template Business
Case that has been provided to you, create a Business Case document
that addresses the 4 Rs.
I would like to create a new business for Outrigger Hotel. My topics I have chosen from the list
this is the best topics I have chosen from the project.
1. Design an app for the guests to visit from several countries
2. Design a webservice for the wedding
1. Now a days we have so many apps like Airbnb, Make my trip, HomeAway etc. I would
like to design an app like VR cameras. For example, if we take Airbnb is a famous to stay
so, if we want to book a house through Airbnb we will login and see the details and just
look at the pictures of house and customer reviews. My design is VR cameras with this
camera we can look everything inside the house. Most of the people before booking the
house the will check everything its good or bad after that the will be book their house.
With the VR cameras from every place all over the world we can see everything how the
house will be looks, like interior design, kitchen, sit out, bedrooms this will help a lot to
the people to book their houses.
2. Hawaii is the one of the best places in the US. Most of the people visit this place in the
vacation time from all over the world. It is famous for the destination weddings and
people are crazy for this destination weddings. Now a days, people are dancing in the
weddings and attracting the people it’s a cool place for the people can enjoy in Hawaii. In
the wedding seasons we will be catering the different types of dishes like starters, veg and
non-veg items sweets, juices etc. Having this webservice we can catered like pizzas,
burgers, cocktails, and mocktails so, people will be more comfortable with this and we
can attract the customers.
Original Assignment:
Create a simple report that answers the following questions:
1. How will this IT capability provide an Operational Capability and which Capabilities are
2. How will this Operational Capability enable a Business Capability and which Capabilities are
3. How would you be able to measure each capability (setting goals)? Advice: Keep the idea
simple. Note: Keep in mind, it may be easier to visualize your idea if you start from the
Business Capabilities (new line of business, reduced production cost, increased customer
loyalty, etc.) and then identify the Operational Capabilities (increase in quality, increase in
efficiency, increase in customer interaction, etc.) the organization will have to develop in
order to support the Business Capabilities, and finally, identify the IT Capabilities (CRM, BI,
etc.) that need to be developed in order to enable the organization to perform the required
Operational Capabilities.
You will need to Upload the Report into the Submission area – make sure this is the completed
document and best work, the first will be graded.
Create a report between 150 and 500 words in a Microsoft Word document and save it as
Cite any sources you use using correct APA format on a separate page.
Question 1
Business growth is one of the fundamental aspects of any organization and with the
dynamics in the business environment, Outrigger Hotel has to incorporate some of the vital
projects in its operations. The idea of designing an app for the guests to visit from several
countries remains to be one of the core projects in line with creating new businesses for the
Outrigger Hotel. Besides, the idea to design a web service for weddings proves to be another
vital project for the Hotel from the perspective of business development. From this standpoint,
it is important to note that such IT capabilities will efficiently provide an operational capability
to the hotel. Designing an app like VR camera will technically prove to be significant in many
ways and will further improve the efficiency of the hotel’s operations from different angles.
The app is projected to increase customer interaction as it is presumed that customers will have
a good view and description of the rooms before they do the actual booking. Quality of service
delivery is also expected to increase when the app is put into practice putting in mind that the
hotel management will understand the exact need of the customers.
Question 2
On the other hand, it is clear that an increase in customer interaction will ultimately
lead to increased customer loyalty. The increase in customer loyalty is technically based on the
fact that the hotel will be offering conveniences as the app will directly make life easy for the
customers. It is therefore certain that customers will keep coming back and a larger market
share can consequently be attracted (Singh and Khan, 2012). The relationship will nevertheless
be more than just businesslike when the customers are offered the opportunity to survey the
hotel before making various orders or bookings. Increase in sales is also another business
capability when quality is increased. This is well attributed to the current market trend where
customers are after quality and will feel valued when services and products are customized.
Question 3
It is also important to measure each capability about having the right goals. For
instance, an increase in customer interaction will be measured by observing the number of
customers who have acquired the app. It will be therefore important to have at least five
hundred customers who can access the app on a monthly basis. Quality of service delivery can
also be measured through checking customer’s feedbacks or comments, and the hotel should
be focused on having positive views (Kuipers et al., 2010). Customer loyalty can also be
measured through analyzing visit frequency and how they are open to other services and
products which the hotel might decide to offer. On the other hand, increase in sales will be
measured through analyzing whether sales goals have been met within the stipulated period,
most on a monthly or a quarterly-year basis.
Kuipers, F., Kooij, R., De Vleeschauwer, D., & Brunnström, K. (2010, June). Techniques for
measuring quality of experience. In International Conference on Wired/Wireless
Internet Communications (pp. 216-227). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.
Singh, R., & Khan, I. A. (2012). An approach to increase customer retention and loyalty in
B2C world. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, 2(6), 1-5.
This is not organized sufficiently to fulfil the assigned tasks. You have two different Business
Ideas, right?
For each Business Idea, you need to
1. describe the idea;
2. describe the various IT tools/systems that you think will be needed to deliver the
Operational Capabilities,
3. describe how the Operational Capabilities are intended to deliver the intended Business
Capabilities; and, finally
4. how you intend to measure the impact/success of each IT resource that you have
All of this should be taking advantage of the ValIT Business Case concepts, too.
Lastly, you should be providing more than the textbook reference! AT THE LEAST, there
is the ValIT Business Case document, the Outrigger Hotels case study, and, I would expect
you to look up other web sites (e.g., other hotels, Outrigger’s own web site, TripAdvisor,
etc), and maybe an article or two about the travel industry. It is never sufficient or acceptable
to merely list your references at the end of your paper. EVERY reference should have one or more
places in the document where the reference is relevant.
Identify the Alignment requirements Now that you have completed
Activity 1 and revised it based on the feedback you have received from
your instructor and peers, it is time to move on to the second activity
of the course.
Remember that your revised paper will be part of the final project
submitted at the end of the course. A capability (whether technical,
operational or business) needs to be aligned with the rest of the
capabilities of the organization as well as with Standards and
Technical capabilities typically need to be aligned with the Enterprise
Architecture as well as with compliance requirements.
Operational capabilities typically need to be aligned with the
organization (review the concept of the 7 enablers from the COBIT 5
Business capabilities need to be aligned either with the Business Vision
(similar products or services) or Strategy (new products, services or
markets) of the Organization as well as with Regulatory requirements
and the market. Identify some Industry standards, methodologies,
In which of the three areas do they fit?
IT Business Alignment
Activity Two
COBIT 5 supports the idea of aligning technical outcomes by identifying enterprise goals
and stakeholders’ needs (Brown, 2014). In my case designing VR app cameras for Outrigger
Hotels guests that will help them access the pictures of the hotel rooms to make a decision when
booking. COBIT 5 insists on aligning Information Technology initiatives with the enterprise
needs ahead of organizing, planning and building a system that will be adopted (Brown, 2014a).
This makes VR cameras ideal technology that can contribute to making Outrigger Hotels have a
competitive advantage. The following are ways in which VR app and an events app can be
aligned to suit the capabilities of Outrigger Hotels.
1. Alignment of Technical capabilities
Business architecture and compliance can assist in aligning technical skills. Many
businesses are in haste to adopt IT initiatives in their businesses before having a good
understanding of their business drivers and specifications requirements of the user
(Sessions, 2007). Aligning Outrigger Hotels with the VR cameras can be achieved
through combining the current technical capabilities with my ideas.
Technical capability Alignment
a. Computer Reservation Systems- VR app cameras can increase the number of
reservations in Outrigger through helping the guests know the status of the room they
are booking and always hotel rating since VR app will come in a package where
guests can give feedback for future reviews.
b. Online Rental capability – VR app cameras can provide an option where guests who
are attending events can be able to view different boutiques available in Outrigger
Hotels and with VR cameras they can see the best dresses to shop. The existing
website for the Hotels does not provide this feature (Piccoli, 2005)
c. Different website platforms- Outrigger hotels website can work on different
platforms. I can improve this website by adding a wedding web service feature for
tourists visiting Hawaii.
d. Capability to suggest- the Outrigger Hotels website only indicates limited package
features for tourists. I can improve this by adding a VR camera app and Wedding web
service for tourists to have options and a variety of suggestions.
2. Alignment of operational capabilities
As the COBIT 5 illustrate through goals cascade, enterprise leaders align their
investments that are IT enabled by understanding the customers’ needs in detail which
include business drivers and goals of the enterprise (Brown, 2014b
Operational capability Alignment
a. Effective handling through customer reservation service- Through using this system
Outrigger Hotels can handle customers effectively which is enabled by COBIT 5
b. Better improved customer service- Through IT capability Outrigger Hotels can
maximize customer services. COBIT 5 enablers are the people, processes, skills, and
c. Improved infrastructure- Good infrastructure such as the provision of events web
service will help Outrigger Hotels experience a high number of guests. COBIT 5
enablers are infrastructure, services, and applications
d. Capability to suggest will help customers have different suggestions on the Outrigger
Hotels- This will help the customer achieve satisfaction. COBIT 5 enablers are
information, infrastructure, services, and applications.
e. Customers will be able to reserve rooms on different platforms- Real-time
reservations will help Outrigger Hotels guests have different options. COBIT 5
enablers will be Applications, Services, and Infrastructure.
3. Alignment to Business capabilities
Capabilities in business are supposed to be aligned with strategy, mission, requirements
such as regulatory and the market needs. VR app camera and wedding web service ideas
are aligned to business capabilities of Outrigger Hotels such as reduction of operational
costs, elevation of its market share, the satisfaction of customers and it eventually boosts
employee performance. All are aligned to the Outrigger hotels vision and market needs.
In conclusion, for an organization to achieve stakeholders’ needs and enterprise goals, it
must adapt and adopt IT systems. IT creates an enabling environment for good governance and
management practices to deliver the needs of the stakeholders. An organization whose enterprise
goals and stakeholders’ needs are aligned with IT increases its prospects, and this is because the
processes, structures, and procedures are directly focused on delivering stakeholders
Brown, W.C. (2014a). The Failed Vasa: COBIT 5 and the Balanced Scorecard (Part 1). ISACA
Organization, Retrieved from
Brown, W.C. (2014b). The Failed Vasa: COBIT 5, Technology- related Goals and the New
Process Model (Part 2). ISACA Organization, Retrieved from
Brown, W.C. (2014c). The Failed Vasa: COBIT 5 Governance and the Seven Enablers (Part 3).
ISACA Organization, Retrieved from
Piccoli, G. (2005). Outrigger hotels and resorts: A case study. Communications of the
Association for Information Systems, 15(1), 5.
Sessions, R. (2007). A comparison of the top four enterprise-architecture methodologies. Object
Watch Retrieved from

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