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You now have been tasked with Performance Management, another role and responsibility as a Human Resource Manager. It’s important to have a performance management plan set before the position is hired for. This is for a few reasons:

Reduces the chance of bias in a performance evaluation.
Reduces the chance of the performance evaluation not aligning to the position.
Sets expectations and standards that the new hire is aware of upfront.
Enables all persons of a position to be evaluated on the same criterion.

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Since you are new as a Human Resource Manager, and the Claims Supervisor is a new position, you need to have a plan for a performance management system of the position. You are aware, from the job description, that it will require performance measurements that are both qualitative (text-based) and quantitative (numbers-based).
As the Human Resource Manager for Premium Auto Insurance, it is your role and responsibility to ensure you have a management performance system without bias, that is legal and ethical, and that the performance system aligns to the position.
Conduct academic research using the library’s databases, like Business Source Complete via EBSCO and Business via ProQuest, as well as reliable webpages and create a minimum 4 page proposal to the CEO in which you complete the following for approval of a performance management system for the new position, Claims Supervisor:

Description of the categories to be measured.
Description of ratings to be used.
Example of performance evaluation form.
Explanation for each of your recommendations.
Remember that this is a proposal. Make sure to format your paper properly for your proposal. A proposal is a persuasive document, so make sure to use proper language and tone. Remember, you are the HR Manager and you are writing to the CEO so use a tone in your proposal that is specific to your audience (the CEO). 
Include an APA formatted reference page with at least 2 credible sources. Make sure to include APA in-text citations for any information used from outside sources.




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Proposal for Claim Supervisor
Desmond K. Fulton
Rasmussen College
Author Note
This paper is being submitted on February 11, 2019 for Rebecca Robinson Bragg Introduction to
Human Resource Management
The Premium Auto Insurance Company is a large organization and is coupled with
numerous activities. The company has realized tremendous growth and hence led to an extensive
network of activities. As a result, the company is in dire need of a new employee for the position
of claim supervisor to assist in service delivery in the company. The claim supervisor is part of
the claim management department. The employee will be tasked to help manage the insurance
claims representatives that presently experiences problems as well as ensure there are accurate
reports for claims to do with property, personal and casual loss or damages. A claim supervisor
reviews claims of representative’s analysis regarding the degree to which the company is liable
and tries to negotiate for settlements that are out of court with clients in cases that are possible
(Mullahy, 2013). This position deals with training, coaching, and counseling claim analyst as
well as supporting duties in pursuant with policies of the company and other applicable. A claim
supervisor is typically tasked with performing indoors in an office setup that is both traditional,
travel and offsite, which tends to blend quite exemplarily with the company. In light of the above
facts, it is clear that this position is quite crucial to the company as seen in the activities that the
employee will help to facilitate.

The claim supervisor helps in solving and representing the company in case of illegal and
fraudulent activities.

The employee helps to quickly and efficiently investigate claims, confer equitable
settlements along with authorizing quick payments to policyholders.

Carry out reviews of insurance documents for completeness as well as accuracy and calls
the insured or parties involved for purposes of securing missing data.

Reviews the claim document along with the insurance policy and determines coverage.

Conveys custom claims for payments and informs the manager the claims that need
further investigation.

With the use of physical proof, secure testimony from appropriate parties and examined
reports, the claim supervisor investigates claims.

The claim supervisor ensures the negotiation settlements reflect the real claimant losses
and also ascertains that the insurer, which is the company, is free from invalid claims.

The claim supervisor attends necessary court hearings.

A claim supervisor monitors aging of claims as well as inventory levels with regard to
departmental and individual performance.
A claim supervisor is trained to help the staff members to meet the departmental as well
as company objectives such as high-quality performance. The above is possible since he oversees
the routine activities taking place in the claims team. In addition, a claim supervisor knows the
quality requirements, benefits, organizational procedures, goals, and products thus will be greatly
beneficial to the company in achieving quality service delivery hence high customer satisfaction
and trust. A claim supervisor helps with special projects within the company, makes technical
recommendations, as well as monitoring staff quality, hence relieves the claim manager some
roles (Mullahy, 2013). As a result, the claim manager is left with lesser duties to ensure the
company goals are met. The claim supervisor is also resourceful in training new employees after
hiring. Consequently, he ensures the employees meet the standard requirements of the company,
and the goals are achieved as well as high-quality performance. In addition, the claim supervisor
will assist the company to comply with federal policies, contract policies, and reimbursement
The claim supervisor works with the claims team in carrying out researches and resolving
issues to do with claims such as analytical research, workflows, issue identification and
processes (Hentrich & Zdun, 2016). As well, the claim supervisor works in collaboration with
the claims team, vendors, other departments and customers for core business issues. He also
assigns a group to process workflows as well as procedures in the claims team.
Mullahy, C. M. (2013). The case manager’s handbook. Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Hentrich, C., & Zdun, U. (2016). Process-Driven SOA: Patterns for Aligning Business and IT.
Auerbach Publications.
Illegal Requirements Letter
Desmond K. Fulton
Rasmussen College
Author Note
This paper is being submitted on February 17, 2019 for Rebecca Robinson Bragg Introduction to
Human Resource Management
To: John Smith , Premium Auto Insurance
From: Human Resource Manager
Date: 18/2/2019
Ref: Illegal Job Requirements on the Supervisor Position
Hello sir, it is with great pleasure that I express my gratitude for your acceptance to my
proposal of hiring a claims supervisor. I acknowledge receiving from your office a list of the
qualifications that this person must attain before being admitted to the premium auto insurance
company. All the six requirements are essential in making sure that the company gets the best
person to work as the claims supervisor. However, the above request highly violates some laws
that seek to protect the rights of job applicants as well as the process by which they should be
admitted. The federal law clearly states that any kind of discrimination during the hiring process
should be avoided (Emerson, 2017). In this case, the first request that the supervisor should be
male shows the existence of discrimination by gender. Additionally, the second request is also an
act of illegal discrimination in that there will be an age limit to those that apply as they should be
of 35 years and above.
Typically, potential applicants are protected by some acts namely the age discrimination
in employment act, the federal executive order, the Illinois human rights act as well as the
pregnancy discrimination act. Each of the above acts may be deemed to have been violated if our
company goes ahead and adheres to the requests given in the process of the claims supervisor
recruitment. To begin with, the age discrimination in employment act is violated in that
according to the request only those above 35 years of age are to be considered (Thomas, et al.
2015). On the other hand, the request restricting the admission of females to the company is a
violation of the federal executive order as well as the Illinois human rights act. The Illinois
human rights act further protects the applicants from being forced to disclose their marital status.
I highly recommend that the request that states the individual must be single and have no
children should be done away with. However, the request requiring one to have five years’
experience as well as that which dictates that he should be from the same industry may be
instrumental in getting the best person to fill that post.
The requirements which the CEO has given are against the Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission set standards. All these instructions given by the CEO fall short of
what the commission stipulate. If all these requirements are followed, then the company will
have a tough time with the commission if any suit is brought forward. With this in mind, the
CEO needs to stop issuing any additional requirement for the safety of the company.
Additionally, the requests are unethical since they fall outside of what is morally
considered right or proper to do. To begin with, it is deemed to be unethical to lock out some
applicants from the job based on their gender or even their marital status. The code of ethics
places both male and female as equal beings that are entitled to similar job opportunities hence
should be treated equally. It is equally unethical to rule out one’s application by the number of
children one is parenting (Thomas, et al. 2015). The requests dictating on the number of years
one has to have experience as a supervisor, be a holder of a master’s degree and that which
requires one to be from the same industry is unethical in that they seem to force smaller
competitors out of the recruitment process.
In any job, the requirements pertaining any given position must be given according to the
job description of the company. With this in mind, it means that the CEO went out of his way by
providing the requirements. In any organization, even the CEO must always use the criteria
which are stipulated by the company. Organization ethics must be followed at all given times. As
the CEO upholding the values and integrity of the company is something that must be in the
front line. What can be seen in this situation is that even the CEO who must be in the front line in
protecting the company’s reputation is not doing what is supposed to be done. By giving false or
doctored requirement the CEO is placing the company in a thin line. It is also critical that the
human resource department is left with its mandate which includes giving such requirements.
The case is unethical since the line of command is not be respected.
With the above analysis, I recommend that the company does away with the requirements
set as this may land the company into a legal battle with some applicants. It is also important to
uphold ethical practices as a company as this will boost the existing positive relationship with the
community. In the event this is done, potential clients will gain much confidence in our company
hence increased sales of our insurance policies. The consequences of following through with the
requested qualifications would be detrimental in both a legal and a social aspect.
Emerson, R. M. (2017). Judging delinquents: Context and process in juvenile court. Routledge.
Thomas, S. L., Rothschild, P. C., & Donegal, C. (2015). Social networking, management
responsibilities, and employee rights: the evolving role of social networking in
employment decisions. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, 27(4), 307-323.
Claims Supervisor
Desmond K. Fulton
Rasmussen College
Author Note
This paper is being submitted on February 24, 2019 for Rebecca Robinson Bragg Introduction to
Human Resource Management
Claims Supervisor
Following the creation of the new position in the company (Claims supervisor), it created
the need for carrying out recruitments of new employees, who would fit to carry out the roles of
that position. For this reason, a recruitment plan was created in order to ensure the firm obtains
qualified personnel, who would contribute to enabling the firm to achieve its goals (Bales & Spar
2016). Premium Auto insurance is on the companies which require highly skilled workers since
it is involved in the keeping of various sensitive and important information for most people and
business organizations. Below is the description of the recruitment plan that would make it
easier to recruit employees who would well fit in the new position created.
Job analysis methods to determine tasks and responsibilities
In understanding the roles and the responsibilities that will be expected to be carried out
by the new employees, there are various job analysis methods that will be used. One of them is
the use of interview, where the applicants will be asked various questions regarding the roles and
the responsibility they will be expected to meet as the claims supervisor. Through interviews,
the applicants will definitely have researched what they are expected to deal with in case they
secure the position. Different views from the applicants would make it easier to identify even
more roles of the claims supervisors, other than the standardized ones.
Another method is the use of a questionnaire, where the applicants will be required to feel
forms as a way of responding to role-related questions. This may be through giving them
multiple answers kind of questions, or it can be open-minded (Huntley et al, 2018). Analysis of
the responses will then be done, in identifying major known roles that will be expected in this
position, basing n the feedback of the clients. Observation can also be employed as a job
analysis method. Where the HR team will have to check what roles are carried out by people
holding claims supervisor positions in other companies. This will give them an insight into what
the position is all about, thereby enabling identify specific qualifications that they will be looking
for during the recruiting process.
How position created meets the Organization’s goals
Being an insurance company, the creation of the Claims supervisor position will
definitely have a positive contribution to the firm. The major role of Insurance claims supervisor
is to manage insurance claims representatives, and ensure accurate reporting when it comes to
personal claims, damages among other casualties. It is through the provided reports that the
company will be in a position to take immediate action in fixing up the mess. Remember, the
major objective of the premium insurance company is to reduce losses in case of theft or accident
and protecting its clients against financial losses, then definitely the reports made will make it
even easier to attend to all these issues on time. The claims supervisors will also be expected to
understand the illegalities, thereby enabling the firm to identify situations where their support
will be required and where not. Another objective of the firm includes cost-effectiveness in
carrying out its duties. This means that with the support of claims supervisor, it would be easier
to track down exactly what needs to be attended to and what does not.
Why diversity is important
In an organization, it is important to consider having different people be it in terms of
race, gender, nationality, life experience among other things. This is one of the major steps that
frees the organization from practicing any kind of discrimination. You will also find most clients
prefer working with institutions which is diverse when it comes to its employees. This is
because there are some who would like to be attended to by specific gender, prefer creation
language being used while they are served among other things (Way et al, 2016). Generally,
diversity within an institution makes it possible to deal with different people with ease. Diversity
in the workplace also improves the reputation of the company, since it would be believed to be
one of the kinds where equality is highly practiced.
There are a number of diverse qualities which will be considered in the recruitment
process. One of them is language. The recruits will be expected to be fluent in at least two
languages, preferably English and other common languages like French, Swahili etc. This is to
create ease when it comes to dealing with the clients or even while meeting with other workers
from other organization. Language enhances much understanding of insurance-related issues.
Another factor will be gender. In the recruitment process, it will be ensured that equal
chances are given to both genders. This is to avoid having the firm dominated with one kind of
gender, like men as it is common in most of the insurance companies. Provided the applicants
meet all the qualities that would be required, then they will all stand a chance of being recruited
regardless of their gender.
Diversity in experience will also be considered. As much as it is expected that most
applicants will have less experience since most of them would be expected to have graduate
degrees, a little much experience would be preferred. This is to ensure that the firm gains people
who understand what claims supervisor is all about, therefore increasing the chances of
employing qualified personnel. This is also one of the major decision that reduces the risk of
having the company suffering losses due to poor management of the created position.
Job description
The role of the claims supervisor is basically to report personal claims, damages, and
casualties, to analyze the review of the company’s liabilities and even negotiating with the
clients whenever there is the need. There are various responsibilities associated with this
position which include quick investigations of the claims, negotiation of equitable settlements
and authorization of payments to the policy stakeholders (Way et al 2016). There is also
reviewing of insurance forms to ensure accuracy and completeness, reviewing claim files and
insurance policy in order to determine the coverage as well as examining reports as a way of
investigating claims. Their role is all about receiving claims, investigating them to identify if
they are true and taking more action in response to the claims.
Some of the qualities for recruits who would wish to have the position include having a
college degree, preferably in business administration or other relevant fields. They should have
experience with MS office and claims processing software. They should also have claims
experiences and the ability to manage people directly and fairly. They also need to understand
the laws of insurance and the rights of the consumers, in order to be in a position to carry out
their duties in the most effective way.
Bales, A., & Spar, J. (2016). The psychodynamics of factitious sexual harassment claims.
Psychiatry, psychology and law, 23(3), 388-394.
Huntley, B. E., Neiger, G., Anvin, P. H., Mallick, A. K., Van De, V. A., & Rodgers, S. D.
(2018). U.S. Patent Application No. 14/582,829.
Way, K. A., Jimmieson, N. L., & Bordia, P. (2016). Shared perceptions of supervisor conflict
management style: A cross-level moderator of relationship conflict and employee
outcomes. International Journal of Conflict Management, 27(1), 25-49.
Training Plan Template
Student Name: Desmond Fulton
Date: 3/3/2019
Training Plan Template
This a program that is aimed at introducing the new employees to the culture of the firm
by taking them through the daily routine of the job they will be required to perform on
the daily. they will be trained on how to react effectively to claims from clients
The training will involve teaching of the new employees on how to perform to respond to
claims from customers, the right people to consult during times of uncertainty and the
responses that should be given to customers with specific needs and requirements.
Be able to explain the company’s objectives as well its purpose
To attend to customers enquiries on time with precision
Display ethics when talking to clients as well as other fellow employees
To demonstrate the use of the company’s software in receiving and evaluating of claims.
Be able to fully comprehend the firms policy regarding the required procedure to
attending to clients’ needs
To understand the firms hierarchy
Training of new employees will involve the pairing of the veteran employees together
with the new employees. This will help the newbies learn by through apprenticeship from
the experienced employees as well as making necessary enquiries where they don’t
comprehend on how things are supposed to be done.
Training Requirements
Participants are required to avail themselves in time prior to the training exercise. The
program will run for three days from 8 am in the morning to 1 pm starting from
Wednesday to Fri …
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