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Report on your professional development webinar or activity, includingDate: Place:Time:Name of Event:Description of Program:i will provided an example of professional development and the event that you have to write a report on it as you can see at the attachment below ..


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Example Professional Development
Date: Feb. 6, 2017
Place: Hardaway 252
Time: 6:30pm
Name of Event: SWE Meeting with TAMKO
Description of Program: Rachel Hughes, an engineer from TAMKO, spoke about the
company and the culture and work environment offered to their employees. TAMKO
offers roofing solutions, and they have training programs such as Six Sigma Black Belt.
Rachel talked about how it is not necessarily what you do during your job but that the
work environment is important too. She has worked in manufacturing in the
pharmaceuticals, automotive, and roofing industries, and the general nature of her work
has been the same in all three. Questions about internship and co-op opportunities
were answered at the end of the meeting.

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