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please edit my paper, includes wording and grammar. Don’t worry about the content.

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Dong 1
Jingxin Dong
Professor Kawecki
UWP 001
My Learning Experience Throughout UWP 1
Before I attended UWP 1, my concern was the amount of work I needed to do each day,
and I was reluctant to take the course because I lacked enough confidence in my writing skills.
Although I went through WLD 57 reasonably easily, I have to adopt many changes in UWP 1
this year. For example, the effort I need to employ has increased significantly for each essay. I
tend to put my best effort into every assignment. Luckily, I find all my effort in this class to have
paid off. Currently, I have more confidence in the writing process than ever before.
My writing skills have improved rapidly due to the massive amount of workload I have
been doing during this quarter. Mainly because of the discussion homework I have done for
UWP 1. I enjoyed reading and discussing, or even criticizing the reading we have done for this
quarter. By winter quarter, we have read about autobiography, racial, and educational topics for
this class. We also discussed the content of the readings as a class, and as individuals. By far, I
have improved my critical thinking and public speaking skills.
During this quarter of practicing free write, I have seen my grammar improving into each
of the free writes. The idea of free write is to brainstorm what we have learned inside and outside
of class. I tend to get nervous when I have to write under a limited amount of time, at first, I had
no idea what to write. I have now learned to organize ideas in my mind first then plan out my
thoughts during the time writing process. Eventually, I can manage my time more wisely than
before, and I have managed to have extra time to proofread and discuss my writings. Comparing
to WLD 57 and previous UWP courses, I like the free write better because it is nor graded by
Dong 2
grammar and it gives students less pressure. Free writing is definitely a foundation for writing
academic papers like narratives and research papers.
In the course of attending UWP 1 this quarter, I have gained experiences in writing
research papers. During my previous writing classes, I used to write analysis papers instead of
research papers, and I had no idea how to write a persuasive research paper. In the beginning, I
had no idea what to write about at first, although I put my best effort to research my topic in
addition to reading through every source that I found carefully. We had a research paper
assignment about discourse community. What was interesting was, I had to interview a person
about my discourse community – Chicano/Chicana/Chicanx discourse community. I had never
done so in my previous projects. I wrote my interview questions and scheduled with my CHI 10
teaching assistant. The process of the interview was interesting, and I have learned about the
discourse community that I belong to. and the interviewee’s answers had helped me through my
research process. I also found that writing an outline article was significantly helpful to my
writing skills. An outline can keep me on track concerning the structure and main idea in writing
a paper. Writing a well-developed analysis requires in-depth research, which means that I have to
research and read many outside written works to complete the assignment. Writing a research
paper has benefited me greatly because I could gain information not only through the textbook
but also from other writer’s perspectives. In particular, the discourse community project also
helps me to expand my sources from interviewing other people. Nevertheless, editing and peer
reviewing is a crucial factor in my efforts towards writing a compelling essay.
In UWP 1, the professor is less involved in editing my essays, which means I am all by
myself when it comes to the editing of the essays. Peer reviews play a vital role in achieving
better writing skills through the feedback I receive. I thus find it crucial to listen to my
Dong 3
classmates’ advice and apply them to my writing processes. Peer reviews could not only help my
peers to write better essays but could also help improve my writing skills by reviewing other
people’s composition work. People always have different ideas about the same topic. It is thus
always good for me to learn from other people’s perspective. In addition, every student has his or
her writing styles, and reading other people’s writing can help me become a better writer. UWP 1
has helped me build confidence in supporting other people in their work.
As you are going to read through my paper assignments, I am going to briefly introduce
the issues I have encountered and how I have edited my paper. For the narrative essay, I was
weak in addressing the thesis, as well as laking evidence on applying literacy into life. Few
changed was made on stating the thesis statement and examples on how literacy has influenced
me on understanding the beliefs and values in the society. As for the research paper, I have
managed to have interesting content and strong evidence to support my arguments. Few changes
were made to clarify how Chicanx discourse community unite to fight for their identities.
I also cannot refute that UWP 1 has given me a solid foundation in reading and
understanding the content of my textbook readings for other courses. For example, I used to
struggle with the chapter readings and the massive amount of writing of PHI 001, but after the
UWP professor taught me on how to write and manage the essay content productively, the
reading and writing activities in the philosophy class do not bother me anymore. I often try to
take notes and find the main ideas for each reading as I do in UWP. I am more than willing to
keep up the reading habits in my anthropology class next year.
During this quarter of study, I am more willing to read and write better compared to the
previous quarter. I have learned to manage my time more efficiently in timed writing activities in
addition to writing well-developed essays. More importantly, I try to put my best effort into
Dong 4
every assignment and essay by paying attention to grammar, content, and sentence structure.
Although I still need some improvements in organizing the content of my paper, I believe I will
become more competent in facing challenges. I also think it is an essential obligation to attend a
higher level writing class in the future. I am not a flawless writer at this point, but I am willing to
challenge myself for further improvement for the next two years.
Jingxin (Jacqueline) Dong

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