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Please Write The job Duties and Expanded Job Duties for the role of SQL BI Developer.please find the attached Document as an Example .

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Please Write The job Duties and Expanded Job Duties for the role of SQL BI Developer.
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H-1B Uncovered
B1. Good Example of Expanded Job Description
Capture requirements, Sprint Planning & Execution: 10%
Capture business and application requirements, brainstorm requirements.
Document functional requirements and operations (calculations, technical details, data
manipulation and processing etc.).
Participate in meeting held on first day of each sprint involving Scrum Master,
Product Owner, and Team, where Product Owner presents the set of features to
be achieved in the sprint.
Work estimates are reviewed to see the team has sufficient time to complete all
the requested features in the sprint and team commits to the sprint.
The lower priority features added back into the product backlog, until the
workload for the sprint is enough to obtain the team’s commitment.
Analysis, Design, Maintenance, Performance Tuning, Documentation and Testing– 20%
Create design documents for defining process, Quality and Information analyzer jobs
Analysis and study of existing systems.
Identify low performance jobs and rewrite/redesign to improve performance.
Identify the underperforming queries and rewrite.
Create appropriate indexes for the relevant columns of the tables in database.
Documentation of test cases and workflow instructions
Unit test of DataStage Jobs for extraction, transformation and loading of client data.
Technical Design Documentation and Data Migration – 50%
Create low level design documents for Parallel jobs, batch jobs and Sequence jobs
Handle database server backups appropriately, and data recovery.
H-1B Uncovered
Export / Import wizard to move the data between different servers – Development, QA,
and Production.
Execute parallel jobs, batch jobs or sequencers for data migration.
Extract client data with IBM DataStage from Oracle and map the data into target
business warehouse.
Monitor errors and warnings using IBM DataStage Director.
Track Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD) using Surrogate Keys.
Implementation of Naming Conventions, Parameterizing the variables from Global
Environment to stage level.
Extraction and transformation of data using Parallel Extender for parallel processing.
Work with various stages of Parallel Extender like Sequential file, Dataset, Lookup,
Transformer, Merge, Aggregator, Row generator, Surrogate key generator and many
more to design jobs and load the data in to Fact and Dimension tables.
Design and create User-Defined SQL queries for extracting the data from source
Work on Error Handling in IBM DataStage.
Develop automated and scheduled load processes using Unix Shell scripting.
Organize, Manage Development – 10%
Code deployment to Development, QA and Production environments.
Share the functional requirements document and work on test plan development.
Create unit test cases for different application functions and SQL procedures.
Provide inputs on the test data preparation phase
Review of Test cases with the client team and provide a sign-off
Perform integration and smoke test in development before deploying application to
Support QA team with testing till code is deployed to production.
Track defects information in HP Quality Center tools.
H-1B Uncovered
Onsite-Offshore coordination – 10%

Knowledge transfer from the client to the team – Obtain the necessary technical
knowledge and share, train the team.
Communicate timelines, progress, delays of the work assigned on daily basis from the
team to the client and vice versa.
Conduct review meetings with the concerned development and support teams on daily
assignments, management of Development and testing tasks.
H-1B Uncovered
B2. Good Example of Expanded Job Description
Develop and maintain Web application- 40%
Capture business and application requirements, brainstorm requirements.
Create design documents based on the business requirements.
Develop new user interface screens depending on business requirements using
ASP.Net MVC, C# and other Microsoft technologies.
Build responsive web pages using Bootstrap.
Create store procedures and required database scripts using SQL Server 2012
Design and create new tuned SQL procedures to retrieve, process and store data for
application based on designs, business requirements.
Create database triggers for automation, views, stored procedures and user defined
Maintain referential integrity, domain integrity and column integrity by using the
available options such as constraints etc.
Involve in the SQL code walk through and reviews with the team.
Create and implement DB data encryption procedures using hashing and key
Create/Update Entity Relationship (ER) Diagrams to the proposed database changes.
Analyze and implement the code to integrate various functional workflows of all the
Unit and Smoke test – 20%
Develop unit test cases for the implemented requirements and all modules.
Write unit test cases for different application functions and SQL procedures.
Perform unit testing using developed test cases.
Perform basic integration and smoke testing in dev environment before deploying
application to QA environment.
Support QA team with testing till code is deployed to production.
H-1B Uncovered
Performance Tuning – 15%
Monitor application performance using various open source, HP performance
monitoring tools.
Identify the underperforming procedures and redesign the high-performance
procedures to retrieve or persist information in database tables.
Identify the low performance queries and joins and create indexes for the relevant
columns of the tables and improve performance.
Perform performance testing to measure application response times using HP
Performance Center.
Project Planning and Management – 15%
Identify the scope of projects and deliveries of the proposed system on iterations base.
Create multiple phases of system and deliver the relevant modules and meet the
Establish milestones for various Sprints of Agile development.
Analyze, develop modules and train project team.
Establish project budget based on the estimates to full fill project requirements.

Track the project implementation progress status for each module’s functionality by
the tracking tools.
Resolve the technical implementation issues in technologies and deployment issues in
Publish various weekly, monthly project progress reports and recommendations to
achieve project targets, milestones.
Documentation and Support – 5%
Develop and maintain user documentation.
Develop and maintain reference cards for help desk support.
Create and maintain user manuals for the application and its modular functions.
H-1B Uncovered
Provide help desk support to resolve the issues faced by end users.
Analysis and Enhancements – 5%
Collect and document the feedback from end users who are using the proposed system.
Prepare the technical summary report document to improve the system by compiling
end-users feedback.
Analysis and study of existing systems.
Documentation of business requirement for enhancing applications features.
Identify new advance technologies of implementation to improve the system
performance and do the performance test by creating performance test cases.
Implement the integrated work flows for the relevant modules.
H-1B Uncovered
B3. Good Example of Expanded Job Description
Original Job duties in Support letter:
o Design and develop solutions for complex applications problems
o Provide system administration support
o Address network concerns and create a network map for the organization
o Perform systems management and integration functions.
o Provide technical support and assist with troubleshooting of system issues
o Manage system, network incident and support infrastructure
o Maintain Business Continuity Planning (BCP);
o Provide support to the training program
Expanded Duties while responding RFE:
Design and develop application

Participate in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from conceptual analysis
to implementation based on the customer requirements.

Provide quality assurance, quality control and production support

Analyze, design and development of the code to integrate the functional workflow.

Identify the scope of projects and deliver the proposed system in Agile methodology.

Plan phased development and deliver the relevant modules meeting deadline.

Resolve the technical implementation issues in technologies or deployment issues in
Provide System administration and support

Handle queries of IT system to provide onsite support for installation.

Resolve problems regarding performance tuning, networking & application conflicts
for site & client VPNs

Ensure to achieve change management goals as per client’s requirements.
H-1B Uncovered

Install & configure Domain Host Control Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name Server
(DNS) & Internet Information Services (IIS) on windows servers.

Maintain Active Directory to Create and Configure domain user accounts, group
accounts and Assigning User Permissions.

Fix Domain logon problems and grant access to resources throughout the network.

Create and manage shared folders, and troubleshoot share permissions
Address network concerns and create a network map for the organization

Forecast service delivery functions to ensure end-to-end ownership of incidents and
service requests adhering to SLAs.

Migration of Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Server Migrations for large

Implement security policy and virus protection.
Provide Technical support

Provide technical support and troubleshoot systems.

Communicate with external & internal customers for reported incidents and ensure proper

Handle servers using VMware, terminal services, RDP, PC, VNC viewer meeting SLAs.

Manage trouble ticket queue, configure monitoring alerts, performance monitoring and
system diagnostics.
Manage system and network infrastructure

Maintain and manage system and network incident and support infrastructure

Administer systems involving design of network layouts (switches, wireless routers,
firewalls, VPN, load-balancers & file servers).

Configuration & maintenance of auto backups.
H-1B Uncovered
Maintain Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Support Data Center Migration, inventory of systems, retire and decommission old

Plan and coordinate for Disaster Recovery.
Provide Training

Create and maintain user manuals for the application and network infrastructures.

Train support and develop new team members.

Provide help desk support to fix the issues faced by end users.
H-1B Uncovered
B4. Good Example of Expanded Job Description for Level 1
% of time
per week
Capture and Analyze user requirements and Design

Capture and document business requirements from end to end
business functions and design business analytics architecture.

Responsible for reviewing and mapping of business
requirements and preparation of functional design document
and Technical design documents
Design, Develop and Test

Validate, build and deploy analytical solutions across the
business functions.

Design and develop Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures and
Partitioned Tables for large tables.

Create sequences and views.

Create and maintain stored procedures, PL/SQL and SQL
statements, and triggers to be used in Oracle environment and
created standardized exceptions handling.

Identify UI (User Interface), functionality defects and caveats
in the Functional Requirements that were addressed prior to
User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Handle all designing, developing, debugging and testing of
reports in SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Maintain data integration to unite data from existing system
using SSIS and perform transformations on MS SQL 2008.

Generate lookup reports using SSRS.

Migrate data from various data sources using OLE DB
connection by creating various SSIS packages, loading the data
H-1B Uncovered
into flat file or Excel file formats.

Handle performance tuning of SQL queries and fix long
running queries to decrease package execution time.

Troubleshoot issues and errors using SQL Server Integration
Services (SSIS).

Conduct Unit Testing of various functionalities and perform
defect analysis during the pre-production stage.

Migrate deliverables such as PL/SQL packages to different
Document and Implement

Adhere to strategies, polices and standards associated with the
assignment being performed must be documented.

Document the daily, monthly and yearly activities from a
functional standard to handle the smooth transition.

Coordinate with the Business Analysts to create new reports
and update existing report as per business requirement and
Project Management and Coordination

Analyze processing requirements, workflows and Schedule
limitation to plan systems per requirements.

Involve in project meetings/design groups with other team
members to get weekly status reports.

Organize meetings with client to maintain Defect Detection
Efficiency, Release scope and other statistics.

Participate in high level business meetings and analyze and
plan user stories.

Publish periodical project status reports to Management.
100% (40
hrs. /week)
H-1B Uncovered
B5. Good Example of Expanded Job Description and mapping courses
% of
Courses used and
spent per
Implement an automated software
engineering delivery/development.
Studied subjects like Data Structures
through C language while pursuing his
Bachelors of Technology.
Identify, Analyze different toolsets
Undertook courses on cloud computing,
and implementing various practices
programming languages and software
across an internal open source
engineering while pursuing his Master of
Coordinate with other application
Studied subjects like real time systems
feature teams to ensure
and software engineering while pursuing
implementation of integrated design
his Master of Science.
and testing.
Implement continuous
Studied courses on cloud computing,
integration/continuous delivery
programming languages and software
engineering while pursuing his Master of
Support development, test and
Studied subjects like cloud computing,
production phases during production
programming languages and software
engineering while pursuing his Master of
Design applications for automated
monitoring & alerts.
Subjects like cloud computing,
programming languages, software
engineering, compiler design, operating
systems and database systems were
studied in his Master of Science
H-1B Uncovered
Maintain integrity of the software
Studied subjects like cloud computing,
build & deploy processes and
programming languages, software
improve version control and
engineering, compiler design, operating
integration across development, test
systems and database systems while
and production environments.
pursuing his Master of Science.
Implement and support DevOps tools
Studied subjects like cloud computing,
for configuration management, build,
programming languages, software
deploy continuous integration,
engineering, compiler design while
automated testing and automated
pursuing his Master of Science.
self-service release management.
Analyze emerging build/deploy
Studied subjects like cloud computing,
technologies and tools including
programming languages, software
cloud based development.
engineering, compiler design while
pursuing his Master of Science.
Code, debug, revise and document
Studied subjects like cloud computing,
intricate objects or systems, design
programming languages, software
solutions based on functional area
engineering, compiler design, mobile app
programming while pursuing his Master
of Science.
Technologies used in the projects,
Studied subjects like cloud computing,
such as: Linux/Unix,
programming languages, software
CIT/Github/RTC AWS, Ansible,
engineering, compiler design, mobile app
Vagrant, Puppet, Chef or an
programming while pursuing his Master
equivalent, uDeploy, Circle CI,
of Science.
Jenkins, Travis, and Red Hat’s EAP,
Java, Message Broker, and
100% (40
H-1B Uncovered
B6. Example Job Description
Job duties as a Software Developer
Project Overview
Client Name: Name of the Client
Project Name: Put Your Project Name
Project Role: Senior .Net Developer (Software Developer)
Project Objective:
Description of Project Objectives here.
Tools and Technologies:
ASP.NET, C#, MVC 5, Entity Framework 6.0, Web API, Angular JS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX,
Autofac, SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 2015, WCF, OKTA, Cloud Computing, Windows
Azure, SharePoint 2013, Google Analytics.
Job Duties:
1. To develop the web based software using computer programming languages such as C#,
MVC and MS SQL Server.
2. Perform application design, development and deployment based on industry’s best
3. Work with Technical Architects, Project Managers, System Analyst and come up with
solutions that meet the requirement.
4. Perform code review for all internal deliverables and formulate best practices.
5. Analyze the code and suggest potential improvements on performance as needed.
H-1B Uncovered
6. Participate in client meetings involving Technical Architects, Project Managers and
System Analyst.
7. Continuously evaluate the industry best practices and educate customer.
8. Work closely with quality assurance team to ensure delivery of high quality and reliable
web applications.
9. Understand Agile methodologies.
10. Develop databases including queries, triggers and stored procedures.
11. Monitor application performance at post-deployment stage and make required changes if
and where needed.
12. Resolve application defects and issues in a timely manner.
13. Monitor everyday activities of system and provide necessary support.
Work Hours / Week: 40
Job Duty
Develop the business requirements and defining the scope and key
objectives of the project.
Duty Details: This requires the beneficiary to interact with business owner
or users, to determine the overall system requirements. He should perform
the project gap analysis, establish and evaluate the functional requirements
gathered for validity and feasibility and communicate the same to the
business users. It is his job to understand requirements and provide
technical recommendation of the most suitable approach. He is responsible
for implementing proof of concepts wherever necessary to supplement the
solution option. Furthermore, he is responsible for creating high-level
design documents – logical, physical and network models. He is involved in
technical design and data mapping document for all the functional and
nonfunctional requirements.
H-1B Uncovered
Why a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Science or Its Equivalent
or any related field with relevant work experience is required:
In order to accurately document all the requirements (functional and nonfunctional) and
convert the functional requirements to technical design requires someone who can understand and
analyze the whole system. It also requires someone who has the analytical skill necessary to
translate the requirements into feasible specifications. The technical knowledge and analytical
skill necessary to successfully evaluate the requirements and implement them precisely …
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