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For these assignments, you will present and write a formal proposal. A proposal is an offer to solve a problem or fulfill a business or organizational need. The goal is to persuade, so it’s important that you analyze your audience and deliver your proposal to persuade them to accept your ideas. The assignment is complex, with five separate assignments and each builds on the one before it. You are expected to use feedback from each assignment to improve on the next. The assignments are designed to guide you through the development process.Your written proposal will include the following sections, as arranged an explained in pages 124 – 133 of the Proposals chapter by Carol M. Cram.pdf:Title pageExecutive SummaryThe executive summary is where you present your case and give the reader the main takeaway of your proposal. Don’t focus on covering every detail. Instead, give an overview of the main points, focusing on the conclusions you want the reader to come to. Tell your solution to the reader’s problem. It should be results-oriented and persuasive.This section should be no more than half of a page, single-spaced (two paragraphs is typically sufficient).Table of contentsIntroductionDescription of needExplain the need or problem that your proposal will addressGive any needed market analysis here (i.e. what other companies/organizations are doing in relation to your topic)Methods and procedures Detailed work plan and scheduleYou may want to reference an appendix section for full visual breakdownQualification of the company or individual (optional)Projected costsYou may want to reference an appendix section for full visual breakdownConclusionIncluding detailed audience-oriented benefitsAppendicesAt a minimum, you should include a visual timeline (there’s a template for this in Microsoft Word) and a table or chart outlining the budget/costsYou should also include other visuals here if they support other information in your proposalYour list of APA-style references used in your proposal Here’s an example: Written Proposal example-A.pdfFormat Requirements:Your proposal will be no more than 3 pages, not including Title Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, and Appendix section(s).Use 1-inch margins and 12-point font.Use single-spacing, with a line of space between each section, table, header, paragraph, etc.Include at least one additional visual, beyond the required budget table and timeline graphicUse in-text APA citations in the body of your proposal; these must explicitly connect to your references list at the end.Use brevity tools, like section headers, lists, timetables, budget charts, etc. (Note, however, that your ideas must be complete thoughts, comprehensible to your audience).


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Weber, D. (2012). Food truck handbook. Jack Wiley & Sons.
This source is used to address audience positions, motivations, and concerns. It describes
the issue of how one can quickly start, succeed and grow a food truck business.
The source narrates how consumers are flocking to these mobile food businesses in
droves. In its conclusion, the source says that national food truck competitions have been
inspired. Various shows have also been dedicated to Food Network. This is what makes it
authoritative and its information credible.
Agyeman, J. (2017). Food Trucks, Cultural Identity, and Social Justice: From Loncheras to
Lobsta Love. MIT Press.
This source highlights how using the food truck app will ease congestion. It also tells of
how students will be notified when their orders are ready. The effective solution shows that this
source is credible.
This source is used to identify the problem addressed in the proposal. The main proposal
seeks to save time for students and provide a convenient for students and food truck owners. This
source will be used in coming up with this solution.
Mintzer, R., Entrepreneur Press. & Entrepreneur Media, Inc. (2015). Start your own food truck
business: Cart, trailer, kiosk, standard and gourmet trucks, mobile catering, bustaurant.
This source analyzes what other companies are doing about the food truck app business.
According to the source, entrepreneur media has been setting course for small businesses like a
food truck app.
This source is credible because there are more prominent organizations out there who
have already invested heavily in the food truck industry. However, no school has yet
implemented this idea.
The researcher admits that this is a stolen idea as various organizations within the
hospitality industry have already implemented it. The proposal seeks to ensure that the same is
applied in schools to help in reducing time
Brief reflection on how/why
you will use this source for
your proposal
APA-style citation of source #1, which assesses audience (i.e. the person you’re submitting the
proposal to directly)
Brief summary of the
(insert summary here)
Brief assessment of the
source’s credibility
(insert assessment here)
(insert reflection here)
APA-style citation of source #2, which identifies problem/need that your proposal addresses
(insert summary here)
(insert assessment here)
(insert reflection here)
APA-style citation of source #3, which analyzes what other companies/organizations are doing
in relation to your idea (market analysis)
(insert summary here)
(insert assessment here)
(insert reflection here)
TO: One University catering department.
FROM: XX XX, undergraduate accounting major at XX
Subject: Development of a food truck app.
Proposal for the development of a food truck app.
Following recent research done within the university, it revealed that there is a lot of time wasted
to acquire food by students. There is a need to develop a way to reduce the time used. An
introduction of a food truck app seems to be a better solution to the problem. The student welfare
department recommends the catering department should develop the app and suction all the food
truck operators to join.
Advantages of the food truck app.
Students are always hungry, the introduction of food truck seemed to be a solution unknowingly
to them that congestion and time wastage along the food trucks was the next big thing. An app
seems to be a better solution to ease this.
➢ To ease congestion around the food trucks
➢ Will enable students to make orders and be notified when the order is ready. It
will save time for students to perform other duties.
This project has been a success in some restaurants that operate online. They have implemented
the use of apps for orders and notification to customers when the order is ready and when new
products are introduced. The welfare department in partnership with the students’ leadership held
an excellent survey to ensure that the project will be a success. We invite any comments and
inputs regarding the implementation of the program.

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