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Topic text and drivepowerpoint presentation 6-7 min, at lest 3 Works Cited and “should be same as outline” in the file

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Specific Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will start backpacking or
Central Idea: Backpacking and hiking have many benefits to offer, and are fun, healthy
How many of you want a fun, healthy, and fulfilling hobby?
If your answer to that was yes, then I would like to introduce you to
More and more people are beginning to realize what a great activity hiking is.
(insert quote from American Hiking Society article.)
Backpacking is extended hiking in which you carry supplies to camp, and
along with simply hiking provides many life benefits.
Transition: There are many ways to benefit from hiking/backpacking, but a few of the
major ones are improved health, saved money, and an improved psychological state.
Hiking and backpacking can provide many health benefits.
A. Increased energy. ( on mitochondria)
B. Increased blood supply to your muscles. ( on capillary
C. Increased heart function. ( on heart strength)
D. Weight loss. (Information from PR Newswire on “Fatpacking”)
Transition: Since backpacking and hiking increases your health level, it is easy to see
backpacking can also save you money.
Backpacking and hiking can save you a lot of money.
A. Due to better health, less money spent on medical bills. (Research from
B. Cheaper way to vacation because only money is spent on gear (first
timers), gas to reach the trail, food, and topographical maps. (Talk about
my vacation)
Transition: If you are anything like me, saving money can put you in a better state of
mind, but now I am going to talk about how going on a backpacking trip can.
Backpacking trips and even simple hiking can improve your overall state of
A. The physical activity involved with backpacking and hiking makes you
feel better about yourself.
B. Hiking to the top of a peak can give you a sense of accomplishment.
C. Nature’s beautiful sights enhance your mood.
D. Backpacking in the wilderness for an extended period of time gives you a
great opportunity to clear your head.
E. You can also use the wilderness to be carefree and have fun. (stay
Transition: Backpacking and hiking have so many benefits there is no reason not to give
one of these activities a try.
I have a love for hiking and backpacking because of the feeling I get while I
am doing those activities, and I am sure that many of you would agree with
me, if you don’t already, if you gave them a shot.
If any of you are interested in what I shared with you today, I urge you to look
into some more information online, or even come and talk to me about your
interest. (Search for backpacking)
Thank you very much for your attention, and I hope you all can enjoy a trail
American Hiking Society. The Economic Benefits of Trails. February 2004. 01 April
Christie Aschwanden and Julie Cederborg. Body Essentials: 10 Ways
Backpacking Changes Your Body. August 2003. 01 April 2006.

PR Newswire. Fatpacking: A New Way to Lose Weight While Enjoying an Adventure
Vacation. 22 December 2005. 01 April 2006.

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